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Our Story
Our Mission

Our Story

Tired of going through tons of irrelevant, misleading, biased and at times completely fake information about businesses and products, in the summer of 2019 we set on a path to create the most reliable reputation platform. Our first hand experience both as business owners and clients gave us the right perspective and our teams background in tech helped us define the necessary tools to bring our idea to life.

With the help of AI we aim to create a reputation platform that will only contain reviews from real buyers from all over the world. Smart.Reviews will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of a business or product and make weighted decisions regarding who to buy from and what to buy before laying down your hard earned cash.

Our Mission

Numbers don’t lie, and the numbers say that we are going through a fast paced shift in which sales are quickly moving online. They also tell us that people often turn to the internet for answers about businesses and products that they plan to interact with.

A single bad review is estimated to cost 22% of total sales lost. We’ve experienced this first hand running successful e-commerce brands.

Our mission is to help businesses interact with their clients, improve customer support, quickly and easily respond to toxic reviews and strengthen the weak points of a product or business before they have a devastating effect on the company’s future.







SMEs don’t realise that a bad review on a reputable website that outranks their own may have a devastating effect on the business.

I believe the future of AI and ML will have the biggest impact on the way we work and process information, this makes Smart.Reviews the perfect space to expand our knowledge of these technologies and bring massive benefits to users all over the world.

I am fascinated by the sheer size of vision of Edward, a lot of the things that we are developing have never been done before and are a dream challenge for anyone working in technical development.

I’ve co-founded ASK.FM a social network whose core function was to provide it’s users with a safe place to ask questions. Smart.Reviews is going to be a place where people look for answers.

Smart.Reviews could very well become the biggest business and product database in the world. Delivering factual and relevant information to the top of your search results.

Edward Peterson

Founder & CEO

Maria Petersone


Pavel Polovnikov


Ilya Terebin

Scalability/Growth Expert

Alexander Burak

SEO Expert

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