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1steweb.net Reviews & Complaints (6)

I ordered a system from Newegg, but the Athlon XP 1800+ chip sold out before I could complete my order. I went on Pricewatch & 1steweb.net had the lowest price for them, so I ordered one. Unfortunately, I didn't discover this site until later. A few days later the rest of the system arrived, after waiting over a week for the CPU I emailed the company, and a I got a reply a couple of days later that said my email was being directed to the right department, and someone would get back to me "as soon as possible". Another week, more ignored emails & some phone calls to a very rude customer service rep who repeatedly hung up on me, and I finally got through to someone else who told me that the 1800+ was out of stock, but one was expected to arrive the next day & they'd ship one out ASAP. This not being nearly good enough, I cancelled my order.
It's been over a week, my emails are still being ignored, and the company's voicemail has been too full to leave a message on for weeks. I'm still hung up on when I call to find out the status of my refund, so now I've got to get involved in a bunch of legal nonsense.


Update...later that night, the rude girl called me back & told me the credit card would be compensated at midnight that night. Yesterday, the money finally showed up. I ended up getting an XP 1800+ for $122 at a local computer show. My system rocks now. :) I'm not sure if the credit card company got this through somehow, because we had already started the paperwork, or if 1steweb just finally got around to it. I'm just glad I got my money back, tough it would have been nice to have a running computer for the past month. Caveat emptor, I'll always check someplace new here 1st, though Newegg's probably got most of my business from now on.

4 years ago

review by HiFlyer

These people have horrible customer service, Its been almost a week and I have received no information on the status of my order, 2 Days ago I tried their automated status lookup and have not received any emails, then when I called and the lady who answered was very rude and would not help me at all. This is not a way to do business, They may have good pricing, but they have terrible customer service . I would definately recommend for anyone to go spend more money elsewhere to not have to deal with these people.

4 years ago

review by xbecik

I had mixed experiences with 1steweb. The first order I placed was cancelled for CC problems. I was never notified of this until I called inquiring why I never received confirmation of my order.

After placing my order again, with same CC info. I had a confirmation number and was on my way.

I had purchased a motherboard, cpu, heatsink with fan and memory. I also purchased the assembly of the pieces that included the 24hr. burn in test.

I received my items as expected, but unknown to me the CPU fan had encounterd some damage, and within its first hour of operation, ended up alllowing my CPU to overheat and scorch.

I contacted 1steweb, got an RMA, returned my CPU and heatsink, and they replaced them without too many questions.

Other than canceling my first order for no apparent reason, I had a smooth business transaction with them.

In fact I have referred two of my friends to their site that have purchased their 'guts' from them also.

4 years ago

review by quijbe

In the last 4 years i ordered a lot of computer parts online and i never had a proplem, until i came accross 1steweb.
During April and May i order several computer parts so i could custom build a new computer. One of those parts, a wireless logitech keyboard was ordered on May 6th from 1stEweb. I received the order confirmation the same day, but no shipping confirmation or anything else came from them. On may 13th I emailed them to ask for the status of my order. They replied telling me: "We will direct your email to the correct department..." but after waiting for a day, nothing came so i emailed them again on may 14th. This time no reply at all. So on May 15th I called them. The girl asked me for my order number and said she will call me an hour later. She didn't. I called again and another (not very polite) girl told me that to get the status i should email them. After telling her that i had already done that several times, she finaly gave me another email address. On May 16th I got a reply telling me that the item was out of stock, asking me if i want to wait, or cancel the order. I told them that i wanted to cancel, because i had to leave for Europe and i couldn't wait. When i went to my bank on the 20th, the money were not there yet, so I called them again. To make a very long story shorter, after several calls I managed to get my money back on the 23rd, just 3 hours before my departure.

I ordered products from several online companies, and in the last 4 years i had spend more than $5000 for computer parts, electronics and books. This was the WORST company i came accross so far.

Make yourself a favore and pay a couple of dollars more to get your product from a good company.

4 years ago

review by PowerXP

I ordered from this website The first week of april, and it took a while to process, but when i checked my order and found ot a asus cd-r 16x burner for 81 dollars was backodered for a month. I called them up and they said they would give me a 24x samsung burner for the same price!!! Their customer service was gra=eat and the person i talked to was very helpful. I'd recomend it to al my freainds. Their prices are great and i hope their shipping is to.

4 years ago

review by chris1987112

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers.

by Smart.Reviews

1steweb.net Review

No description for this company.

1steweb.net Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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