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Dr. Wyatt Fisher | Marriage Support
4.9 4.9

Trust score (4.9/5)

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in marriage counseling in Boulder, CO. Check out his site for marriage support!
4.9 4.9

Trust score (4.9/5)

4.9 4.9

Trust score (4.9/5)

Improving well-being starts from taking care of your mental health. Begin making positive changes in your life with online therapy Calmerry. Get your online therapist now!
4.9 4.9

Trust score (4.9/5)

Making professional counseling accessible, affordable, and convenient through the virtual medical clinic.
4.6 4.6

Trust score (4.6/5)

4.7 4.7

Trust score (4.7/5)

AIPC is a specialist provider of online counselling courses including its acclaimed Diploma of Counselling Bachelor of Counselling and Masters of Counselling
4.5 4.5

Trust score (4.5/5)
4.3 4.3

Trust score (4.3/5)

A Home Within
4.3 4.3

Trust score (4.3/5)

Foster Care Psychological Services from A Home Within provides open-ended individual psychotherapy to current and former foster youth, free of charge

Dr Kathy Nickerson
4.2 4.2

Trust score (4.2/5)

Orange County Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy. Concierge Relationship Therapy To Restore Love, Trust, Communication & Connection.

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Advante is a nationwide supplier of Oasis instant start welfare units We invented the concept of a static self-contained welfare unit in 1998 Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

Last update: Sun, Jan 2, 2022 7:09 AM

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delivery 2 /5

I was booked in for the delivery of shipping containers, and unfortunately it was bad timing. The manager had been taken ill and seemed not to keep notes on his jobs, so the transport team were finding out about many jobs very late. I felt sorry for them, and completely understand that they were back-logged and overwhelmed by the amount of work they weren't aware of. However, instead of apologising and rearranging the date of transport, they told me on Friday that I would be re-quoted on Monday for delivery on Tuesday (of course Monday would be too late to obtain permits etc, so they never intended to deliver on Tuesday). When Monday came, I was told that delivery would very probably be going ahead, but that they would have to consult the Highway Agency. Not half an hour later, I received an email informing me that my local police force had denied the wide load and that the transportation date would be rearranged. I called my local police and spoke to the abnormal loads department, who informed me that they had received no such notification. I had been lied to by Advante in hopes that I would go away and clear their understandably busy schedule. The police abnormal loads department reached out to Advante and informed them that the wide load was authorised. I got back in touch with the company and was told that the transportation would go ahead as long as the Finance department was okay with my ability to pay the fee. I received a call from them and was told that there were "a million reasons" that it could not be done the next day. She mentioned paperwork and permits, which should have been sorted out on the Friday that it was arranged (though I had been booked in with the previous manager for over a week). I completely understand that the illness of their manager had put Advante in trouble, but if I was told on Friday that the transport could not be done, I could have made other arrangements with another company or rearranged it with them. To be told lie after lie is not only disgusting, but irresponsible and insulting. I was prepared to give this company my business, though now I would not recommend it to anyone. Again, if I was told the truth to begin with, I would have understood. Many people were relying on the transport of the shipping containers on Tuesday, and I could have made sure that these people were not let down if I had only been told the truth and not lied to and treated as unimportant and stupid.

1 year ago

review by Emily


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by Smart.Reviews Review

Advante is a nationwide supplier of Oasis instant start welfare units We invented the concept of a static self-contained welfare unit in 1998 Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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