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I ordered 3 different products after checking the online system and confirming they were in stock. I needed the items fairly quickly so was looking forward to receiving them.

I then check my online status only to find out that 2 of the 3 items are on backorder. Backorder? I checked the online system and it said they were in stock. What is the point of an online system if it isn't accurate or up to date?

I find this very frustrating and when I called I was told it may now be 2-3 weeks, for items I needed this week and ordered on that basis. Very poor experience and I will think twice before buying from this vendor again. Should have gone to

3 years ago

review by Capt.canuck M.

4 out of 5 stars. Good experience overall, only complaint is that some "in stock" items may not actually be available, but they corrected in a timely manner. Would have given them 5 stars without the error. Would have given them 0 stars if they did not correct the error. Would have given them 1,2, or 3 stars if they gave me any level of difficulty in resolving the issue. In the end, they get 4 stars because they were very co-operative, and they corrected the error 100%.

3 years ago

review by Benroth F.

We can judge the online store with his service after sell.

Unfortunately I had a problem with a CD / DVD and I had to RMA.
The procedure is directly accessible on the web side account. The return service was excellent and very reasonable time. Paying on my account. Overhalla has excellent prices, fast delivery, perfect return procedure. I certainly would be a future customer.

3 years ago

review by Tictactocomputer Y.

Due to a weak link in Best Direct's customer service team I waited two and a half weeks for an item that should have arrived in less than a week. Even after submitting three e-mail inquiries my outstanding order was not being dealt with.
After a phone call from me, however, the manager immediately corrected the problem and made sure that my order was filled and delivered the next day. I’m very impressed by the way he personally gets involved with his customers to ensure they are happy and satisfied.
I will definitely come back for my computer hardware in the future because Best Direct also has the best prices that I could find in Canada. Thank you Best Direct.

3 years ago

review by Scootnwilly E.

I placed an order on Monday 14th, received confirmation of despatch on Tuesday 15th and received the order on Wednesday 16th by lunchtime.

A very fast service and the customer care department responded quickly to a question I asked.

I would recommend this company.

3 years ago

review by Siouxie X.

I ordered computer parts at bestdirect website recently and they have impeccable service. Very good communication and prompt service

3 years ago

review by Maxestore R.

Review written in English and French
I am a customer for several years in BestDirect. I never had any problems so far. I did not buy much, but every transaction was treated quickly and without proper shipping service to be the best. The product range is excellent. The customer service via email, I've never used so I could not say. The prices are the best of the web constantly. Despite this I often hesitate to buy their home because of poor assessment. But since two years have seen changes. Their website is easy to use. Transportation costs are often free with purchase over $ 50. You must take this into account. I had a problem with faulty goods and I make a RMA procedure on their website. I received a confirmation number for transport and I had no charge. No question and have refunded the Manta total. WOW! The best of the web according to RMA my experiences with different merchant. Payment methods are excellent and sufficient. No credit card payment interaction.

You can buy with confidence at no doubt. I definitely recommend this seller

Je suis client chez Bestdirect depuis plusieurs années. Je n'ai jamais eu de problème jusqu'à maintenant. Je n'ai pas acheter beaucoup, mais chaque transaction a été traiter rapidement et le service de shipping bon sans être le meilleurs. Le gamme de produit est excellent. Le service a la clientèle par courriel, je ne l'ai jamais utiliser alors je ne pourrais pas dire. Les prix sont les meilleurs du web constamment. Malgré cela j'ai souvent hésitez a acheter chez-eux a cause de mauvaise évaluation. Mais depuis 2 ans ont constate des changements. Leur site web est facile a utiliser. Les frais de transport sont souvent gratuit avec achat de plus de 50$. Vous devez en tenir compte. J'ai eu un problème de marchandise défectueuse et j'ai effectuer un RMA procédure sur leur site web. J'ai reçu un numéro de confirmation pour le transport et je n'ai eu aucune charge. Aucune question et ils ont remboursée le mantant total. WOW ! Le meilleurs RMA du web selon mes expériences avec différent marchand. Les méthodes de paiement sont excellente et suffisante. Pas de paiement interac carte bancaire.

Vous pouvez acheter avec confiance sur Bestdirect sans aucun doute. Je vous recommande sans hésite se marchand.

3 years ago

review by Frankcan A.

I purchased a Logitech G930 headset on the website. On the webpage it says it is instock and will ship in 2~3 business days. It even go on to say that it has 68 and >20 in stock in their Toronto and Vancouver locations respectively.

I waited for 4 days and seeing there is no change in shipping status, I decided to give them a call. As it turned out they had none in stock and was waiting for their supplier to ship it to them. It will take another week to receive then however many days to then ship it to me.

As a customer, one of the things I hate the most is being lied to. This is blant misinformation being put on their website. I have asked for a refund and waiting to see how that goes. I will post my follow up experience for the refund.

3 years ago

review by Iccup K.

I have ordered a phone which was "In stock", after 6 days it is still not shipped. After many trials I reached them on the phone , they said that it is scheduled to be shipped the same day. 2 days later it is still not shipped. Now I cannot reach them on the phone anymore. I want to cancel the order.

3 years ago

review by 123456789 H.

I understand the setup that ShopStar Network and NCIX has as Viking Way there in Richmond, BC. It's a suspicious setup... but whatever works for them I guess. The prices for my parts were better thru, and they offered free shipping. I thought since they're pretty much the same company that the processing times would be similar... so instead of doing a price match on, I decided to place the order directly thru Boy I was wrong, it took 1 full week before my order shipped... I was hoping for 1-3 business days (like I've come to expect from NCIX when items are in stock). I even emailed them a few days before it shipped, and they said the order had been processed... but that didn't mean shipped. I'm not angry, just disappointed in the turnaround times... hopefully I don't have to experience their RMA.

3 years ago

review by Djfil007 Q.

First time ordering from them, ordered an Epson V600 scanner.
Very fast shiping! impress... Will deal with them again for sure. item is being tracked via Purolator.

Thanks again BestDitect!

ps- Rate's Customer Service overall
I had to only give 2/5
reason: when calling them, you are not sure
where, who, and how long you'll wait...
you are only greeted with music..

3 years ago

review by Steev2k12 L.

Item listed as 'in Stock' took two weeks before shipping !
It shipped the next day after we contacted customer support.

3 years ago

review by Andydji C.

I concur with the other shoppers who said does not deliver product to you in a timely fashion, even when they advertise the products as IN STOCK. Irene Law at [email protected] will stall with excuses, although to be fair she is in fact professional and prompt. I have had very good luck ordering from as well as the big guys ( and are of course awesome). Yes I pay more for the products and/or shipping from these companies but at least their stock status is accurate. is a total waste of my time.

Darren Scala

EDIT: I finally received my last order 8 days later. At least I received the products and felt I should tell the whole story. They eventually came through, but I still won't be using them in the future due to their fake 'IN STOCK' status on their website. FYI

3 years ago

review by Darrenscala G.

They have a good customer support, they've answer my questions in less than one hour, which is pretty fast considering other companies.

3 years ago

review by Stigg E.

I have spent over $10,000 in past 18 months at best direct. Fastest shipping (I'm in B.C) and lowest prices. Order with confidence!

3 years ago

review by Poomobile W.

I ordered a set of SMS headphones on Dec. 30. The item showed 'in stock'; on their website so I presumed shipping would take place within a couple of days (as stated on their site - considering that Jan. 1 was a holiday, I didn't expect shipping until Friday, Jan. 3rd).

I didn't hear from them so I contacted them by email. Irene Law responded quite quickly, apologizing for the delay; we went back and forth a couple of times. She always responded rather quickly and was very professional. I had my doubts and grew a bit concerned when I read some of the other reviews here on ResellerRatings but it turned out, I had nothing to be concerned about.

The headphones were delivered yesterday, 7 business days after I placed the order. Wether or not they actually were in stock at the time of order, I cannot say. Irene did a great job looking after me.

In case your are interested in knowing more about the headphones: I know many people who bought Beats simply because of the hype created around them. The SMS Audio Street on-ear headphones sound at least as good as the Beats; they are better made (higher quality) and much better priced! Do yourself a favour and save you money - get the SMS phones!! I couldn't find a better price than BestDirect. $118 for those and free shipping! Can't beat it.

BestDirect: Sorry for the doubts I had in you guys - job well done!! Just be honest with your customers and you'll avoid all the negative reviews!

W. in Toronto.

3 years ago

review by Wdre69 H.

I ordered a set of Epson ink--5 hi capacity colour, and 3 regular black. All were marked as IN STOCK. When they were not shipped after 36 hours I contacted them. They replied that the items I ordered ship in 3 to 5 days!

Their response was not rude, but it was most certainly abrupt and uncaring. They seem to think that 5-day shipping can be described as IN STOCK. I suspect they carry little or no inventory, pulling stock from suppliers AFTER they receive an order.

3 years ago

review by Gameboy E.

Placed an order with these people Feb 17th for 7 items, web site said all products are in stock and as I am in the Vancouver area I was going to pick up. Feb 25th and still no E:mail that the order is ready, I have ordered product from all over the US and it has never taken this long even with shipping and they wonder why people go across the border to shop. Now I am just hoping my credit card will be refunded.

3 years ago

review by Poinvan R.

I choose the lowest price for my items, 4 of the same cable, and 1 ink and paper set that no where in town had stock of (Toronto).
The first shipment was the 4 of the same item, although only 3 were the correct ones, I informed bestdirect about this situation, an immediate replacement shipment was sent without any more questions, with no action needed on the incorrect item, despite the error( which was wrong packaging, and probably doesn't have anything to do with best direct), here was a chance for me to test out the customer service of bestdirect, and i am very satisfied and filled with confidence with this dealer, as they reply quickly and politely (email) and they have very cheap prices with lots of stock on weird items that some one might need on an odd occasion.

3 years ago

review by Cmhyt O.

Ordered hard drives, supposed to be "in stock", but after few days they tell me that it's out of stock... Took more than 1 month to get all the drives.
Nevertheless, they sent the one drive they had in stock before the others, free of shipping charges.

Note that they have an incredible customer support. they found a way to compensate me (I didn't even asked for !)

3 years ago

review by Mickaelleclercq P. Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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