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Ordered an iPaq 111 - they had the best price I could find and listed having over 100 in stock. The email invoice was received right away and CC was charged almost immediately.

The web site has no order status or shipment tracking info, so tried to call. Had to reverse look up from the address using SuperPages because there is no phone number listed on the web site. Phone was busy constantly except late evening, when I once got through to a generic voice mail system.

Follow on emails were initially evasive on a shipping date. Later communications received indicated some sort of CC processing problem due to a large order two days before. Also it seemed the item was not actually in stock, so could not be shipped despite the fact my CC had been charged.

Having been burned once before, a week later when they still couldn't provide a ship date I canceled the order and got the item elsewhere (the other company had it to me in just two days). Though I was nervous, my CC received the refund 3 days after canceling the order.

Despite being initially evasive the company was apparently on the up and up and just had a bad week with their CC payment processing (and stock levels). Once they really started communicating their replies were thorough and timely.

While I would probably email them first to make sure they are able to process orders and deliver the item, I would consider ordering from them again. They do have great prices on most of the items they offer, and in the end they handled my refund quite well. There are no hard feelings on this end.

UPDATE: Shortly after submitting this review, received a bulk apology email explaining all that happened during the timeframe above in much more detail and explaining steps taken to resolve the issues. Additionally, the email contained a coupon code for VERY worthwhile discount. Based on this I made another purchase for two memory cards. Response time for the order acknowledgment was very fast. Follow on updates were also fast and the order arrived very quickly with no problems. The only things I can complain about is while the online order tracking is better than before it still doesn't provide tracking numbers for the shipment, there are still a few areas of the website with no information (Shipping & Returns, Privacy Notice, etc.) or with only web site template default notes, and the contact info contains an email form and address only (no phone number). If the overall trend continues I'm sure these things will be taken care of shortly.

All in all I have to upgrade my rating to at least somewhere between Satisfied and Very Satisfied.

1 year ago

review by Avianavenger Z.

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by Smart.Reviews Review

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