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No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

Hampshire, United Kingdom

[email protected] 0781818821”

Last update: Wed, Apr 13, 2022 8:32 AM

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This company will take your money and vanish. I started a home renovation with them in spring 2021, they commenced work and stripped out the house. Then they went AWOL, and have not been heard from since. They've had large sums of money off me, and not completed the project.

If others are also taking legal action, maybe we could join forces?

I notice from Companies House that apart from Sam Caye (the MD) all other directors have resigned. I also note how many companies he has and how he switches funds between them to hide his takings.

1 year ago

review by DavidFilmer

#delivery(1/5) #quality(2/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

BF is NOT legit. He is a fraudster who talks a good job, takes your money and disappears. He is trying to close his BF company and opening a new one. He is known to Companies house and also trading standards. Sam Caye is a thief and a criminal

2 years ago

review by stephentaylor

#refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Did some work for them and then they decided to never pay. Ended up making a claim against them. The customers they did the job for still don't have a completed bathroom over 2months after they started. Not the only customers I'm told are unhappy. Do not trust the managing director . Do not use these people. All works agreed and approved by the director/founder. from byfreddy before commencing. I just followed the byfreddy plan(the director/founder pointing at walls and ceilings and various WhatsApp and text messages confirming works to be done, including venting the extract into the roof space), no drawings or spec given out. now they're trying to get out of paying. Another case of a company trying to dodge the sole trader.

Update:this firm believes you don't need plans/drawings or a specification when doing building work. After the director/founder giving me the OK for the fan in the ceiling and seeing the void he even told me not to tell the customer that there was a ceiling void, so they didn't have to put extra downlights in. I usually don't work for builders and this is why. I'm not the first tradesmen or customer they've dodged.

For anyone actually reading this please find my account at my builder, I'm a NIC EIC electrician with 18years experience.
All my other reviews saying the contrary to these jokers.
They have many more either waiting to be paid or waiting for work to be completed.

I will say, in my opinion, the speed in which the positive reviews are coming after a negative is a bit suspect, seeing as they havnt finished a roughly 2mx3m bathroom in 2months :s

Update, they get trust pilot to remove legitimate reviews.
Yet again trying to take my review down, denying knowing me..... They left their own review on my mybuilder page.....what are they trying to hide ey

Still waiting to hear from the "legal team"

Avoid at all costs!

13/12/2021 "byfreddy" have yet again asked trust pilot to take my review down" claiming they don't know me and the dispute is a mystery.
Even though they've left a review on my "mybuilder profile".........Pull your finger out trust pilot.

16/12/21 tp asking to verify myself again at the rwquesof "byfreddy" , I've sent invoices and have receipts for the small claims I've taken against them. Trust pilot still just not doing enough. This company and its employees are not to be trusted.

Update 20/12/2021
They are claiming to not know me now, even though my review had been verified...rediculous lot.

Don't buy into the bs they make of fake reviews, go with anyone but byfreddy.

Update 12/1/2022
No defence submitted by "byfreddy" to small claims, ccj has been sent.
I don't expect my money as they'll probably just fold the company and switch to one of the many others they have open, i just don't want any others to be screwed by this sham of a company.

2 years ago

review by neilmattacks

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #quality(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

We are an electrical company that sub contracted ourselves out to By Freddy.

We have been chasing payment since September 2021.

A number of lies where made by the founder stating we hadnt completed the works etc but we always take photographic evidence of any works we complete.

We have also spoken with clients and tradesman that have been in the same situation or even worst! Some have lost thousands of pounds!

To tell the short story we are now going through small claims court to gain our wages back.

Not a company we will be working or dealing with again!!

Also im going to add that we are a 5 star rated electrical firm that have many clients that are happy with our works and this is the first company that we have had to file a small claims for!!!

2 years ago

review by beckyminime

We signed up with ByFreddy in October 2020, work did not start till Summer 2021. Our bathroom was ripped out and we were left without a bathroom as a family of five, many days and weeks of workmen just not showing up. Tradesman that did show up had no idea what they were doing, one even painted the wrong room! Our floor was tiled incorrectly (straight onto boards for a wetroom!!) and tiles are now coming up and dangerous, the shower leaks and is unusable, the bath is fitted incorrectly, painting is not finished. This was meant to be our dream bathroom and the entire thing is terrible. Damage has been caused to our property, to our carpet, our outside brickwork, holes made in our newly painted hallway. We have been charged incorrectly for items, promises of refunds (in writing) that never came. Sam agreed work would be rectified this week, unsurprisingly nobody has come. My opinion is this company has several ltd companies and when taken to court they simply shut one and open another. Have a look on companies house before proceeding. Also, try phoning as a new customer and a existing customer. Sam has caused us so much stress and upset, over a year after signing the contract we still do not have a finished bathroom. I have plenty of evidence available.”

2 years ago

review by ZenaFacherty

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #quality(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Sam from byfreddy came to have a look at a job and went above and beyond what was expected. He only came to give a quote (to repair/replace a shower enclosure), but off his own back, he repaired one of the issues and did not charge a penny. He even arranged a video call whilst still at my home, with one of his suppliers, to discuss how best to fix a problem to save me money In addition to being extremely helpful, Sam was very professional and honest. I had suggested that the shower enclosure needed replacing, but he felt this was not required and said there was no need to spend extra money unnecessarily. It is very evident that Sam likes helping customers and I will be recommending him and byfreddy to all my family and friends

3 years ago

review by Adrian Jones

Friendly, smart and professional. In uniform, equipped with tablet, tape measure, face mask. Explained clearly how the company works, tiers of services, and when to expect quotes. Looking forward to quotes.

3 years ago

review by Olu Ojo

Amazing company, we had to only call one company to get three quotes. Details and ontime

3 years ago

review by Deleted User

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

Hampshire, United Kingdom

[email protected] 0781818821”

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