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7 reviews

Cellularchoices.net Review

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Last update: Fri, May 27, 2022 12:25 PM

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Cellularchoices.net Reviews & Complaints (7)

PLease - Save yourself Hours of aggravation, and DO NOT do business withthis company, they have been giving me the run around, telling me I have to pay money ( $200 ) to the to get the phones I already paid for .... they tell me it is Sprint that is charging me, But Sprint says NO - I had this company and Sprint on the line at the same time, and the Sprint Rep told Cellular choices that there were no additional charges, cellular choice's rep agreed and said my order would ship overnight ..... next day I get an e-mail from cellular choices again, I call, they want $200.00 to ship my phones .... It has been over ten hours on the phone with them .... and Sprint.
This is a big case of Buyer beware, they have great prices - if you ever get the merchandise that you bought ........ Sprint can not even locate an order from them for me ..... Guess I'm kissing $266.00 good bye.


3 years ago

review by bamiam

I ordered 2 RAZR phones from CellularChoices aka Wirefly aka Inphonic with TMobile service because they were offering it for free after rebates.

After not receiving any decent order status (3 days after ordering) on their website - www.whereismyorder.com, I followed up with phone calls.

Their customer service and the people that fulfill the orders are outsourced to India. The outsourced customer service reps and managers all have american names like, sylvia, scott, dan, etc except if you ever call back and ask for the rep or manager by their specified name.... there is no such person or not available.

Anyway my problem was with number portability. During the ordering process they want you to enter all of your current wireless phone company information on their website because they claim to be experts on number portability. Plus if I do the number portability separately after I receive the phone, then the rebates are invalid. So I had no choice.

I'm not sure what they did or how they expertly perform this number portability, but they finally sent me an email (6 days after ordring) stating that they needed more information. After I had called them back they informed my number has previously been ported to T-Mobile. I had asked them to explain... and they just repeated the same information again without any explanations. They are like robots, and my opinion is that they either do not have any idea as to what is going on or they are instructed not to.

After calling and investigating with T-Mobile my phone number was already on T-Mobile's system and had already been activated two days after I had ordered it. I was not sure as to what Cellular Choices needed to do complete the number transfer, but Tmobile stated that only the customer after receiving the phone can perform the number transfer.

After finding this out, I finally got fed up with Cellular Choices because of all their lie after lies. Because of this horrid experience and their untrustworthiness, I finally cancelled the order (8 days after ordering).

I would never do business with Cellular Choices again, and I have already filed a complaint to BBB. I also filed a complatint to T_Mobile Customer Care that they lost a potential sale, and are going to lose a lot of new potential sales by dealing with Cellular Choices.

So ultimately I guess T-Mobile should also take responsibility as well, as I know I'm not the only unsatisfied customer.

3 years ago

review by phlee70

Ok, I have one of the same stories, I am going to make this short and sweet, I sent all of the info that they needed, and Ordered the product in 7/2005 and to this day, Still no checks, I kept calling them, and they did say that they had received all the info, and has to take 10 weeks to process, NOW after the 10 weeks, I was checking on the net to see if the checks where getting ready to go out, I looked on the site, and it said, They had one problem with a date on the info, To find out about the date when I bought the phones, They punched it in on there PC wrong, Now they tell me that it has to start all over again, how crazy is this, and How many people do they have working there, 2, and I would have to wait another 10 weeks or more for them to process all of it all over again, After they made the mistake, This is such a scam, I hate them and I am going to T-mobile and after the ear contract, I will cancel. (F) Them ALL.

3 years ago

review by ashtoncigars1

Purchased Motorola Razr with Cingular as provider. The Rebate offer was denied after six months of faithfully paying my cell phone bill with Cingular. Paid $414.00 and was hoping for a $125.00 rebate. After sending in a copy of UPC label and cell phone bill and application, I was denied the rebate and didn't have a chance to reapply since I only had between 180 days and 210 days to complete the offer. A narrow window of opportunity and a red tape ( I was sent denial notice via snail mail) makes it difficult to actually receive any rebate. This company is making a lot of money by making you jump through several hoops to get a rebate.

4 years ago

review by ongobo

I bought 2 cell phones from Cellular Choices for $400 with the promise of a full rebate. Upon receiving the phones & reading the fine print I found I could not apply for rebate for 6 months & then had a 30 day window to complete. Rebate company stated something wrong with my rebate, but wouldn't tell me what it was & once they told me this the time had expired. No support from Cellular Choices & now looking into legal procedure for this $400 bait & switch. Also not pleased with Cingular since they still deal with this rip-off company.

4 years ago

review by pony86gt

I ordered two razor phones from cellular choices with the understanding that I would receive the cost of the phones back in the form of a rebate. I was suprised when I received the information. Had to wait for 6 months but not more than 210 days. Had to jump through hoops to give them all the necessary info.Had a feeling this was not legit so I made sure all the information was correct. Surprise surprise when I received word that my info was incomplete or illegible. I guarantee you that it was not.I have contacted them continously but all I receive is a bunch of stonewalling. It appears they are trying to make this as tedious and drawn out as possible in the hopes I will go away. I cannot believe that cingular wireless does business with this company.

4 years ago

review by honeybunny

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Cellularchoices.net Review

No description for this company.

Cellularchoices.net Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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