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My first transaction from chilled pc and went great, tom was so generous on his customers thats why their store was a success.

My orders arrive very quick and well packed! excellent service i say.

More power to Chilled Pc!!

4 years ago

review by junkun13

Ordered from this company after discovering they were only UK etailer which had the waterblock, rad & pump / res I wanted all in stock in the 1 shop.

Being my first "home made" loop, I had a few questions, which were sent off to the company before I made my purchase - these were answered within 15 minutes of me sending each of them.

"Tom" at Chilled PC has provided me with unbiased opinion, recommending product(s) which he would use in my situation, when he could have easily bumped up my invoice by recommending a more expensive part.

The delivery service was second to none, especially since I ordered an additional part ~4:30pm on the Friday, and recieved it at lunchtime on the Saturday - amazing.

Customer experience, delivery of goods & aftercare have been the best I have had from any etailer, period.

4 years ago

review by tonicwine

Made my first order with Chilled PC last friday. Decided I wanted to add some bits to the order at 8pm on Sunday night; fired off an email & received a reply within 4 minutes saying it was no problem & the bits would be added before the parcel was dispatched Monday.

Excellent communications & order updates, decent prices, a great selection of products & free postage on orders over £150 make Chilled PC hard to beat, and while the prices aren't the lowest I've ever seen, it's made up for totally by the service and the free postage!

Many thanks tom!

- Ben.

4 years ago

review by MaZ-

I not a PeeCee guy to be honest, and only been using one now for about 3 months, Yes I know the basics of PeeCee but I am what you call a Mac user

Well after having my first PeeCee for... Well many years now, I wanted to get myself setup with the best I could do with it, that included over clocking it, Yes it maybe new system, but I took my time to learn about it right.

Anyways, I needed a good system for cooling it, and I headed for water cooling, like I said I do not know alot, so with the help of Tom here at Chilled PC I got the advice I was after, then I used this great forum to posts more questions from members, not just the company, yes I always like to see what other people like to say about this, I never take a company word to heart, Yes I work in retail myself Well they have all said the same, which is great to hear that we all agree about what's good and not good.

Well after checking with Tom before I place my first order he replied within the hour, now this is past 7pm, companies normally are closed this time of night, a very pleasant surprise when I got a reply back the same evening, with a huge amount of information, and it was information I could understand. I left it as that, and thought about the items, and how it would work out for me, the next day I emailed Tom again to confirm everything, Again a reply was back within the hour. Shock at this kind of support I really had no second thought.

I placed my order that morning with Chilled PC. Needless to say I was excited at the thought of my new project I was planning, and thanks to Tom I was getting the right items for the job, all the review on the items are top rate, so I know I getting a great setup.

The next day 7.30am the postman arrived with a parcel, and yep its was from Chilled PC, how fast did they send it, I was expecting 3-5 days, specially as I made the best of my Free Delivery as I spent over £150.

From start to finish I had the very best support and full communication all the way, I even forgot to place an order for my water, and soon placed an order for that after my first order, but Tom still added some free for me while I await my second order from them.

If you reading this and are looking to purchase some items from Chilled PC, don't think twice, I for one and very happy indeed, not only is the customer service great, there prices are one of the cheapest around in the UK, I like to shop around trust me

So I like to say a HUGE thanks to Tom and Chilled PC for a great all round service. I look forward to getting my faser one fluid as that will finish of my order.


4 years ago

review by m3nf

Made my first order from Chilled PC last friday. Watercooling parts delivered in Italy next monday... superfast delivery, very quick and well packed!

Excellent service and communications with order satus update.

Many thanks Tom!

Sergio from Italy.

only a small note: greater product availability and choice of brands (example: bitspower connections, reservoir and XSPC new RX series radiator) and the purchase was made solely from you!

4 years ago

review by colex70

Ordered 4 Yate Loon fans, which arrived the next day but unfortunately all of them exhibited a clicking noise. Sent an email via the web enquiry form and Tom got back to me quickly offering to swap the fans with no quibble. This is my first experience with ChilledPC and I'll definitely be using them again - fast, friendly service thoughout - well done guys!

4 years ago

review by blackworx

I was pointed towards by a fellow pc enthusiast who approved them for their knowledge of pc components and cooling.

Was i not disappointed !! this place is awesome.

They are always quick to reply to any queries you might have about any item of stock but mostly they give you that feeling of old style personal service.

I have bought quite a lot of watercooling kit from Chilledpc simply because they are so helpful.

Tom, the owner is a very nice guy and has helped me so much over the last few months.

I totally recommend as the place for all of your watercooling kit and cooling stuff.

Best online shop i have ever used !!! fact !!

4 years ago

review by Paul.O

The best watercooling shop around, i have dealt with ohers in the past but no one is more helpfull and has more knowledge than Tom from, Tom knows his products and customers very well and always has the stock you need. Buy with confidence and reap the rewards of a great watercooled pc.

Thanks again Tom , look forward to the next transaction

4 years ago

review by Scooobz

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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