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Trust score (5/5)
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Trust score (5/5)
5 5

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Le migliori marche di orologi di lusso per uomo e donna disponibili su Amazon al miglior prezzo di acquisto Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 3:32 AM

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APRIL 2016: ordered JLC Memovox, payed € 5900 and got NO watch, now waiting for refund, will activate lawyer and seek help by court.
update April 13: shop promised to send me another JLC (master moon) as alternative.
update April 20: shop promised to send the alternative watch until thursday (tomorrow).
update april 25: "I will send watch tomorrow" said mail on april 21. No parcel, no tracking number....
Now I know personally 3 clients that had same problems with chronoagent like I do.
I simply do not understand the positive votings here. Most these people giving 5 stars have 1 review. by the way: chronoagent is not listed in big international selling-net for watches.
update april 26: got a call at my office: they will ship JLC master moon TODAY and I will get tracking number tomorrow. I will see.
update may 3: no watch, no money. in the meantime owner of shop sent me tracking number, but TNT does not even know about. I got a number that simply does not exist. now my italian lawyer is acting.shopowner admitted to her, that he has no watch! promised to bring her april 28. But he did not show up, he did not call.
Not a single mail he wrote turned out to be true! In the meantime I asked European consumers agency for help.
update may 4: shopowner called my lawyer yesterday and promised to refund my money today!
update may 17: my lawyer urged refund of my payment+1000 Euro for his work. shopowner answered: "I refunded money already" and I got a pic showing a transfer of €1000 to my account dated may 16. I will find out, if money arrives.
update may 20: 1000 Euro arrived on my account; at least I can pay my lawyer.
update Sept 13 2016:
still no refund of my missing € 4.900,00. I asked european consumer center network to help me. Their italian branch wrote and phoned to chronoagent, but chronoagent said they would "not know with who to talk". This simply means, chronoagent is not interested in solving the case - means also they are not willing to give me back my money! You all can imagine what this means....
update 04.12.2016: still no money
"non veritiera con i fatti" -means I am not telling the true facts.
Well the fact is, that I gave chronoagent € 5.900,00 in April and got back 1.000,00 and NO watch. These are the facts today!

Since 13.06.2016 there is existing a payment order by court it is called: "guidice di pace di piombino".
Is says:
"Il guidice, letto il ricorso che precede, poiche dagli allegati documenti il credito risulta certo liquido ed esigibile, visti gli artt. 633 c.p.c. e segg.ti c.p.c. e l árt. 642 secondo comma cpc e ritenuta la propria competenza ingiunge alla Luxury Montre& Car Srl in persona del legale rappresentante pro tempore con sede legale a piombino (LI), via mateotti n. 2 Part IVA 02001690508, di pagare immediatemente al ricorrente Dr Richard Pfiszter la somma di Euro 4.900,00 oltre interessi legali dalla data del dovuto al saldo effettivo, le spese del presente procedimento che tasse e liquida in € 776,00 di ...€ 7.000,00 per compensio € 76,00 per spese vive oltre a cap come per legge ed oltre le successive spese competence occorende, oltre rimborso spesefoge.....15%
Autorizza la provvisoria esecuzione del decreto e fissa allíngiunta termine di quaranta giorni dalla notifica del presente atto ai soli effetti delléventuale opposizione innanzi a questo giudice. Autorizza, infine, lésecuzione immediata, senza lósservanza del termine previsto dallárt. 482 cpc
signed by cancelliere and il Giudice di pace 13.06.2016
I do not understand the whole text, but although I have this - I did not get a single Euro from chronoagent

Update March 9th 2017: chronoagent contacted my lawyer on phone; they would pay back my money, but I do have to take offline this review fist.
As you can imagine I did not get money back. On the other hand I still pay my lawyer; just another 400 Euro this week.
And: no money from chronoagent, only the promise that they will pay back in installments (in small amounts over the time)

update June 10, 2017
now it is more than one year and I do not have my watch or my money back.
In the meantime other customers of conatcted me and you can read their comments and reviews here. Everybody who still thinks, chronoagnt is delivering fine watches for precious money, is heavily mistaken.

Maybe you realise chronoagent is not answering to my review - this is because there are no dicussions possible about facts.
And truspilot checked every single word I wrote here!

Well: untill now; no money from chronoagent!
to be continued

2 years ago

review by Richard Pfiszter

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

Le migliori marche di orologi di lusso per uomo e donna disponibili su Amazon al miglior prezzo di acquisto Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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