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I had another Contec Pulse Oximeter that worked well for a year, then became too difficult to read, and a piece of the sensor broke off. I ordered another - but was sent the wrong sensor with this unit and cannot use this one! Now, cannot return the wrong product. Stuck with a finger sensor when I needed a lingual sensor. Tried to order just the lingual sensor, and it is half the price of the entire unit and 2 months for delivery. Waste of money. Going with Nellcor instead - they stand behind their products.

1 year ago

review by Continentalranchpetclinic Y.

I recently ordered a PM10 through WalMart online, when I received the unit it wouldn't work and wouldn't charge. I contacted the seller and have had no response from them. I am going to return the item to WalMart and get my money back.

1 year ago

review by Jim36316 B.

Have been using two CMS50F wrist oximeters for over a year, no problems except due to the frequent use of wrist straps Velcro worn down and pins on cable to attach to meter bend easily, not a bad item for the price though. Support is very poor even local phone numbers given have mailboxes turned off. Internet not much better.

1 year ago

review by Plsolak E.

Contec Medical Systems Co Ltd and : Buyer Beware

Anyone contemplating to buy medical equipment from Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd. in China please beware of their seemingly unprofessional business tactics. I am sharing with you below my recent less than satisfactory experience with this seller, who operates under a variety of names: Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd., Contec Medical Store, Contec Medical, Contec Medical Consultant, Contec Medical System, Contec Online Shop, Contec Medical eShop, Contec Flagship Store, etc.

From Canada, through, I ordered a piece of equipment (24 Hour Ambulatory Automatic Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, NIBP + Pulse Rate + SpO2 Patient Monitor Model PM50) from Contec Online Shop.

After my payment was verified by AliExpress, Contec sent me a message saying that due to certain virus in their system, they have listed a wrong price on their website. Contec suggested that I should cancel my order or pay a higher price. I responded saying that I really needed the patient monitor. Contec did not respond to a number of my subsequent messages.

Upon my suggestion that I would bring the matter up with AliExpress, Contec quoted me a price which was 8 times higher than their original listed price. Since I really needed the equipment, I had to agree to pay them the higher price, which I did, through AliExpress again.

However, upon closer inspection, I found that the new quoted price was actually for a superficially similar, but a lower and cheaper model which only does ABPM but not Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, nor SpO2. Contec sneaked in this Model No. ABPM50 instead of my original order for Model No. PM50. After I pointed out the discrepancy to them, Contec stopped responding to my messages. By any standard measure, this is unprofessional conduct.

Seeing that I could get nowhere with this seller, I made a formal complaint to AliExpress, requesting them to investigate the case to see if the seller meets the AliExpress touted standard on business conduct and integrity. It took AliExpress one whole month to give me a response, basically saying that it is not their business.

So then the current situation is that I paid money (twice) to AliExpress for the merchandise. The seller is not shipping. And AliExpress does not seem to care.

I therefore suggest here that anyone who is looking at buying medical equipment from Contec Medical Systems Co. Ltd. should carefully confirm the price and model number and obtain an expressed guarantee that the item will be shipped as promised. Alternatively, there are other more reputable sellers in other more established and more reliable e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay, who will stand by the buyer to obtain a fair deal with their sellers.

1 year ago

review by Kasingk Q.

We searched online and found that this business has an active Facebook page with 83 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is either not actively engaged with online communication or is new and growing. We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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