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My review on this company is from an employee view, my time under this company was far from fair towards their workers, with working easily 12+ hours a day with no breaks, sorry - "driving to and from venues was our break". Coming close to crashing a few times as I was constantly nodding off at the wheel with the long hours and overloaded work loads per day. It started to make sense why most of the employees were aged 15-19 year olds. For the time I was there, I know of at least FOUR others which were of the same mind of myself and all had left or were leaving. I also know at least THREE of these people along with myself then had major problems with this company receiving monies owed. I was told that they were going to be deducting money from my wages, i.e. for not taking the correct number of chairs to a venue? This was more than laughable as it is ILLEGAL and I wasn't the only one they tried this on with. It became clear to me early on that they are overly money minded. They are good with the brides & grooms to be, but to the employees, nowhere near.

6 months ago


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