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Placed an order Thursday night for 7 mags and a stock, all Magpul. Was slightly skeptical because the price was so great, but figured this place was reputable not to have fake Magpul rip-offs. Site security was broken, which is a huge minus, however everything went on without a hitch. Received an order confirmation, a payment received (and approved) confirmation, and the next day received tracking information. All automated, but fully detailed on how my order was going. Fedex came by today and I signed for the package, opened it up and found everything I ordered, as described. Great transaction, and will continue ordering from here. If you cannot be somewhere to pick up the package, then you should have FedEx hold onto it at a nearby location, or order elsewhere. These guys make it VERY clear that signatures are required, and while I know it's a pain (also shipping to the billing address), it's very clearly stated that these are their terms for shopping at their site.

EDIT: As per Cal's reply below, site security is back to normal! An absolute pleasure doing business.

4 years ago

review by Kestin V.

Emailed them a question after hours on Monday, got a response first thing Tuesday. Ordered my scope right away that Tuesday, Fedex attempted to deliver the next day on Wednesday since it came from their Texas warehouse. Wow. I just logged onto Fedex and had them hold it at the nearest Fedex office and picked it up the next day on Thursday. So it took 2 days to get my scope. On top of that, Cals had the Zeiss I wanted cheaper than ANYONE and no tax. I would definitely do business with them again. To those people complaining about their Direct Signature policy, you need to get over it. I'd rather drive a little out of my way to pick up my $1000 scope rather than have it sitting on my front porch all day.

4 years ago

review by Jeeeprebryan Y.

i ordered a total of 8 hk usp 10 rd mag, cal sporting is the only one who have the factory made at a low price and i got it within 3 days, so fast, and without a doubt i will definitely order from them again probably by the end of the after i purchase my new handgun . . . for you people out there go order now i promise you, you'll never get dissapointed . . thanks cal sporting

4 years ago

review by Junix L.

I purchased a grip for my pistol from Cals Sporting Armory. It did not fit my gun. When I asked for a refund Cals Sporting Armory told me I would need to contact the manufacturer? I contacted the manufacturer and they told me to contact Cals Sporting Armory? This is ridiculous! If I purchase a pair of shoes at the shoe store and something is wrong the store returns my money not the Nike manufacturer! This is not the way to do business in America! I will tell all my friends not to purchase anything from this company. Furthermore I will only purchase things with pay pal.

Ripped off

4 years ago

review by Gregmeredith O.

I purchased a dedicated CMMG .22 LR AR15 upper from Cals along with 2 clips. The price was very low. The packaging was very good and it was delivered in less than a week.

I gave low ratings because I did not receive any notice of shipping which caused it to be delayed a day because I didn't have anyone available to sign for it and secondly they used FedEx. I have had too many issues with FedEx so I don't purchase from suppliers that don't have a UPS option.

Every complaint is met with an excuse. There is no way that this place will ever get my business again

4 years ago

review by Bakerjw F.

I originally placed my order with Cal's on 12/20/2011 for several magazines for two .22 cal rifles. I fully read their policies. I, however had several questions. I left several phone messages and never a response. I e-mailed and got responses within 1-2 days. The order was being shipped to my second home in Montana and I needed it to go to my neighbor's house since I could not guarantee my being there. I needed to clarify the best way to handle the shipping since neither me or they might be home when it was delivered. Very poor communication. I much prefer voice communication over e-mail since all questions can be asked at once rather than back and forth e-mails. I also have a problem with having the shipment signed for. Lastly their requirement to send a copy of my driver's license and credit card is very onerous if the address shipped to is different from the billing address. I order ammo with less hassle than this. These are their business requirements and I respect that but I do a lot of internet orders with multiple companies (Cabela's, Sportamans Warehouse, Amazon, L.L. Bean, Costco etc) and I never had to do this and never had a problem with delivery. Since I was going to be at my house the first week in January it was arranged for the shipment to go out to arrive after 1/4. I also had to call Fed Ex and let them know to hold any delivery until after 1/4 and deliver on 1/5 or later. This was successful and the shipment arrived as ordered without a hitch.
I find Cal's prices good - excellent (S&H a little high) and would buy again but only to my California address so I know I will be there. It would be good if they kept on file approved alternate delivery addresses so one does not have to go through the hassle of faxing all the required proof to them. Also, in lieu of having shipments signed for a signed waiver of responsibility to Cal's in addition to a tracking number and insurance should be good enough to guarantee delivery. Once the package is marked as delivered at my doorstep it is no longer Cal's responsibility but mine. Finally I fould their customer service lacking in that they don't answer calls and only respond to e-mails and then in 1-2 days. Again, their business practice is but for their benefit and not the customer's.


I am writing this as a rebuttal to the response submitted this date by the representative of Cal's Sporting Armory. My initial review was very politely worded and gave cudos for the good and polite criticism of where I thought there were shortcomings. In addition I also gave some suggestions as to where I thought improvement might be made. Not only did I post this to this site, but I also sent a personal copy to Shannon, the sales representative who had communicated with me prior to and during the purchase process since I do no believe in saying things behind one's back. I gave Cal's a 4 star overall rating and a 3 star customer service rating. Based on their response, however, I am revising my overall rating to a 2 and a 1 (since I cannot give a 0) in customer service. Since I sent a personal note to Cal's, the professional thing to have done would have been to send a personal reply back. Instead, the reply was a very canned response, repetative as to what was written on all previous negative reviews about their shipping policies. One policy might fit most cases but sometimes there needs to be adjustments to individual cases, especially if a vendor wants to keep a good reputation and happy repeat customers that spread a good word about that vendor. Cal's standard generated public response coupled with their lack of personally responding to me in light of the fact that I personally communicated with them reveals to me the vendor's arrogance towards consumers and that they definitely do not care about customer concerns. They only care about their own convenience and what is easy and cheap for them to complete a sale. Again, that they say the requirement to have the alternate delivery address form submitted and that the package must be signed for is the requirement of the shipping / delivery company is just not true. I again called FedEx and UPS and was told in both cases that this is a vendor requirement and not theirs. I also reviewed 5 star vendor ratings on and all echo the same thing - expert customer service. Yes, prices in most case were good but not the best in all cases. But all had customer service as a top priority.

Because of this, I revise my rating to a 2, and this only because the prices were good and the order was fulfilled correctly. If based only on customer service it would be a 1 or 0. If one only cares about a low price (and even then not all of their prices are the lowest) go ahead and place an order with Cal's. But be aware ahead of time that if there is a problem, your being able to correct it expediently, if at all, might be severely lacking. I cannot recommend Cal's as a vendor and will not in the future, no matter how good their price is, place an order with them. I urge others who are reading these reviews do so carefully before placing an order with Cal's.

4 years ago

review by Travelingmdfrommt T.

Tried to change my order one minute after I placed the order. I wanted to add two more item and change the quantity of what I had just ordered. Web page said too late order had already shipped.Hard to believe on a Sunday. I sent a fax and called leaving my phone number as instructed. No response. I had to place a second order and ended up with two magazines that I didn't need or want.
I will not order from this vendor again.
Also the magazines that I purchased on the second order don't fit very well into the rifle.

4 years ago

review by Furniturexpress N.

I could not ask for more from a vendor. The item that I purchased was initially out of stock. I was notified when it was back in stock, and made the purchase. I searched other vendors for the .22 lr conversionn kit, but it was out of stock and/or the price was significantly higher. I'll be ordering from the future. Outstanding services was provided to me, and that was appreciated. I'll be informing my friends about Cals Sporting Armory!

4 years ago

review by Gallagherryan1 B.

Best price on the web, simple ordering process and I had my parts in 3 days! Thanks!!!

4 years ago

review by Jrfarrar K.

I ordered some hk magazines and received them before the estimated date of arrival. Will be ordering more soon...

4 years ago

review by Nvelardez J. Review

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