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Imperial Car Supermarkets

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Reliable and trustworthy national used car supermarket - find your next car here


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I bought my BMW 318i from Imperial Motors Chertsey in August 2018 It had a full service history, 49,000 miles on the clock Under recommendation from their sales person, I also bought a full RAC warranty through imperial I also took the car to Imperial for the 55,000 mile service just a few months ago 4 weeks ago my car went into limp mode and the on-board computer instructed me to “drive” to the nearest service station - which is 800 metres from my home. The clock had just passed the 60,000 mile mark. The diagnosis showed a timing chain issue, I called the warranty company who confirmed that the fault was covered by my policy. I left the car with the service station to be repaired while i was on holiday. Upon my return the service station informed me that the car had been inspected by a DEKRA engineer sent by the warranty company. this necessitated dismantling the engine. TheWarranty group now refuse to cover the fault, Imperial Cars have turned their backs on me. I paid over £14,000 for this car 1 year ago, Imperial sold me a warranty and a finance package and a full service at the correct time. I have followed all instructions to the letter. But my car is on a ramp in a service station, the engineer doesn’t know what to do with it or whether he’ll even be paid for his initial work. Why was this not spotted during the 55,000 mile service at Imperial Motors? Should they have recommended checking the chain then? I am left with a heap of junk, Imperial have acted terribly

6 months ago


review by Robert Marshall

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Reliable and trustworthy national used car supermarket - find your next car here


No contact details for this company.

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