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refund 3 /5

This services here is so slow and the staff can be rude at times the food is good not like in the pictures and lot of the time the Burgers not even on the barn the toilets smells a lot really badly and the tables never cleaned

3 years ago

review by mrjmgm69

Used the drive through 5 cars in front of us, took ages to get our food, compared to other McDonald’s this one was quite slow

4 years ago

review by Leah W.

I ordered a big tasty with bacon when visiting Brundall when using the drive thru and when I got home and started to eat the burger that is not what I had as they had put the wrong burger in, as there was no bacon and they put the wrong sauce in as it was very spicy so I could not eat it so I have wasted money on this visit, but with a company of this size they wouldn't care about 1 person having a bad experience

4 years ago

review by Chris I.

I am stuff with McDonald's. I have already spoken 15 before taking my paid holiday yet to arrive (no). Because made mistake or desire?

4 years ago

review by Rashel S.

This McDonalds is a joke they get my order wrong 60% of the time and the is all ways something missing from my order when I complain to the manager I get told I sure check my order before I leave the shop I should not need to do this all the time I have had Burgers missing or wrong burgers sometimes French fries missing I go here a lot not by Choice as I have young kids and they love McDonalds I think it’s a joke how they treat the customers and never make it to the customer they could give a free drink away or a French fries something to say sorry or give some refund

4 years ago

review by Mrjmgm69 N.


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by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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