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Ordered Corsair TWIN2X1024A-4300C3Pro DDR2 ram kit from on Sept 6. Recieved an order confirmation e-mail immediately just to confirm what I ordered. On Sept 7, revieved an automated e-mail stating that my order was now being processed. On sept 9, revieved an automated e-mail stating that my order was to ship that day. NO information was provided on who was being used to ship the products to me and NO tracking number was issued. On sept 14, at approx 1:00 pm, finally recieved my shipment. It was shipped by Purolator. The ram was inside a sealed cardboard box with a sealed gray plastic bag on the outside. The ram was not wraped in anyway as you could easily hear it move inside the box. Thankfully there does not appear to be any damage.
Overall, I am disapionted with how slow my order was proccesed and shiped to me, not to mention the aggravation with not knowing who is being used to ship it to me and no tracking number to get an ETA on the shipment. Fortunately for, they were the only ones left that I could find in Canada that carried this particular type of RAM, so I didn't really have to much choice but to use them. I took into consideration there seemingly glowing reputation on this web site when I placed my order; clam in knowing that so many others have had good experiences with this Online dealer. I suppose it is a lesson learned: Buyer beware!

6 months ago


review by Xyphur

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