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Nspirelaptops.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Nspirelaptops.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:19 AM

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Nspirelaptops.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (3)

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delivery 3 /5

refund 2 /5

Truly awful company. I waited weeks for my laptop to eventually be told they did not have the model I ordered in stock after first offering other excuses. They then sent a different model which was faulty. This was sent back and communication was extremely poor. After waiting another 2 weeks I requested a refund. The company will fight you on this and ignore emails. I eventually got through a week later after phoning every day and was told the refund would be processed and could take up to 14 days to return to my account. I assume this was just to buy themselves time as in the end I had to open a dispute with my bank to get my money back. They will delete all bad reviews/comments from their Facebook page but there are many more of us who have experienced such problems!

3 years ago

review by Q. K.


I ordered a laptop in March 2018 for my son, but like many people the delivery was delayed due to lack of stock. When the laptop arrived, the speakers did not work even after software and driver updates. I contacted nSpire to return the item and request a refund, which they agreed to quickly. This was the start on April and at time of writing; 10th January 2019, I am still awaiting a refund. Firstly, Ava at nSpire Laptops Ltd, said there were issues with their tech team not updating the order. Then they purport that they changed card processors from Barclays and were unable to provide a refund so I should contact my bank. I didn't have the original email for the order (found it now, but still need more info), so put in my claim and requested further info from Ava. I got a response and was advised just to give the amount to my bank and they would refund the money; even though I explained that my bank would require the information (this was 7 months ago). To date, even after several requests for the information, they are still unwilling to provide it. Next up, I was told that the company had been sold to nSpire Group (UK) Ltd. Zack has advised me they know nothing about the order and this was the old companies doing... Zack, you were one of the people who replied to my email back in April when you were a Manager for nSpire Laptops Ltd and you're married to Ava!... not like you know nothing of the order..... Apparently, according to Ava, she has been discussing the refund with Zack (over coffee when you first wake up?!?!?) as to who should pay it... I don't care, just give me my money back I am entitled to!! Ava is now not responding to any emails and they've just walked off with £179.99 of my money..... Whilst Zack states they are totally different to Ava and don't have anything to do with her (apart from being married to her?), they still use the same email domain and email accounts which Ava did. In fact, the email address you have to contact Ava is owned by nSpire Group (UK) Ltd. I've put in a Subject Access Request to get the data from both companies as they are clearly in brach of GDPR holding my details and lying about it. If you are experiencing the same issue as me, you need to send this to both companies as they are both in breach (providing details to a third party without consent and holding data without consent). I sent in 2 Subject Access Requests (one to nSpire Laptops Ltd and another to nSpire Group UK Ltd) back in November 2018, which they have not responded to and have now blocked all communication with me and various other customers they have defrauded. They are illegally holding my personal data against my wishes, have broken the law and have now been reported to the Information Commissioner Office for a breach of GDPR. In addition they’ve taken the Trustpilot link down from their website because we’re all being too honest!! No answering of phone calls anymore and nothing via email. They moved from Bournemouth to Weymouth doing this scam, so expect them to move again shortly as the heats on them. In addition, I'm just starting a petty claims court proceedings against them at the cost of £25, which seems to be the only way to deal with these people. All I can say is they are rogue, should be avoided and will deliberately mislead you to make a fast buck. To those who had a good experience with these guys, you were very lucky indeed!! If you want to check out their TrustPilot reviews, it can be found here https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/nspirelaptops.co.uk I suspect as they're trying to hide their Trust Pilot reviews now that they'll just keep giving themselves positive reviews to get their up before linking it back to their website.

4 years ago

review by Rich Q.

#delivery(3/5) #refund(3/5)

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Nspirelaptops.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Nspirelaptops.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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