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Battery Cases, Portable Batteries, Protective Cases and Accessories to Enhance Your iPhone, Samsung, Pixel and more.
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Trust score (4.9/5)
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Trust score (4.9/5)

EXOvault makes unique accessories for your life, machined and finished by hand. We take the utmost care in crafting each Metal and Leather Briefcase, each Metal and Wood iPhone Case, each Wood and Metal Qi Wireless Charging Stand, and each pair of Sun Glasses and Eyeglasses.

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customer service

Definitely not worth the price ! I have spend nearly £29 for case ( which had scratches ) , £29 for card holder ( which is too big for iPhone 12 mini case ) and £29 for screen protector which is the best out of 3 items , but still overpriced.
Items being delivered from Germany and takes ages plus it makes it difficult to return items.
Overall .... not happy.

10 months ago

review by Artur

Veeeery disappointed in this experience. They claim that orders will be shipped within 24hours, but its over a week ago since I did my purchase and it has not yet been shipped.. if you want a phone case within 2 week you probably have to look somewhere else

10 months ago

review by Håkon Hagen

Lovely to look at until you touch or use it. As soon as you touch it there are finger prints all over it. I’ve had the cover (mustard yellow) for less than a month and on one corner the colour has worn away completely and all the edges are black. Avoid.
You can’t leave a review on the Facebook page....very telling.

11 months ago

review by Sam Ellis

I was looking for a premium case for my recently purchased iPhone 12 Pro Max, and stumbled across Nudient, but what I didn’t do is read the reviews before I purchased a case.

After the case arrived and installing it correctly to the phone, the speaker/microphone holes as well as the cutout for the lightning charging port, aren’t correctly aligned, meaning that the case faces constant damage when plugging in/unplugging. This was exceptionally frustrating given that Nudient pride themselves on engineering the most precise iPhone case yet.

What I will call out is that Nudient did immediately send me out a replacement case without having to receive the previous, however this has only confirmed that the case was not faulty after all, just consistently imprecise across all products.

Please consider this when buying the case, not as precise as they claim.

11 months ago

review by Macauley

WOW. I really don't know where to start.

I purchased a screen protector and cover for my iPhone 12 mini. Lots of problems and worst customer service you can imagine. Do yourself a favour and avoid.

Screen protector: awful quality, I sent them a message and they sent another. Awful quality again. It breaks while the phone is in your pocket as if the 'tempered glass' was the worst and thinnest plastic you have ever encountered.

Cover: looks nice and beautiful colour. Downsides: the bottom where your charger goes is not compatible with the new iPhone 12 charger (which slightly bigger than previous ones)
I dropped my phone once and it immediately had a huge bump on it.

Customer service: they take forever to reply. They tell you silly things like "have you properly installed your cover?" lol how hard can it be to put a cover in a phone.
They offer refunds and never issue them (I'm still waiting after 5 months.

I have never had a worst cover or screen protector.
I have never seen worst customer service.

I never write reviews but I hope this saves you the hassle.

11 months ago

review by María Flames

AVOID! Payment went through twice as the website never gave me confirmation. Emailed straight away on online form they still shipped 2 orders and charged for both saying its too late. Total scam. I did not have one indication my money had gone through for either.

They will not refund until you send back (at your own cost no doubt).

11 months ago

review by Christopher Ellis

I've had a mixed experience ordering from Nudient.

I placed an order in the morning and wrote them an e-mail about 2 minutes later.

They replied a few hours later, that they where not able to change the color of the item. I guess their UX on their website could be improved. By mistake I had ordered a pink iPhone 12 holster and it was supposed to be black. I still believe this is the color I've added to the cart though.

Anyhow. The shipment will stay in the DHL droppoint and in a few weeks it will be returned for Nudient and hopefully I'll have a refund.

I guess their products look awesome, but they should go a little further for their customers.
They could've simplye just walked to their warehouse, picked up the envelope and changed the color or even more simply - just cancel the order.

For now I'll place an order from somewhere else. I'm not sure if I'll be a customer with Nudient in the future.

11 months ago

review by Christoffer

I ordered through this company as they offered EXPRESS delivery of 1-2 days for a small fee (I need "protection" for my hardware right away).

4 days later I wrote them and asked why they hadn't even sent it? They refunded the small extra amount for Express and just shipped with their standard 2-8 days.

The tendency of online players like these promoting EXPRESS DELIVERY and then slow down as soon as they have the order is just annoying, but they are not the only company that carries out their business in that way.

11 months ago

review by Thomas Juhl

Avoid at all costs.
Ordered a phone case after seeing the very nice-looking adverts and promos...

The website change a phone option was where it all went wrong for me. It's very fiddly. I had it selected on Iphone 11 pro. But when my order went through it had changed to a Iphone 11.

I emailed straight away as it mentioned on the website contact forms...

It all went downhill from there.

Their forms and customer complaints procedures are handled in a ticket like fashion. Where you are answered by many people who pick up each ticket as and when you reply.

All this crappy messaging... waiting for replies... not helpful responses.

The story: I saw one of your cases advertised and I really liked it. So I went on to order one. Iphone 11 pro case. Had a but of trouble with the changing selection tool (which as a ux designer I have to say is crap) and really buggy.

I ordered and my email came through... Stating iPhone 11... not iPhone 11 pro.


So to contact anyone I have to come to these online forms.

I do this within moments of ordering as it "CLEARLY" STATES... please email us if you need to update/change or cancel your order...


Email received the next day saying my order is shipped.... but no one had amended my order.

I complain... no one helps... I complain again... get told I have to pay to send it back.... which I am not going to do.

I get sent another email with someone else's return labels to print out and send it back (Ryans iPhone 12 order with his address - beach of contact details)... WHAT IS GOING ON???? NOT A BLOODY CLUE!

11 months ago

review by Craig Jones

After reading the reviews on here after purchasing my Nudient case I was really worried it wouldn’t turn up or the quality would be poor. I purchased the dusty pink V3 case for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. I purchased it on Monday 3rd May and it arrived today (Saturday 8th May) tracking information was provided but once it entered the county I couldn’t see where it was or when it was expected to be delivered.
The case is beautiful, a lot of people said it feels cheep but I disagree, it is grippy but not rubbery and the pink is much nicer in person than online.
My only slight negative is that the case is almost too “precise” with its fit. It is very snug and I have found around the bottom it doesn’t quite fit round to the front of the phone as well as it does at the top.
Overall very happy with the case! Only time will tell if the rubber coating lasts. 🤞🏻

11 months ago

review by Julia Willday

I would not recommend this company, they sent me the wrong case to start with and couldn't change my order because of unknown reasons. EVEN if i had a customer support ticket open in Zendesk just minutes after the purchase. Hello its 2021 look over your order process and get a proper customer service?! On top of that they seem to think that DHL Express is the same thing as Postnord (2-4 days) who rarely delivers packages anywhere and always seems to loose them.

I'm very unhappy with having to pay for the return, that absolutely zero help was provided and would not recommend anyone to shop from Nudient.

11 months ago

review by Lajm Arn

I received my case this morning and I’m happy with the material and how it looks but I’ve ordered sangria red case and the package arrived as it says sangria red I opened it and the colour is more like dusty pink or pink gold very very disappointed I’ve been looking especially for this sangria red colour soo long and here i get some pink.Honestly did not except that.

11 months ago

review by Doina Costin

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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