Sherborne Upholstery

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Sherborne Upholstery

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3.3 / 5

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Sherborne Upholstery manufacture an extensive range of high quality fabric and leather recliners lift and rise recliners settees fireside chairs and adjustable beds Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:35 AM

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delivery 2 /5

price 1 /5

quality 1.7 /5

refund 3 /5

Being both disabled and in need of upgrading our aged recliners decided to purchase two Albany Royale recliners (dual motors) at a rather exorbitant price but they say you get what you pay for in quality. We waited in anticipation for about three weeks and received the biggest and most expensive pieces of junk I've seen. They are totally uncomfortable the rear wings are very hard on your back and on activating the twin motors separately I expected to be able to set the back in a position independent to the other axis this is not so as soon as you use the other motor it ruins the rear setting. this has left my wife and I severely out of pocket and unable to replace. It also tells me two other things don't trust the shop you purchased them from price etc and never to purchase from Sherborne ever again so don't waste your money or your time.

1 year ago

review by S. O.

#price(1/5) #quality(1/5)

POOR QUALITY CHAIR Please don't buy leather furniture from Sherborne I bought a leather chair two years ago. Where your hands, arms and head rest all the dye has come out and faded.We bought it from Stone Dam Mills they have been very good took photos and sent them to Sherborne they said its out of guarantee and perspiration and oil from skin has caused it. This is rubbish I have got a 30 year old leather chair, not from Sherborne may I add that has had no problem and my sister has a chesterfield which is 25 years old which has had no problem other than normal wear. It cost me £1100 and I could have got better for less than half this price. Please don't buy from these so called quality people please don't buy Sherborne rubbish you will be sorry. G Ashley

1 year ago

review by Graham Ashley

#price(1/5) #quality(1/5)

The upholstery on our three piece suite is really poor and creased. We’ve had it a while now but complained immediately on delivery - it just continues to get worse. Shop we bought it from are not at fault - they have helped all they can. Furniture returned to Sherborne who say there is nothing wrong with it - we disagree. Short of fighting a court case - we cannot afford to do it - we are lumbered with it. We will never purchase Sherborne again and couldn’t recommend it.

2 years ago

review by N. D.


We ordered the Sherborne Keswick from David Phipps when we received the sofas we were shocked that the quality and the amount of creasing in the material the units was sent back the sofa was made up of a 3 seater and a 2 seater this was 5 sections out of the 5 only 1 was to standard it was then returned and only 2 were to standard was told that the material we chosen was new so it was redone in there normal material but when we got it back it was worse if you compare what was on the advertising photos to what we received was not even close if we wanted second hand we have gone to a second hand shop We have friends that have had their Sherborne sofa for five years and looks new ours look like it's 30 years old Have now been told that they can not produce the product and can not get a refund

2 years ago

review by Deleted User

#quality(3/5) #refund(3/5)

ordered 2 virginia riser recliners, both faulty, sherborne sent engineers and he agreed not fit for purpose. Shop I purchased from arranged for 2 more to be delivered only unloaded one and found still not good so delivery men decided to return I old one and one unpacked one to go back,now Sherborne say nothing wrong with them even though their engineer they sent said differently. Now shop is fighting them for refund.Service not good at all, faults were crooked mechanism and both rock, when reclined the back corners of both chairs hit the floor. The shop I am dealing with has been working hard on my behalf no fault on their side

2 years ago

review by Mrs M.

#delivery(3/5) #refund(3/5)

We searched online and found that this business has an active Facebook page with 971 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is either not actively engaged with online communication or is new and growing. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

Sherborne Upholstery manufacture an extensive range of high quality fabric and leather recliners lift and rise recliners settees fireside chairs and adjustable beds Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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