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I ordered a Google nexus 6 3 weeks ago and it hasn't even left the warehouse yet, I requested a refund because I am fed up waiting and apparently I have a pay a restock fee!! It's probably not even in stock so why charge me a restock fee, avoid at all costs.

4 years ago

review by Arifavia D.

I ordered a Canon 1200D on 10th Oct as the price was so very good, cheaper than anywhere. After I sent off for it I then read all the reviews and of course I was filled with dread as a lot said it was a scam site. After 7 days waiting I sent a message enquiring as to when I could expect my goods as the website said delivery usually 3/4 working days. After some searching I discovered my goods were held in customs. At all times I was kept informed and my goods arrived, a few days later than I was expecting but they arrived as advertised, well packed and it is a wonderful camera. I would advise you that if you are prepared to wait and be polite in all your dealings with customer service then this is a good company to order from. Delivery could be faster but they cannot be beaten on price. I am very happy with my purchase. Simply Electronics is no scam as I have the proof, my lovely camera here in front of me. Very happy indeed.

4 years ago

review by Lindygg M.

Ordered an item on 6 June because it said 'in stock' delivery within 5- working days. Rang on 17 June 8 working days later to be told BY CONFIRMED EMAIL, sorry but your order has been prioritised and you will receive it by the end of next week ie; 24 June. Today I am told they have no idea when stock will be in and just wait for an email about delivery. I have cancelled, I do not want to deal with a company that tells lies and will not even refer back to the written promise they gave me

4 years ago

review by K.stephens X.

I have purchased a couple of items from the in the past and was delighted with the price and quality of the items. It wasn't until an issue with delivery occurred, when I learned about incapability of simplyelectronics customer services' employees to deal with issues.
I have paid over two thousand euros for a canon camera and after 6 weeks I have no camera or the money. I tried to deal with the problem via customer service, but those employees barely speak English (English is not my native language, but I do speak very well, and I would expect at least the same level from some one working in customer help service). Moreover, they are quite rude, repeating one sentence over and over. I asked for the manager as I thought s/he would speak better English and had more information for me, but the lady on the line was just repeating that I 'must' allow more time to investigate, unable to tell at what stage was the investigation at that time.
I am highly disappointed and fear that it won't be easy to claim my money back as I do not hope to receive the camera anymore. Every time I call the customer services I get the same answer, to allow one working day whilst the relevant department gets all the necessary information and they will get back to me. They always do, with the same answer, that they apologize and will work hard to resolve the matter. When I ask if I can get my money back, I never get a straight answer.
Will contact my credit card issuer and fill in a fraudulent transaction, as that is the only way I could get my money back.
I would recommend to consider this story of mine when deciding to do business with simplyelectronics. If you are planning to spend higher amount of money, better try some other, more reliable business.

4 years ago

review by Jozef.balint F.

I was really amazed when I received the tracking number on Friday. The order was placed last Wednesday and I thought I have to wait up to 10 days for delivery. I was unavailable yesterday for delivery and with my permission, they left the parcel on our front porch. Checked the item and everything is great.

4 years ago

review by Lambsonsnco N.

I ordered a new HTC One 10 phone from this company as it was a little bit cheaper than the nearest rivals and the website indicated they were in stock. Delivery time was quoted as 4-10 days which seemed on the high side but not a huge price to pay. It was a non-UK company but hey the world is an international market place these days and these are respected traders I thought. Big Mistake. My biggest mistake though was not reading the reviews.

Just like seemingly every other reviewer here, my phone wasn't in stock and after 2 weeks I chased only to be fobbed off with apologies and an upgrade in status to Priority. After another week I noticed the same phone was available cheaper with Gadget Monocle and so cancelled my order. Two further weeks later and I'm still waiting for my refund, though I do at least have my phone since Gadget Monocle managed to delivery it from HK in just four days.

This company is a joke and will waste your time. Do not be tempted to order with them just to save a few pounds. It really isn't worth the hassle and delays you will inevitably get. There are many other proper companies out there who will respect your custom.

4 years ago

review by Andyjw K.

Have ordered a mobile phone and paid through their website 28.05.16. No order confirmation and after chasing I've been confirmed delivery in 10 days. One month and many chases later, I have cancelled the order and requested refund.
The cancellation was confirmed promptly, but I have now been chasing refund for more than a month. Every time you just get a template standard reply, no movement at all, no reason for the delay given.

4 years ago

review by Nonick123 S.

I placed my order on 7th of May, received parcel on 18th. Expensive phone was paced in soft plastic bag and when opened the bag found that the original box inside was badly damaged as well as phone. Contacted Simply Electronics immediately providing them with photos and detailed description. Received email that logistic team will contact me but they have never done it. Rang them yesterday which was 3 days after received the damaged item, the person I spoke to promised that the logistic team will contact me within the day but ques they never did!!!!! What a shocking customer service. They may have good prices but the hassle is not worth of that!! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Update - It has been over 2 weeks now since I received the damaged item and still hasn't got it solved yet. Communication with the company is ridiculous, I receive reply to my email day after I send it, during phone conversation was ensured that relevant agent is contacting me within the day but never contacted. At the moment, 2 weeks after I reported that the delivered item is damaged their teams still 'work' with delivery company to solve it but in their stupidity they sent it in soft plastic bag which doesn't give any protection to the item inside and you can crush the item inside without damaging the bag and here I believe is problem as delivery company may not accept any complain as external packaging hasn't been damaged. Somebody tried to save on packaging and as result of this stupid decision I've lost lots of time for emails and calls just get what what I paid for and I still do not know how long time it will take to get it solved.

UPDATE 09/06/2015 - It's been over 3 weeks now since Simply Electronics delivered damaged item and still it hasn't been solved. I haven't received any update for week now. It's very disappointing! They contacted me asking if I tested the damaged phone. It's unbelievable it looks like it's another time-buying exercise.

UPDATE 10/06/2015 - After posting review on another service the Simply Electronics in response promised to collect this item. lets see how long time it will take them to contact me and then to pick the item up. Bare in mind there is always some promise given as response to review published on web services but lets see if there is any action following.

Update 19/07/2012 - It has taken 2 months to send the damaged item back to SilmplyElectronics however, don't think it's end of story. The parcel has been delivered back to Hong Kong on 16th July. Day after delivery I sent email to SimplyElectronics asking for refund it eventually but instead I received email:
'Apologies for the delay.
Please bear with us for couple of days while we are still working on investigation this matter.
As soon as I get an update from the relevant team, we will inform you at once.'

Could you SImplyEclectonics tell me please how long do you expect your clients to wait???!!!
Just to remind I placed my order at the beginning of May, paid for it and still didn't receive what I paid for and did not get my money back.

DEAR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS don't be tempted by cheap price -Try imagine if you bought something faulty from them and you try to get it repaired or replaced under warranty! You won't be happy waiting ages for any action!

!!!! AVOID THEM !!!!

4 years ago

review by Ksawery V.

I chose Simply Electronics because the price they offered for the specific phone I wanted was considerably lower than any other, including Amazon. Their delivery times are much longer - I had to wait two weeks - but for me it was worthwhile given the price difference. Customer service is good and they arranged for me to collect phone at a convenient drop off point so I was able to pick it up the same day as the courier delivered it without having to wait in.

4 years ago

review by Martin135 F.

Ordered on 10th February, still not despatched, 17th of March!
Need I say more!!!

4 years ago

review by Guyzy42 T.

Good value for money due to the super low prices but cannot be recommended to those who need the item as soon as possible because delivery is 4-10 working days.

4 years ago

review by Escklinked X.

I came across Simply Electronics through Google shopping - which I assumed meant that they had been vetted. I bought an Ipad pro and made a payment through skrill. After 2 days my money had been debited but the order was still showing as processing payment and, as I was going away for a few weeks, I feared that it would not be delivered in time. I therefore cancelled it using their website email form. It took 48 hrs and a few reminders before they acknowledged the cancellation. This was 7 weeks ago. I have emailed them weekly and they keep saying:

My sincere apologies for the delay in processing your refund. I know this has caused you much inconvenience and I sincerely apologize for this delay.

Your refund is on priority status and has been escalated to our accounts team who are working with our payment partners to expedite your refund. Again, I apologize for the amount of time this is taking and pull no punches for the delay.

I am hopeful that your refund will be initiated in the coming days ahead (if not sooner). A refund confirmation email can be expected upon completion.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help,

I keep getting the same email response every week and still no Refund. I will report them to Google, Skrill and all European consumer protection authorities and do my best to close them down. I will only stop if they refund me. Please do the same!

4 years ago

review by Benyboy F.

I will give simply electronics 5 stars because this store is simply amazing and worth to recommend.

4 years ago

review by Logesterme C.

After an awful experience from another re-seller who is offering good prices and deceiving 3 day delivery, I tried my luck from this store who is also offering low priced items but the service is way better compared to the previous re-seller, although the delivery is 4-10 working days, I received my order on the 5th working day and they never failed to give me an update about the delivery status. They gave me a tracking number when it was shipped and the courier on the other hand sent me a text message about the delivery. It was a great experience and I wll keep this store for future purchase.

4 years ago

review by Saimeesse W.

I have to say that I was skeptical when I ordered my LG phone as it was coming from Hong Kong. However, the phone arrived in 9 days and their customer services were brilliant. They kept informing me throughout the process of the progress of my phone. I have to give them to marks for their business. Thank you Simply Electronics. I will not hesitate to use you again.

4 years ago

review by Salrassam P.

This is the third time I have ordered a lens for NIKON from Simply Electronics...I had in fact forgotten I had done so until I reviewed my orders so I obviously was drawn back to them without previous thoughts of them!

4 years ago

review by Stuartgl K.

Their prices are very low, which seems attractive, but when I had a problem with my order - a Motorola Nexus 6 - and needed to return it, I found their customer service to be abysmal. It ended up taking 6 weeks from the time I requested a refund to the time it actually came through into my account. This was entirely down to delays on the company's part and it meant that I incurred interest on my credit card.

In fact it gets worse: SimplyElectronics refused to refund me the full amount due to what they claimed were "irremovable stains" on the rear of the phone. Because of this, they deducted 15% from the refund. Bear in mind that I had the phone out of its packaging for under an hour before it became apparent that it didn't work (it was stuck in an endless reboot cycle). As per the return instructions, I then carefully repackaged the phone ready to send back and immediately sent a message to SimplyElectronics web returns to request an RMA form.

I took photos of the phone as proof of the "as new" condition before I returned it, but according to SimplyElectronics: "The stains is only visible from certain angle, and the photos provided is quite blur, we can't see whether or not there is any stain."

The return process itself was glacially slow, as each interaction with customer services took days to resolve. In most cases the customer service representative I dealt with needed to liaise with other teams to advance the process to the next stage. It took 10 days (from 21st - 31st Aug) just to get the RMA form I needed to return the phone. After arranging a courier slot with DHL, the phone was collected from me on 4th Sept and delivered to SimplyElectronics (who are based in Hong Kong) on 6th Sept.

From that point it took over four weeks to receive my (partial) refund. This period was again characterised by slow and vague responses from customer services. In the end, the process exhausted me and I am just happy to have received most of my money back. I will never order from this company again and I would advise anyone to think very carefully before they take the plunge.

4 years ago

review by Lostmoya L.

Although my order was delivered late, I will still give them 4 stars, simply because the the prices are really great and they never left me hanging. They kept me updated.

4 years ago

review by Nimdestines M.

Put an order on 31/01/2016, 15 days later my item went to priority dispatch. Today is 08/03/2016. I wrote two times to customer service - exactly the same generic answer - "We are trying our best to fulfill all orders as soon as possible ", but no timeframe in answer. Should I wait another month? Or maybe a year? Who knows... My opinion is, they sell many items which have not in stock, lying to customers they are in stock. AVOID!

4 years ago

review by Megaturba F.

Paid for the order Tuesday last week and the money was took straight away. Got a notification that order was successful and provided the order confirmation and order details. I realised that I entered the wrong house number so I contacted them through email and received a response the next day confirming that the address was amended. I received my order yesterday. Good job! happy customer here - Chelle

4 years ago

review by Karnaraak K. Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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