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I just purchased the new Canon 5D Mark II digital camera from this company and I am extremely satisfied.
It was my first purchase there and I didn't know what to expect, I couldn't find any reviews here and I found their store just by browsing "Google Shopping" category, the price was less than other online retailers so I was afraid that I would get the dreaded follow up call from someone trying to push me to buy expensive unwanted extras or an extended warranty.... well NOT AT ALL. The only call I received was to confirm my shipping address, not a word about buying anything else. My camera was shipped out the next morning (ordered at 8pm). When I received it and opened the box, the first thing I saw was the USA warranty card.

It looks like this is a small company, their online store has a limited number of brands but it seems like they are really trying to provide the best of what Nikon, Canon, and Sony offers.
The bottom line is: Great price, shipped on time, no hassle, and the only follow up call was to confirm the shipping address, no phone calls to sell you anything else.

Wieslaw Poplawski

3 years ago

review by Wes35 H.

I have bought a brand new Canon 5D Mark II from shipment arrived quickly in brand new box. Bruno, the owner, is a wonderful guy and communicate with me on regular basis. The reason for the delay was "supplier problem". Very pleasant guy to deal with. Highly recommend to all online buyers.

3 years ago

review by Joecmlin K.

The positive part of the deal was the price, the best one I could find on the web. The negative side was the time waiting for the camera and the unfulfilled promises. I had to wait almost 3 weeks for the camera and the seller made false claims several times regarding the shipping date (for example, the seller wrote: “We are diligently working to have your Nikon D700 12.1 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera Body shipped to you within today or tomorrow.” The truth was that it took about 2 more weeks after this email. At the end, I was offered (as a compensation for the long waiting) a free memory card that was going to be upgraded after I had written a positive review about my costumer experience with SOFTSTREAM.BIZ . This is the quote from the seller email: “As a courtesy to your review we will upgrade your memory card from 8GB to 16GB and ship it to you by the beginning of next week.” And in the last email the seller stated: “We'll try to accommodate your memory card shipping by Friday, so that you can get it for Monday. I will keep you posted.” BTW. I never got the promised memory card and I have contacted the seller several times but I have not received a response. To be fair, let’s say that this seller has pretty good prices but it is not reliable and he makes promises that he does not fulfill.

3 years ago

review by Fpimentel I.

I bought a Nikon D700 camera from and placed the order on May 9th even though the camera was not listed to be in stock. The price quoted was far below most listed dealers, which placed me in a apprehensive mode from day one. My order was confirmed the same day and I was very surprised with the courteous telephone call and several punctual emails and phone calls that followed. The shipment was planned for delivery not later than May 20th and I advised that I needed the camera before that date as I had planned a photo trip to Utah. He would do his best and the camera arrived May 18th, brand new in the original packaging with US Warranty as promoted. If one orders a camera and allows for sufficient time to deliver, I recommend them as their price and services are unbeatable.


3 years ago

review by Cool.operator K.

I bought Nikon D700 DSLR camera from had the best price i could find out there ,and great
communication also(i had a few question that they answered pretty quick).I received the camera a few days ago and it is working perfectly.Its brand new USA model in a box with one year manifacturers warranty.I am very satisfied with, and highly recomend it to everyone.

3 years ago

review by Atanasovn W.

I was somewhat cautious ordering, having previously never heard of, but after some research and a few conversations with them on the phone, I decided to proceed with what, to me, was a very large purchase. The customer service I received over the phone was honest and accurate regarding my MacBook Pro. What really sold me, however, was the price. I saved over $400 even from an educational discount from the Apple store! Simply amazing. Shipping was timely and as promised. I would buy from softstream again.

3 years ago

review by Geoffrey123 R.

At first I was hesitant from buying from this store, I ordered a Canon 5d MKII from Provantage on 2-14-09 - It's been back ordered at that store for months. I waited until now (6-11-09) and still don't have it, I missed many events including my vacation. I'm disappointed with Provantage.

However I then found this store, the price was low, lower than many places and there weren't that many ratings on this store. I always come here before buying anything from any store. And while the rating was good, there are only like 9 reviews and 2 of them bad. But I really wanted this camera.

When I went onto there site there was 1 camera in stock. I thought this was a scam and emailed them basic questions like do you have it in stock and how long it would take, etc. They emailed me very fast and told me that they did have one in stock, but now there isn't any as someone bought the last one. I did note that the counter went down to zero a little bit before I sent my email. This showed me that the store was honest and it wasn't some bait and switch place.

To make a short story long, I ordered the camera, and it was lower then other stores; However the shipping is very high for the product. Provantage gave me a price of about $7.00 - This place charged like $33.00 - same camera, about the same distance. Though since the price was lower, with the shipping added it was about the same. And for whatever reason he included a free genuine Canon battery with this so now I have a spare.

So I do recommend this place, but the shipping is way to high, and there isn't a huge selection of items. The search is cool because it has these little pictures that load up as you type. However finding simple things like headphones comes up with every product that can accept headphones making it hard to see if they have something you want. And I couldn't find the batteries there either, even though I know they sell them.

One other thing to note, if you send this to an alternate address, make sure you clear it with your credit card place first. He is the only person to actually call the CC company prior to sending it out. And if you live in the US - he sends it from an American warehouse.

3 years ago

review by Savad Z.

Bruno, went above and beyond to make sure I got this order cheaper than anyone else and next day. Both were very important. He is an excellent resource, and I will definitely buy from him again.


3 years ago

review by Bartonw D.

Placed my order for a new sony laptop on 8/24/09 "estimated ship 2-5 days". I received an email on 8/31/09 (an entire week later) stating that the item would ship on 9/4/09, shipping had been upgraded for free to 2nd day air, and they "anticipate" I'll be able to receive my package by September 8th, 2009 the latest. It is now late evening 9/17/09, getting close to 1 month since the initial order and still nothing. I am canceling the order now.

3 years ago

review by Ibkeith F.

Because the item I bought was over $2,500 I felt I needed to be especially careful. blew away all the other Internet resellers not only in price but also with service. Communication was clear at all steps in the transaction and they delivered exactly to promise.

It's not often you get the best price and the best service in the same place!

3 years ago

review by Mhgross F.

They offered the best price for the Canon 7D compare to anyone else online. After reading some positive reviews on this site and some negaive ones, decided to take the plunge and give them a try and cross my fingers hoping it isn't a switch and bait kind of company. I am sooo glad I placed an order with them, totally not a switch and bait operation, very up front, constant commuication, even though my orders didn't arrive until last week, I constantly received update from Bruno in regards to the status and when I can expect delivery, even upgraded shipping to Fedex 2nd day because of the long ship time. Only stange thing is, I ordered a Canon 7D but outside of the box stated it's a kit package with the IS lens. (Maybe they sold the lens seperate to someone else) Either way, can't complain, lowest price aroud when I placed the order and very good customer service.

3 years ago

review by Scblack I.

purchased two iPhones 3GS 16GB Black (Software Unlocked - the company also offered the factory unlocked for an extra $100) on Dec 3rd, 2009. Next day I got e-mailed that my order would ship in 7 days time. On December 11th I got a confirmation of shipping with the tracking number. Had the iPhones delivered to my home on December 15th. The product description page mentioned clearly that the item would ship in 3-5 business days time and though they delayed 2 days more, I must say I was happy with my purchase. I got what I wanted: brand new iPhones and just needed to insert the SIM. The iPhones were unlocked to the latest firmware 3.1.2 and they were in original boxes. The boxes were open obviously to unlock them and I didn't see any scratches or any signs of usage on them. If they could be a little bit faster in shipping, it would be a great place to shop.

3 years ago

review by Mntaylor G.

If is wasn't for the poor communication I would definitely give this company 5 stars out of 5. Since I got my MacBook Pro at the best price on the web they get a 4.5. If you are in a rush for your product this is not the store, if you wish to save a couple hundered dollars for patience this is the store. Will buy from again but will learn to exercise patience next time.

3 years ago

review by Drlove907 E.

I ordered the Apple MB986LL/A - 2.8GHz 15.4" 500GB Macbook Pro at great price during Christmas season, they shipped after 6 business days as mentioned in their website. Got the item just after Christmas, brand new as advertised. I've been using it since two months now, no issues whatsoever. That's one heck of a Macbook Pro.

3 years ago

review by Hschlesinger D.

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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