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12 reviews

Wish.onelink.me Review

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Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:12 AM

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Wish.onelink.me Reviews & Complaints (12)

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delivery 2.5 /5

quality 2.7 /5

refund 2.3 /5

customer service 2.7 /5

When you order from wish you can expect to wait up to 3 months for delivery if you get it at all. My last purchase I paid 9.99 postage to get it in 5.7 working days. It took aprox 6 or 8 weeks. Its quite normal. That's why I won't be shopping with them no more.

3 years ago

review by Harry clough


The products for sale on wish look too good to be true!! That’s because they are. Their products are terrible quality and are a poor imitation of the product advertised. Not only this but they try to trick you by selling something inferior they lead you to believe is something else entirely. Also check shipping costs, usually more than the product itself. Terrible con artists.

3 years ago

review by Emma Morgan


Avoid at all costs. Paid £28 for an item waited 6 weeks for the wrong item to be delivered. Took photos immediately and sent them to wish and ask for the correct product or a refund both of which they refused. The item I got was acrylic nail primer and it was open and spilt all over the packaging which I threw out. Reason for refusing my refund request I didn’t have the bag it was delivered in. Total internet scam.

3 years ago

review by Isobel patron


Terrible, customer service is useless with no contact just stupid questions and useless answers. When I've ordered a item that costs £1 with a £1 delivery fee the order doesn't get processed in time, I'm offered a refund or wish cash but no one will say if its a full refund, (Inc postage?). STAY AWAY

3 years ago

review by S. P.

#delivery(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

I've always had a good experience. I make sure to read the descriptions and reviews and only buy 4 stars and above items. The shipping time is a few weeks but most of the time it arrives earlier than the estimated delivery date. Sure, on some occasions the item didn't arrive on time or was not up to the quality. In those instances the Wish Customer Service team issued a quick refund!

3 years ago

review by Kurt

#delivery(4/5) #quality(4/5) #refund(4/5) #customer service(4/5)

I have been very disappointed ???? in the goods i recieved, Not very good quality, not a nice fit, very cheap looking, won't order any more.

3 years ago

review by Avis Handel


Still waiting on my delivery after 3 months

3 years ago

review by Deleted User


I love get app so much I look well basically like window shopping and but no I'm prophesying because all these things that I wish for they shall come to pass they have came to pass my word will not come back to me boy I will get what I have half of 4 my intention is good I have the capacity to love you laugh more love harder love unconditionally to take a liquid keep on moving I just love this site I'm a member of it you know I just not I desire are you know like wishful thinking you know I just pray that the universe that that will send me all that I want and desire you know

3 years ago

review by Brynnicka K.

The last two orders failed to arrive, although the delivery notification said they did; Tracking information 1Z81WV080348962854 1Z6X77R60377081124 Neither order was delivered to my address. I notified UPS and they say this is an Amazon problem. All my other purchases have been delivered correctly. Please use other means of delivery, do not send through Amazon. Please see actions taken per your suggestion from WISH: 1. Verify shipping address. Verified order, correct shipping address shown. 2. The tracking number was obviously assigned to another package that went to Heatheridge Drive In Yorba Linda, which is very different than my address. 3. Verified with carrier that no attempted notices were issued. None issued. 4. Made a comprehensive search in the area specified on the delivery notice. No evidence of a delivery 5. Asked neighbors close by if they had received my packages by mistake. They all answered NO. 6. Contacted UPS provided them the tracking numbers. They responded that the delivery notices with those tracking numbers were delivered to Heatheridge Drive, Yorba Linda, this was the address specified on the delivery label. The address on my order and on the delivery notice that I received is the one that is on my WISH account. Summary. The problem resides with Amazon, this is where the package was delivered to from China, they processed the package and assigned it to UPS with their label and delivery information. This is where the problem resides and your liability begins. I have done as much as I can, WISH now needs to determine why Amazon decided to drop ship to UPS. Traceability was lost once Amazon transacted the package to UPS. The only data that maintain traceable to my order was the tracking number, but the address and contents of the delivery was very different. Now I need WISH to address this quickly. I’ve handled the investigation for you, now I need for WISH to follow through and settle this issue with Amazon. I suggest if this is beyond your job expectations, please elevate this to corporate in San Fransisco USA. I’m now very despondent and disgusted with regards how WISH is handling my complaint. It has nothing to do with the cost of the goods, it has everything to do with customer service. Final correspondence to WISH. Obviously you didn’t read my response. You obviously don’t care what happens to the product when it leaves your facility. The carrier is your responsibility and not the buyer. I’ll forward all the correspondence to corporate and inform them that WISH has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced. I will never purchase anything else from WISH, they are most untrustworthy.

3 years ago

review by Mark Ward

#delivery(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

Product took 3 months to arrive and when tried to use it it fell apart and the batteries were dead. What a total waste of my month. NEVER will I buy anything from this company again as in my experience its rubbish and this company should not be allowed to advertise its products on Facebook every again

3 years ago

review by Deleted User

I would give it 0 stars if I could! Ordered a golf net on 27th March on the basis the delivery would be with me between 3-7th May (birthday present). It didn't arrive by 7th May so i contacted them asking for a refund and was told it would now be with me by 22nd May. I then waited over another 2 weeks and it didn't arrive by 22nd May. I am now demanding a refund under Consumer Rights Act 2015 and they keep ignoring my request and simply sending the same email over and over again. They are now saying to get in touch after 6th June if it doesn't arrive. This is the 3rd delivery date and they told me after the 2nd one to get in touch if it doesn't arrive. But when you get in touch after it doesn't arrive, they do nothing - tell you to wait again and give you another date over 2 weeks in future. Absolutely shocking service, would never ever use again in a million years and will be making a point of making reviews on them so everybody knows they will take your money, not deliver, and ignore your rights as a consumer!

3 years ago

review by Sheryl F.

#delivery(3/5) #refund(3/5)

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Wish.onelink.me Review

No description for this company.

Wish.onelink.me Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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