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Zunestore.net Review

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Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:12 AM

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Zunestore.net Reviews & Complaints (3)

Contrary to what the other reviewer wrote this is the actual Microsoft Zune website.

Just as a warning if you don't have all your credit card information absolutely correct the order won't go through. Which is what happened when I first tried to order from them. There also seems to be some sort of bug in the confirmation e-mails which makes them send another confirmation of your order right after telling you that your order hasn't gone through. I e-mailed them about this but they ignored that and sent a stock e-mail reply back about why my order hadn't gone through. I e-mailed them again saying I still had a pre-authorization on my card and they nicely replied back and told me it would take up to five days for that to disappear but that the order wouldn't go through.

So seeing as how my last 'bad' experience with them was my fault I placed another order. I selected Expedited shipping which is supposed to ship in 5-7 business days. After 7 full days and no e-mail stating my items had shipped I e-mailed them and asked whether my items had shipped. I also informed them that if they hadn't shipped I'd like for the shipping to be refunded down to the basic shipping price. They sent me an e-mail today stating that there was an unexpected delay with my order and that my entire shipping cost would be refunded.

Every time I've e-mailed them (it hasn't mattered how bitchy I've been) they've always sent extremely supportive e-mails back.

I'd say all in all that this is a young company and since the products that they have are far and above the quality of a lot of products made nowadays that it's worth buying from them.

After all the order I've been trying to place is for two pairs of their premium headphones... as my pair has been beaten, torn up, stretched out, and played at the highest volume output on my Zune for the past year and a half and they still work... unlike all the other headphones I've had. Which have either stopped playing in one side or just stop playing altogether.

4 years ago

review by Li85 C.

I ordered a Zune HD original from the Zune store on 9/17/2009. I ordered expedited shipping, which stated that shipping would occur in 5-7 days. However, Zunestore was unable to deliver on this promise due to running out of supply I believe, but unfortunately they have no officially said as such. I don't really blame them too much for that. A good product will sell out, and because I ordered 2 days after the release, I sort of expected that if there was a sellout issue I would be one of those affected. Zunestore would be well served to be more honest about this and thank their customer base for putting them into this admittedly happy situation with their product.

I have a couple gripes though about zunestore so far, keeping in mind I have not received my product nor shipping confirmation.

#1: I have never received a sales receipt. I like verifying big orders to make sure everything is correct and unfortunately Zunestore has told me they are unable to send me still a sales receipt. Seeing as how my card has been charged, I find this troubling to say the least. After I have asked repeatedly, I have still been told that one is not available. This lack of recordkeeping makes me leery of ordering from zunestore in the future and question whether warranty support will be available as I won’t be able to prove that I actually ordered this product because I have been unable to get a sales receipt via email.

#2: While the email response time is great, unfortunately they sometimes skirt around answering my real question, such as where can I access my sales receipt, is there a phone number I can call, when will my order ship. These are rather basic questions that I'd hope would be answerable relatively easily by any technical support. The biggest one here though is the phone number. I asked if there was a phone number for the order support and was told “At this time, our only means of contact is via e-mail but rest assured the proper channels are aware of this issue and working to resolve it.” I know there is a phone number I can reach ya’ll at after googling zune customer support. It is 1-877-GET-ZUNE from http://www.zune.net/en-US/support/contactsupport.htm. Either the email was the height of unprofessionalism, or zunestore is separated from its product, the Zune. Either situation is troubling in its own regard.

I would really like a Zune HD. I’d love to have it personalized, and to be able to enjoy my product. However, a lack of relevant support from the people at the Zunestore, what hopefully is just shoddy recordkeeping, and a blatantly wrong customer support response about a phone number are making me lean more and more toward simply asking for my money back after ordering a product that was supposed to ship a week after I ordered, and now waiting over a month for any relevant update as to the status of my order or what exactly zunestore understands I ordered via a sales receipt.

4 years ago

review by Figgers3036 Y.

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Zunestore.net Review

No description for this company.

Zunestore.net Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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