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I ordered 3 items. Asus A8n-Sli Deluxe Motherboard, Athlon64 3500+, Sapphire X850 XT. The service was really good. After I ordered, i realized that i typed in the wrong address. I called them up and they fixed it. Great service. When it arrived it was neatly packaged. Everything worked great and i got a good deal on everything. Anitec is a great place

4 years ago

review by gibb3

July 3-05, I ordered an Acer lcd monitor.

July 5-05, They shipped, "Expedited Canada Post". The tracking number was sent by email & directed me to Canada Post's website that stated delivery date should be July 12-05.

July 14-05, no monitor so I sent email requesting info for tracking, got no response.

July 15-05 I sent 2 more emails, to which I received the same invoice with nothing new about anything to do with the shipping. I scoured Anitec's website, because according to Canada Post, only the vendor can initiate a trace, which I told Anitec in my first email when I was requesting their help & got a copy of the same invoice & finding a phone number for Canada Post is next to impossible. Finally found a phone number.

July 18-05, I contacted Canada Post, where I was told that my parcel should've been delivered on July 13-05 because the actual shipping date was July 6-05(not what was posted), but this didn't matter since now it was the 18th & it was to be a 5 day delivery. They told me to get ahold of the vendor & tell them to contact Canada Post, because only they (Anitec) can initiate a trace. (which I already knew & had pointed this out in a message I'd already sent to Anitec.) So when I called Anitec, they asked me for a "case number" from Canada Post. I don't know what part of "Only the Vendor can initiate a trace, which is where a "case number" would come into play, they don't or can't seem to understand! And I got the distinct impression they were bothered by me & this problem & really, it was more my problem than theirs. (well, that's certainly true)
I spoke to James, who said he'd take care of it.

July 19, Anitec called me (not James) & told me there was a trace put on the monitor, they were going to reimburse the shipping costs & there was a 7 Day Wait. Which isn't right to me but I sent an email to thank them anyway-got 0 response.

It is now July 25-05, they have 1 day left before this whole fiasco starts over again & I really don't expect anything---I have no monitor, my credit card's already paid the bill, not a peep out of Anitec or Canada Post, & I have been hanging around waiting for this farce because it is a signature required delivery that I don't feel like missing. This is not a way to do business, even if it's a paltry $360.00 purchase.

So if hassle is your thing, have fun with these people. I'm pretty much fed up.

Update to the Anitec saga
-Sent email July 25 to James, no response

-Send email to [email protected] And [email protected], July 26

-Nicholas responded by phone at 13:53h & said the shipping costs will be reimbursed but there would be a 30 day waiting period from "The date I called Canada Post" & then they'd ship another monitor. (date called was July 19, after I myself contacted Canada Post on July 18)

-I wasn't too thrilled with the vagueness & refusal to actually give me a date whatsoever. It's fairly obvious that the parcel is never going to make it here, but rather than make a customer happy (& knowing they're going to be reimbursed anyway by Canada Post), they decided on deception instead of just shipping a replacement to me. While I'm sitting here like a dummy, now thinking I have to wait until the 19th of August & then who knows what was going to happen!

-At 15:30h, I received a phonecall from Shannon at the Vancouver Canada Post, inquiring about whether I'd received the parcel (of course, I hadn't). She told me there was a 20 day waiting period before they'd reimburse Anitec, FROM THE DATE SHIPPED (not from the date Anitec "called" Canada Post, like they said).

-I called Nicholas immediately following that, where I was told that whenever Canada Post reimbursed Anitec, Then they'd ship me another monitor---more with the vagueness. I do not understand why I'm eating this, while Anitec's already been paid by my credit card & I've spent mostly all of July waiting for this 1, 2 or 5 day delivery. I don't believe it to be unreasonable to let them deal with Canada Post, since that was the shipping method that They chose, & to send another one to me right now today. In any case, I asked Nicholas to cancel the order altogether & refund the money to the credit card. I guess we'll see, they've got until August 4, which is the date Canada Post will be resolving the issue with them. If the monitor shows up by that time, I'll most probably keep it & learn a lesson about ordering online if the company is 4000km away. It's too easy for them to be paid & then ignore. I'm not holding my breath.

And sometimes, just because the price seems right, things aren't right & you end up spending the money you "saved", on Tylenol & antacids.

4 years ago

review by janebo

I ordered 512MB 3200 DDR ram and it arrived quickly and works perfectly. The next day I recieved a DVD/DivX/AVI player addressed to me from them. I thought maybe my wife ordered it. When I opened the box I found an invoice to someone in a different province that listed his address as the ship to address. I haven't contacted Anitec directly, because I am paraniod they will charge me for it. However, I did contact the person who ordered it, specifying if Anitec sends us a postage prepaid box or such we would be happy to return the item or forward it to him. He e-mailed this information to Anitec but there has been no response yet.

At first I thought they must have accidently double printed my shipping label and applied to a separt box. However, the shipping label has the same tracking number as his invoice, not mine. Curiously I inspected both the shipping label and the invoice. Both show the same tracking number but list different destinations. Very Strange.

4 years ago

review by docbill

I've been purchasing items from Anitec for a few years now, and they are quickly losing favor with me. Mainly it's their return policy which turns me off. They state clearly (in store) that ALL returns will be subject to a 14-25 percent restocking fee, yes, ALL returns.

So, unless you are sure of what you are buying, know you're not going to need to return it, shop somewhere else.

4 years ago

review by Jrmntr

bought intel x-25m 160G G2 from anitec, very fast shipping, no problem. but its shipping charge is too high comparing with other firms. i strongly suggest that anitec should lower its shipping charge, otherwise nobody bother to order from this firm.

4 years ago

review by ssdbest

I purchased an Asus eeePC from which had an intermittent Bios problem which was on the first day. After calling them they sent me email telling me they would replace the unit _ GOOD LUCK -
After driving for 1.5 hours to the store the, the service fellow said that because the unit was intermittent they would have to keep it and check it and then send it to ASUS for repairs if need. Nothing was offered as far as a replacement unit.
Several emails have only achieved an apology but nothing on a replacement. I finally sent the whole unit back to ASUS and am awaiting their reponse.
AS FAR AS ANITEC .. BUYER BEWARE.. Once they have your MONEY that's it. YOU OWN THE PRODUCT.
Lesson learned, hope others will benefit from this information.
Disgusted with ANITEC.CA

4 years ago

review by meja

This is my 20th purchase from Anitec. I have never found a better, faster or cheaper PC parts dealer in BC or Western Canada.

4 years ago

review by BCVlad

Bought from them twice, once jan and then in Sept. Both times orders shipped next day and received without any problems. Pricing are so-so, but I am compairing to the US prices here. Did not have problems with the products, so do not know how they will respond if there is a problem. Will buy from them again.

4 years ago

review by mk1992

Quick order processing (next business day, December 5th). Expedited shipping across Canada (Vancouver, BC to Waterloo, ON) took a week. Arrived here as expected. No hassles, cheapest price I found for the product.

4 years ago

review by cjh

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

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