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I reviewed this company about 9 months ago having got nowhere with a faulty camera that I returned to them. Their customer service was poor, to say the least, emails and phone messages were ignored. Today, OVER ONE YEAR AFTER RETURNING THE CAMERA, I finally received a refund!! Camerabox were keen to blame the manufacturer, but whatever the details, their unwillingness to deal with the issue promptly on a camera that was only 6 weeks old when developing the fault and their very poor or non existent communication at every stage, leads me to recommend AVOIDING THEM AT ALL COST. Their deals and delivery times may look attractive, but should anything go wrong, as is reiterated in many other reviews, the saving is not worth the grief.

3 years ago

review by Iwantgoodservice

Terrible experience with this company ordered a product and spent 2 months chasing it with only excuses about its been ordered.Decided to check with manufacturer and found that Camera Box had not even ordered it and had nothng outstanding when I contacted the compnay all they could say was sorry and have a refund ! 2 months delay after they promised 1 week and had my money for that period too do yourself a favour and buy from some one else.

3 years ago

review by richard1963

I ordered a Panasonic Lumix from CameraBox in July. It arrived a few days later but was a USA version with NTSC video output only. The mains adapter was USA 2 pin and a 2to3 pin adapter had been shoved into the box, which was ill-fitting and looked like it had been round the block a few times. Various emails sent, online forms completed, etc but no response from CB. Eventually made contact via Visa company rep and CB asked for camera to be sent back to their Returns dept by recorded delivery. I asked for rec del postage refund as well as original cost - they repaid original cost to Visa card but not my postage cost. Pretty petty. No acknowledgement of error or apology from CB. I wasted a lot of time on this and am out a couple of quid. A company to avoid.

3 years ago

review by gobspin

Inspite promising same day despatch, next day delivery my order has not been sent 10 days after it was placed, e-mails and calls go unanswered. I will never use them again.

3 years ago

review by zappa0990

Having read customer reviews before ordering i was in two minds to use

I ordered on Thursday before 9am and it arrived Monday. Which to me is fine, i'm sure if their website said 2 - 3 working days they would have 90+% positive feedback.

Item came in perfect condition via DHL.

3 years ago

review by LostWelshman

Ordered late night on Sunday 21st March, based on their next day commitment, as I was going on a week holiday on Tuesday the 30th March. Checked e.mail and called them on Wednesday 24th March. Told me that this is a security check, the camera would be despatched tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, and would be delivered on Friday the 26th March. Not so. Called again on Friday for a reply " are calling for your security check?" No, I did that on Wednesday. It's for the delivery that was supposed to be today. The reply was the delivery would be on Monday the 29th March this time. Again not so. Called on Monday to get the same response. This time we asked to cancel the order and get a full refund. The adviser, however, said that he had already authorised the despatch and for the camera to be delivered tomorrow (Tuesday). After explaining our situation with the holiday, we accepted the outcome reluctantly, needless to say. This time we asked for name, and it was Patrick. On Tuesday it was the turn of Richard, incredibly, with the identical response and with no records of previous contacts. At the end he concluded that he cancelled the order and the refund would take 5-7 workig days to take place. Called after the Easter holiday on Monday the 12th April, this time it was Patrick, another one!, Cotter. Same conclusion. Monday the 26th April, Jake's turn. Same outcome. Monday the 17th May, Chris's turn. NO difference. What do we have to do to get our money back. They also don't respond to e. mails.
Help please.
N. Jbara

3 years ago

review by jbara

I hope you read this before buying from ... if you do, spend a few extra £'s and buy your camera elsewhere.

I placed an order on 17th October, mainly due to their 'same day despatch .. next day delivery; claim. Well, I am still awaiting the delivery and there is no way of getting hold of anyone to talk to about the order.

I have sent an E-Mail (no response), tried to call their hotline (straight to voicemail), tried to contact their 'live support' via MSN (they are offline) and finally in desperation filled out a web form. I am still waiting to hear the status of the order and where the late birthday present is for my girlfriend.

Maybe they are good in most cases .... but there are certainly a large number of unhappy customers. A simple E-Mail or phone call telling me the status would go a long way to keeping me happy ... it is simple really.

Take my advice, they might be the cheapest, but there is a reason ... pay the extra and buy from a proper company.


P.S I will update this to be less scathing if they do actually turn this around ... can't say fairer than that !

3 years ago

review by neil_warner

Ordered a camera three weeks ago and received an email two weeks ago to say that order was dispatched but still not arrived. With no response by telephone or email to my enquiries I got worried and my latest email today came with an immediate reply saying that the company had ceased trading.

Not convinced by the promise of a refund I have arranged to claim the money back through my bank who were very helpful. What a dissappointment for what seemed like a good, reliable deal.

3 years ago

review by slcreaser

I have had an appalling experience with this company (actually their sister company, Digital Camera Co. Ltd)and will never use them again. My advice to others is to avoid.
I ordered a camera for my son on the 6th december. I followed up with a phone call and was told it would be with me in 24 hours. No camera arrive phone again. Took an hour to get through and was put on hold for 20mins. Eventually told that they coulnt find payment and that they were cancelling the order. I checked with my bank and payment was taken. Called again and they found payment. They said the order was reinstated and was to be shipped that day. Several calls later and many promises and no camera. They refused to put me through to a senior manager. The MDs name is Mike Watkins but apparently he does not take calls. Need to write to him at PO Box 20, Thame, Oxfordshire. Tried to get through again today. They are now cutting off calls while you wait for an agent. Worst online experience ever. Avoid at all costs.

3 years ago

review by swootten

I have had a bad experience with this company as with alot of people I made the mistake of not looking at reviews about this company first. I paid for my flash £185 and waited for it to come I paid on the monday so 2-4 days would have made in due on the friday the latest but then they said it was late being picked up by courier this was on the friday so waited another 4 days still nothing so got in touch with kwikchex and they advised me to get a refund this was mission impossible so I have had to ask the bank and they have said yes no problem because the company has ceased trading should have mony by monday now there is light at the end of the tunnel finally!!

3 years ago

review by darrenwxm

We purchased a Panasonic Lumix camera from camerabox in December 2009. 4 months later the zoom was sticking and making it very difficult to zoom in and out.

I duly returned the camera to camerabox. After one month they had not bothered to contact me, so I chased them, and spoke to a someone who was dismissive, unhelpful and informed me (like I was stupid), that there was no fault with my camera. I insisted there was, he said they would take another look and call me back. One week later, still no response, so I chased again.

To put it bluntly, we spoke to Chris and then Jake followed up by emails with a David Carter, who were three of the rudest, most patronizing and un-empathetic people that we have ever had the misfortune to deal with. They still claim there is no fault with my camera, will NOT let you finish a single sentance, call you names down the phone, and then say the only thing they can do is send it to Panasonic who will charge me £50 for a new lens (which is not faulty), (Panasonic have said they would do no such thing when I spoke to them directly and any repairs would be free of charge).

We have been appalled by their dreadful, shoddy service. We will now be going to trading standards and our credit card company about this company, who are breaking the law by refusing to deal with my problem camera that is still under warranty. My advice to ANY consumers out there is DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this company under ANY circumstances. They should not be allowed to trade, let alone deal with customers in any way.

3 years ago

review by mariakc

Within a 2 week period I had 2 orders cancelled for the same item. I'm more than £900 out of pocket and awaiting a refund. The 1st time they emailed saying a package was lost. The 2nd that my details were wrong and a security risk!!! Totally rubbish service, sorry that should be lack of service. Difficult to rate some of the services as I haven't had any.
It has taught me 1 lesson however. Read cutomer reviews for on line suppliers I will be using for the 1st time.

3 years ago

review by johnmcconnell

Should have looked at thus and other sites after being seduced by Camerabox website to the extent of placing two orders and my money is now in their account. The jargon says i will be refunded on both orders in 2-14 days - watch this space! Never, never use them.

3 years ago

review by ARM66

Product listed as IN STOCK on website, but when I called to double check this was the case they said product was in stock but the user manual was in German, so they were waiting for delivery of English user manuals. I asked if they could deliver camera now, and then send manual at a later date. The answer was no. Why then is the product listed IN STOCK if Camerabox will not deliver it? 

Website was not updated, so I had to phone every day to find when the English manuals arrived. Customer sales advisor said unfortunately he couldn't phone me to let me know when they were in.

Camera arrived on time this morning as per the standard next day delivery. Unfortunately there was a large dust speck on the inside of the front lens element, rendering the camera useless to me. I phoned up to arrange a swap. I was informed that couriers couldn't do a pick-up and drop swap at the same time. Actually I have had this done before with a different reseller but same courier, so this is not true. Then I was told that it was against company policy to issue a replacement until the item had been SECURED back. Well it is against my company policy (and I do run a film production company) to be without a camera when the money is out of our account and the fault is not with us.

Best estimate for the new arrival of replacement unit is Wednesday, almost a full week after placing the order on Thursday for a next-day delivery. After giving up on getting a swap-over I ask if I can order a new camera, pay for it, and get a refund when they finally get my faulty camera back. 

So, I'm out of pocket for a few days... no big deal... only it is Saturday tomorrow, so if I want to get the camera before Monday I have to pay an additional £7 to secure delivery. I asked Camerabox if they would also refund this delivery charge, but the answer was no - they were already footing the expense of the pick-up. Big deal - its not my fault the camera they shipped was faulty. I was told that since I was demanding the camera be delivered on a non-working day I must foot the bill. Well actually if we backtrack, I actually wanted a working camera on the Friday... only they delivered a faulty one. Apparently this is Canon's fault not theirs. Are they willing to contact Canon to see if they will foot the bill? No. I'm told that Canon will not be interested... I'm not sure this is true, I think Canon is very proud of their good name, but legally I'm not sure where the responsibility lies... I'm pretty damn sure it is not my liability.

The Professional's Choice as they profess? Not mine.

I hope the contents of this review don't damage my chance to win the Canon 450D draw for reviewers of Camerabox...

3 years ago

review by ProFilmmaker

Ordered a Canon 7D on 15th June due to the promise of 5 years warranty - wish I knew about this website then.
I had the usual security check and was promised next day delivery - stock levels were 7 - this quickly went to 0 with more due on 18th June
Next day order did not arrive so I called - promised that more were due on 18th June and it would be dispatched next day - 21st June no delivery so I phoned - told they had a backlog of orders and could not promise a dispatch date so I cancelled and got email confirmation and was told 5-7 days for a refund.
Phoned on 28th June and told the refund was being processed.
Sent an email on 2nd July as i had not had the refund - no response.
phoned on 12th June and was told the refund was being processed and it was unusual for it to take so long - but they had 30 days to issues a refund according to Distance Selling regulations.
16th July emailed again - no response so I contacted my credit card company for a claims form which I filled in and included all correspondence (despite it being ignored).
20th June decided to try one last time and phoned - informed them they were on day 29 of their 30 days. I was told that the refund had been processed the day before.
I finally got the refund on 21 July - exactly 30 days after the order was cancelled.
Lesson learned and do I will always research a company before such an expensive order.
My advice based on my experience is to avoid this company and ensure that the message gets around for others to do so unless the dramatically improve customer service.

3 years ago

review by PIR501

I purchased a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC HSM lens, Canon fit. The website showed the product as "In Stock", and stated that in stock items would be shipped the same day. My credit card was charged immediately.

When the lens did not show up after 5 days, I phoned up, and was told that the lens was very popular, was out of stock, and would be shipped in a couple of weeks. This duly happened, and my lens has arrived in good condition.

My only reservations are that I was never informed that the lens was out of stock until I phoned up, the website showed that the product was in stock even though I knew it wasn't (although the web page did refer to other fits for the lens, so may have been in stock for those), and my credit card was charged before the item was shipped.

However, this did occur over the Christmas period, and were easy to reach by phone.

3 years ago

review by Caerd

I live in Hungary and I made the order in the late afternoon. Despite that fact, the camera arrived the following morning and the price - including the delivery charge - was a fraction of Hungarian prices. Cheap, fast, brilliant.

3 years ago

review by teachpet

This is my first order from This is not chepest price from equipments that i order. One reason why I orded from here is at i get also filter.

BR Harri Siitonen

I used my Visa card (card was new)first time when I ordered for camerabox. Somebody had stolen my visa card number when I made order for you (camerabox). He or she made 1500euro shop for William Hill Ltd. I think at this person working camerabox. Same proplems has been also at other peoples who ordered camerabox. You can read this finish net site.

3 years ago

review by Hape

I purchased a Canon 50D from before coming across the reviews on this website.

I had no problems purchasing and receiving the camera. The usual procedure applied, next day I received a confirmation call for my invoice and delivery address as the purchase was over £600. I'm a uni student so billing and delivery were different, but this was not a problem. The following day I received an email stating that the camera had been dispatched.

Received the camera a few working days later, note, I did NOT ask for next day delivery. Camera came in a kit box, without lens as advertised. All was packed in a much larger box filled with packing peanuts. Not the most secure method of postage, but nothing was damaged and no complaints.

Upon reading other reviews I feel that I got off lightly. The only issue I might have is that the camera is probably a grey market camera (due to arriving in a canon kit box, with the lens name crossed out in permanent marker), which was not specified on the website. I suppose the resellers warranty should cover everything, but judging from other reviews, fingers crossed I don't have to use it.

Despite all this, the 50D was delivered as described and has been a joy to use.

3 years ago

review by iangoode

I placed an order for a camera which was showing in stock had a e-mail to confirm my order.The following day i recieved a e-mail to tell me to contact customer services ( what a joke they are have phoned several times only to go on voice mail have left messages but calls have not been returned i think that a telephone scam as well) camera has come back in stock but im still waiting for mine.PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS DONT BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME WITH COMPANY IT WONT BE WORTH IT. A GOOD ONE FOR WATCHDOG TO INVESIGATE.

Richard from reading

3 years ago

review by dickie62 Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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