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Claimed the had the motherboard that I needed... two weeks later they call trying to get me to accept another one. I say no the tell me that they will refund with in 48 hours. Three weeks later I am still out 60 bucks. It's all my faults I should have steered clear of this site just like all these reviews suggested but I was desperate for a out dated mobo. If i call it goes to answering machine and they do not return calls. Sixty dollar lesson I guess...

3 years ago

review by Compconsumer64432 N.

14 day delivery. Apparently a delay in shipping, but received no notice of such. The price was certainly right and the merchandise arrived in perfect condition. Simply needs better communication.

3 years ago

review by Arikona I.

Though they scared the heck out of me with a notice of "please allow 4-9 days order processing time" only after taking my credit card for 2nd-day air express shipping, turns out that they did indeed get the product to me two days after I ordered, so net-net, no harm, no foul. Ideally, would have liked to have been made to feel more comfortable during the checkout / waiting process, but as I said, at the end of the day, the product got here as and when I expected.

3 years ago

review by Dhunter383 I.

I ordered a digital camera from them on 29 May. Immediately received a confirmation email and my debit card was charged, imagine that!!! After 4 weeks, attempted to call 4 -5 time and they always seem to have all their reps busy....BS!!!! Sent numerouus emails with no response. Finally submiited a BBB complaint, still no resolution. This company needs to be taken down. Wish I could afford a good lawyer!!!!!!

3 years ago

review by Txnhskr H.

We ordered a part from this online retailer for a customer and then tried to cancel the same day. Instead of cancelling the order the retailer sent an email that they could not cancel the order and that I would have to return the item for a 20% restocking fee. To me this is a rip off as an order is not complete until the order is shipped. What a ripoff!

3 years ago

review by Arobbinsiii J.

It took them 5 days to process the order - when I wrote to ask if it would ship any time soon, I was told they were going to upgrade my shipping to priority, and that it would ship the next day. I got a tracking number, but all that tells me is that a label was generated.

A week later, that same tracking number still said "label generated". When I called customer service, they told me it must have been a mixup, and then voided that label. I had to call yet again for a new tracking number (this time, via USPS instead of UPS), and I was told the item shipped 5 days ago. Funny enough, according to the tracking information that number provides me, the item wasn't brought to the post office until the day of my most recent complaint.

Their prices are good...but their service is absolutely terrible. Customer service will blatantly lie to you, and forget any promise they might make to call you back - that clearly is never going to happen.

As I write this review two weeks later, I still don't have what I paid for, despite an "upgrade" to priority shipping. And I hold little hope that it will arrive in good shape, or even be what I ordered. Spend your money elsewhere.

3 years ago

review by Wmichaelis75 C.

CPU ordered on Feb 2nd. Did not ship until Feb 16th. Did not arrive until Feb 24th.... in short one whole month for a single part.
Good lord!

Update... Not scheduled to arrive until Feb 28th now.

3 years ago

review by Evilebob N.

Placed order for two Sony IDE Blu-Ray Drives, site listed two available. Order total was $477.90. Received immediate e-mail confirmation of order, then nothing further. Checked site for order status on 04/21/12, showed "canceled."

Wasted my time.

3 years ago

review by Froogle2388 N.

I ordered an XBOX 360 refurbished console on January 1st, 2011. Today is January 20th, and I still have not received a tracking number (so much for 4 to 7 business days). It is already 2 weeks late. I wonder how much longer I have to wait for my order to arrive. In my opinion, this company needs to restructure its supply chain.

3 years ago

review by Anunsatisfiedconsumer Y.

I received a motherboard around the 26th of July. It turned out to be a piece of crap. It took til the 28th of August to receive a replacement board after jumping through a bunch hoops. I managed to talk to someone after leaving 5 messages that never were returned to get the RMA which I had to pay for shipping because this is a scam company. This second motherboard had a bent pin and it too was a piece of crap. It is now September 20th and I cannot get a single incompentent employee to return a call once again. I talked to a very rude female that was to send me a UPS package to return the board in at no cost to me. She also stated that they could not get this board anymore so where is my money? That was on the 13th. Since I live in NC that should have happened in two days being next to Tennesse where this company is located.

This company is a scam outfit and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!
If I do not receive my free packaging in a day or two and my refund I am sending a copy of this out to my 100,000 followers on the social networks. Since my construction company makes good money I am going to hire the best bulk email company to send a letter detailing my experience to a billion email addresses to warn them of this ripoff company. Then I will involve the Attorney General of both states. This is about principal. I think that the owner is a scammer and a coward because he hides behind a private registration. Get out of business if you are not honest. All a man has in this world is his word. My can be taken to the bank how about yours'?

3 years ago

review by Crystalblueseas R.

I had a really good experience with I found the web site to be well organized, so I could locate the laptop I was looking for easily. They also have really good prices and reasonable shipping. I received my brand new Toshiba laptop in the mail, with no problems. I will do business with computer parts direct again.

3 years ago

review by Tried24u F.

It has been 7 days since I ordered a part. I have received only verification that order was received. Since Computer Parts Direct tells you that processing the order takes 6 to 10 days, I guess I can't complain. I didn't notice that time line when I was ordering the part or I wouldn't have ordered. My customers don't like to wait that long and I won't be ordering again.

3 years ago

review by Knlrsn X.

my hard drive flat lined 5 days past the warranty period. called the companty and they did nothing to make it right.i try to support small businesses but i guess i'll order from new egg since they have always made any problems right.scott schwaemmle

3 years ago

review by Slamga Q.

Order Number: 8285
Date Ordered: 03/05/2012
Sparkle GeForce 9400GT 1GB DDR2 PCI Express (PCIe) DVI/VGA Video (SFPX94GT1024U2)

Ok here goes my 2 cents worth with this company. I purchased a video card that I wanted for a new quiet computer build. I wanted a video card that did not have a fan on it,after waiting 10 days the item was shipped and arrived.

To my surprise it was not the card I ordered or the card that was displayed on the picture of the item. I called to have it returned and a young lady answered with a very nice southern voice, I asked for an RMA # and I also wanted a refund.

Within 2 days i received the RMA # and returned the card, after one week of not hearing from them I called my credit card company and filed a dispute, I only did this after calling them 2 times with no answer.

4 days after I filed dispute on my credit card (got my money back) I received another video card, this one was nothing like what I ordered, I wanted a dci-e video card and they sent me an old PCI version.

5 days later I got a notice from FEDEX saying i have a delivery, and they needed my APT #, and it was from CLEVELAND, TN (Computer Parts Direct) same place they ship from.

I refused it and had it shipped back to them. Now I am not telling you folks what to do, but use your good sense and learn from the lessons here of all the other good folks who have been unfortunate to deal with this company.

3 years ago

review by Comptrshopaholic L.

The experience was good, however they let me know within a day or 2 the item was out of stock

3 years ago

review by Tinaizme D.

i placed an order may 21st, immediately recieved notice of order confirmation. June 4th sent an email requesting the status, after a week without a reply to my email sent another one and tried to call repeatedly only to recieve voicemail. i finally called my credit card today to inform them of any lack of notice and they are getting my money back. i have never written a review but i could not let this pass.

3 years ago

review by Rottnylr M.

I ordered an HP DL145 G2 server from them & they sent me an HP DL140. The 145 is an Opteron server and is TOTALLY different from the 140 Xeon server.

They offered me a refund but want me to pay for the $22 in shipping it will take to get the server back to them. This could have all be avoided if they had contacted me before shipping the wrong thing and asking if I would like a DL140 as a substitute. I would have politely declined and no one would have been out any money.

When you call their phone, it goes to a cell phone where the voicemail is full so it's impossible to leave a message. The only emails I have gotten back from this company have been very terse "return the item & we'll return your money". Nothing personal, nothing apologetic about the situation.

I don't think they have any of these servers in stock because they haven't offered to replace the wrong server they sent me. However, at this very moment, they are still offering them on their website.

Well, it seems the Owner found out what kind of service we received and E-mailed me to see if he could help resolve the issue.
My name is ***** *****, I am the owner/Founder of Computer Parts Direct. We
pride ourselves on great customer service. It has recently come to my
attention that you placed an order with us(1260) and received the wrong item, then you were told that we would not be willing to pay for the
return shipping on an item we shipped incorrectly. First I would like to start by apologizing and letting you know that this will NEVER happen again. The employee responsible for this and other E-mails has been
replaced, This IS NOT nor has it ever been our policy. Your RMA # Is ******** and we would be more than happy to refund your payment and the
return shipping to you.
*End quote*
End result: The owner has made good on his statement, Not only did he refund ALL are $$$ (including return shipping)but I feel he did everything in his power to make us a happy customer. He attempted to get us the server we ordered, When that didn't pan out we got are money back and a personal apology for the inconvenience.

I am sure this transaction cost him money, But it seems satisfied customers are more important than money to the owner.
I would not buy again unless I have a E-mail confirming the in stock status. But I WOULD buy and have no fear of getting ripped off.

I move my vote to 2 checks on the purchase
5 checks on the owners resolution to the problem.
Well done.

3 years ago

review by Hthcllc Z.

I ordered a product on the 1/7/2012. On 1/13/2012 I called the company to ask what the status of my order was. She stated the item had to be ordered and would be in the warehouse on the 19th. I asked why I wasn't informed about this either via the website or a phone call. She looked up the item and saw 11 of the item "in stock" and told me that the item is considered "in stock" if it resides in one of their warehouses. I asked where the warehouse could be to take 12 days to get to their destination, her reply was, "I'm not at liberty to say where our warehouse is".

This place is using a *very* bold sales tactic by keeping nearly skeleton stock and then ordering it when it's needed and claiming it is in stock when one of their suppliers has it in theirs. In the world of sales, I do not know why this is considered in stock. It's dishonest, and it's a great way to lose customers.

If you don't mind waiting for several weeks for cheap parts with little to no communication on their part when it will be arriving, this is a "great" place to order from.

Here is the most awesome part though, these people are housed in Cleveland, TN. I live in Chattanooga, TN, a mere 30 minute drive and I can be in their place of business. I plan on getting something done about this.


After posting this review on their FaceBook page, and also posting a bit about a personal visit this upcoming Monday, magically my order shipped. I'm willing to bet that this is being shipped from some supplier and I will not be seeing the item anytime soon. They will *still* be getting a visit from me.

After thinking about it, I may print out all the reviews here and take them to the shop personally. See if they are willing to correct some of their mistakes.


The drive finally comes in.... and it is refurbished. Not only refurbished, but faulty. Will be swinging by the shop for an exchange.


Apparently they never expected a personal visit from an internet order. A few things transpired after my visit:

1) They cut me a check for the amount of my order

2) They deleted my dialog I had on-going on their FaceBook page

3) They deleted this review I has posted on their FaceBook page

It was very apparent I was causing some tension in their office and the check they gave me was basically "shut up and leave us alone" money. Which is fine, after getting a check for the full amount I consider the issue absolved.

*BE CAREFUL* when ordering with this company and be prepared to be patient.

If you guys have any trouble out of them... or have a good experience (either way), they go by Cook's Custom Computers in Cleveland, TN, and they do have a Facebook page.

3 years ago

review by Bigun89 K.

Ordered a processor on 1/05/12. Didn't get it until 1/23/12. Some of the pins were bent, making it unusable. I emailed them about it and it took a month to get an RMA number. It is now 3/11/12, more than 2 months after I ordered it, and the status on the website says filling.... The only reason I used these people was that they were the only ones that had the part, as it's a bit outdated. Next time I will instead throw my PC off my balcony rather than deal with these terrible people.

4 years ago

review by Lordariakas G.

We placed an order for a pair of Sony Noise Canceling Headsets with Computer Parts Direct and selected 2nd Day Air Shipping since we needed it for an upcoming trip. However, we were not aware it took 4-7 days to process the order, so we had to cancel the order. Within 2 days of sending an email to cancel our order we received a response informing us of the cancel and refund. We still plan on ordering from them again in the future.

4 years ago

review by Mdiesing H. Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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