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Digiexpress.us Review

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Digiexpress.us Reviews & Complaints (5)

I placed an order to have a video I-pod repaired with using their on-line application. I told them it was the connection/charge port and if the i-pod was moved while connected it would drop connection and then reconnect. I received and e-mail they received it and another a week later it was on it's way back. Took it out of the box and tried to turn it on and the battery had no charge. After plugging it in it connected and lost connection just as it had before it went out my door. I called and talked with a rep and after he reading the notes I was told that can't repair that issue with a video I-pod as that is past of the main board. He apologized and said he was sorry and agreed there were no notes where they communicated it to me without me calling them. It's not so much they could not fix it in the first place it's the 3 weeks they had it and not a word until I called them.

1 year ago

review by Caccal L.

I got an iPod Nano 6g headphone assembly. (Which, incidentally, was a huge pain to replace.) They were nice enough to ship a couple plastic spudgers and a small screw driver, even though I didn't need them or even ask for them. Shipping was super-fast, I ordered late on Friday night, they shipped it Saturday, and I got it Monday (I live in NYC). Super-satisfied, would definitely do business again.

1 year ago

review by Jeremiahblatz J.

Sent two IPOD touch first gen, one was fixable while the other was not. This much I expected. The one that was fixable had a home button problem where it was stuck. I had them repair the button and when I got the items back 30+ days later, on the repaired IPOD the inside part of the screen was scratched where you can't see the stuff on the screen in an area about the size of a dime right above the button. When typing in letters on they keyboard, you have to guess where some of the letters are. They claim that was there and they didn't do it but it had no problems other than the button and it had never been opened up prior to them doing so.

1 year ago

review by Deerdawg B.

I sent in my iPod for a new hard drive the first week of January. They replied about a week later saying the parts were out of stock, and asked if I wanted to wait. I agreed to wait, and we exchanged emails checking the status over the next 3+ months. They never did receive the required part (even though they still had them advertised on the site, for sale and for the same repair service), so I cancelled the repair service. They sent my iPod back reasonably quickly, but now I'm waiting 2+ months for my refund. Their initial response was that it could take 30 days to process, but that would have been over a month ago. They continue to reply with apologetic and polite emails, but there is no indication that they are going to refund my money. Avoid these crooks at all costs!

1 year ago

review by Jayvoodray N.

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Digiexpress.us Review

No description for this company.

Digiexpress.us Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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