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I ordered from Todd last year in August. Great price, and he had everything I wanted. After a year now it's still running great, smooth, and very fast. Hasn't changed a bit since the day I got it.

4 years ago

review by AndyJVin

This makes the 6th & 7th computer I purchased from Envision. Last month I ordered a computer for my sister from Todd. It's hard to put in words what I feel about this guy and his company. You'll think he's paying me off to say these things, but I here to tell you, you'll never feel so happy about how someone treats you, as Tood does. How many times in your life can you call a company and have the owner answer. Everything about dealing with Envision is above excellent.
Enough said. You won't go wrong dealing with him. Paul Berkow

4 years ago

review by Paul Berkow

My company has ordered many, many computers from ECS over the past decade and we have been very pleased with the quality, price and service we have received from them. I regularly recommend them to my friends and co-workers when they ask me where they should go to buy a computer.

If you are in the market for a single computer for yourself, or a quantity of them for your school or office, Envision is the place to go!

4 years ago

review by KSQuacky

We have bought two computers from Envision, and have been more than satisfied with their product and their service. It is great that someone like myself can get a preconfigured computer with all of the new bells and whistles at a bargain-basement price without having to pick my way through all of the choices that a computer literate person would enjoy choosing for themselves. I am equally pleased that all of it is in the computer, and that I did not have to slog through which bell does what to which whistle. I am truly impressed with Tristan, who apparently does not leave his post, but answers any question at any time with humor and patience for someone as cyber-impaired as I am. A true pleasure to do business with. I would recommend them to anyone. E. Owen

4 years ago

review by wavymouse

I just bought my second PC from ECS. The first was 5 years ago. Excellent component selection, good pricing, fast delivery and excellent support both times. I'll check in with them for my next one.

4 years ago

review by old gringo

After my last purchase with Dell which took me 6 months, contacting the Texas BBB and contacting PC Mag., to resolve my problems I vowed never to use Dell again. I have also had a Gateway which was not a bad experience but I did spend a lot of time on the phone when it first arrived. After a friend suggested I build my own I ended up trying Envision. I did my research of what I wanted then called and was given some good suggestions (and was not put on hold!) After a couple of emails which were answered very quickly I ordered it online and was given a shipping date imediatley. It arrived when I was told and exactly what I ordered.
I have had it two months now and it has worked perfectly from the get go. It is the first time I have not had to spend countless hours on the phone getting a new computer to run properly. I do not know about the customer service since I have not needed any (is'nt that what counts anyway) but I am confindent that if I do, it will be no hassle based on my experience buying the system! Envision is a perfect 10 in my book which is hard to come by in a company these days.

4 years ago

review by bobbiemal

The Tale Of Two Cities
(Chronologically - Tucker, GA and Salina, KS)

I admit that I am a tough customer. I’m very explicit about the components specified in my PC purchases and demanding about the perfection of the build.

Tucker, GA:
I set out to find a company to build a new PC for me. I searched for a company with good ratings. My initial choice (which turned out to be a bad choice) was Monarch Computer in Tucker, GA. I was impressed with their web site and their variety of component selection. I created a sizable spreadsheet of every single component of a fairly complex power-user’s computer. In the spreadsheet I included the mfr’s names, mfr’s part #’s and Monarchs part #’s and prices. I also included a drawing to specify exactly where each component was to be installed. The demanding spec was further extended by the requirement that the specified case have its feet removed and replaced by casters and a steel plate added to the bottom of the aluminum case to give the case added rigidity.

I called Monarch, talked with their salesman (Greg), and emailed him my spreadsheet. He was very, very impressed with my thoroughness, told me I had practically done all his work for him, and promised me a prompt quote in return. (He also requested that I post a favorable rating on RESELLERRATINGS.COM, which would have been fraudulent on my part since I hadn’t purchased anything yet or been able to attest to what I would have been posting.) Many phone calls, many excuses, and many weeks went by without my ever getting a quote. Out of my frustration, I talked with their receptionist and asked her if she knew why I wasn’t getting a quote. I offered to take my business elsewhere when she suggested I transfer my effort to a different salesman (Chris) - I did. Chris sounded eager to make the sale, while also sounding inexperienced. For starters, he had to ask, “What are casters?”

Within a reasonable time, Chris got me a preliminary quote pending final pricing of the caster modification. Again, time began to accumulate. I placed a follow-up call again but discovered the sales staff was in a meeting, but their boss (I assume their owner) answered the phone. He explained that he had just left his office and was on his way to the meeting. He took all the information from me and said the caster matter needed to be reviewed by their technicians who would be doing the build. After that, they would get back with me. After a couple more WEEKS of waiting for a reply, I gave up.

Salina, KS
I looked for a new company and found Envision Computer Solutions. I talked with the salesman (Todd) about my specification, my spreadsheet, and my being a tough customer. He asked that I email the spreadsheet. After seeing the spreadsheet he advised that, while he stocked many of the components specified, he did not stock all the brands and part numbers in my spec. But, that would not deter the sale. He would simply special order what I specified.

After some discussion about casters and the steel plate, he sent me a final quote. The quoting process took only a day and a half. In his quote he specified a cost for the steel plate and caster modification, which I thought was too low. I called him and asked him to double the price to be completely fair. When the order was completed and shipped, I called and asked questions about the case modifications. I discovered that Todd personally went to a hardware store during his weekend, and, with his own money, purchased the steel plate and casters. Then, upon returning to work the following week, this farm boy made the case modifications himself. Now that’s personal service – far, far above and beyond the call of duty. I nearly cried when I found out all that he had done on my behalf!

I couldn’t be more please or make a higher recommendation than a purchase with Envision.

R. Reynolds

4 years ago

review by rreynold

Six months ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon Envision right here at this site. I had never heard of them before. My advice: do yourself a favor and stop shopping around, you've found the very best.

I had been shopping around for a new pc for at least a year and I was very close to getting another Compaq or Dell but I couldn't find everything I wanted in them, even with the customizing option. Envision had **everything** I wanted. I can't say enough good things about what a blazing fast, completely stable and beautiful computer they built me. Of equal importance is their after-sale service and advice which has been absolutely flawless.

I did have a minor problem when I first got the pc and Nate very patiently stayed on the phone with me for an hour or more until the problem was completely solved. Since then I've had 2 other small problems occur and both times my emails were returned the following day, and when a replacement part was needed it was sent out *immediately*.

I could go on and on but hopefully you get the idea. Todd and company will have my business from now on. In fact I can't even imagine buying a computer anywhere else. And neither should you!

If this review sounds like it was written by a member of Todd's family, that's only because Envision makes you feel that way. How often does THAT happen??

4 years ago

review by RJL

6 Jun 08 Ordered 3 more laptops - delivered on time , correctly configured, and ready to go on the road with our science staff! - Thanks Again!
12 Feb 07 Our 1st Laptop from Envision after numerous desktops. Excellent support and service with quick follow thru on questions. As always there is no reason to look elsewhere!

4 years ago

review by serenich

I greatly enjoyed working with Todd, a straight-forward thoughtful Kansas businessman. I'm a slightly informed computer user who was referred by a computer junkie friend who has purchased a number of systems for his business with ECS. Todd kindly answered all my questions about all the scenarios that I could think of, figured out to upgrade me to an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ system for an extra $50, and automatically upgraded my shipping when a needed component was delivered a day late by UPS without a second thought. I might (or might not) have been able to save a couple bucks shopping around for the parts to build the system myself. But Todd assembled the system and the software for me (insuring its functioning), offered a year warranty (with extended warrantees available), provides all the needed technical support with an 800 number, not to mention advised to better purchase for my wants and money. There is value here for novice and computer junkie alike. The greatest travesty here is that the low volume that his style of business entails does not allow him to crack this site's Top Ten list.

4 years ago

review by paulrfrank

This was the second PC I've bought from Envision Computer Solutions, and I'll be buying my next one here, too. No problems with the first Envision PC, which I purchased almost 4 years ago - - it's still going strong. A couple of component issues with computer #2 were dealt with rapidly, happily, and to my complete satisfaction, and I know this unit will be running years from now, too. These are well-assembled PC's, and you cannot beat the service! This company deserves your business.

4 years ago

review by flipperx101

I just ordered and received 3 more PC's and all I can say is that these guys are great!!
Turnaround is fast and the delivery is prompt!

4 years ago

review by PerryVoisin

This is the second complete system I have purchased from Envision (Todd). I placed my order on 11/14/2004 and recieved confirmation on the 15th with an expected shipping date of on or before 11/23. Since I was expecting to be out of town that Wednesday for Thanksgiving I asked if he could delay shipping until the next week, no problem it will go out on the following Monday. On Monday, Todd wrote me that the processor I wanted (AMD FX-55)and the vid card (XFX 6800GT)were no longer in stock and since I wanted an AMD FX55 processor, he stated they were very scarce and the wait might be a while. On Tuesday he wrote me that his supplier had the processor (at approximately $60.00 more than what was originally quoted), but none of his normal suppliers had the Vid Card I wanted, so he went outside his normal channels to get the card I wanted. Not only did he honor his initial quote, but cut his shipping fee in half from the normal $40.00. Needless to say, this company is the most outstanding I have ever dealt with. Both my sons have ordered complete systems from Todd and couldn't be happier. This company is GREAT!!

4 years ago

review by Tomb5

I configured a custom computer entirely over email from Maryland. Worked out perfectly, they were extremely helpful in explaining my options to me. Far better than getting a pre-fab computer from Dell, in my opinion, and for very little extra cost. And - I didn't have to figure out how to put it together myself!

4 years ago

review by blonske1

Todd and his team are the best. This is the third computer I have ordered from Todd in five years. I will never buy a computer from anyone. He builds them like they are his own. He only uses the best products. Thank you Todd. You are the BEST.

4 years ago

review by Sandy W

It all started on April 9th when I made a decision to customize and buy a gaming computer. I had read numerous reviews on this site about Envision Computers and decided to go ahead with the purchase at
My customized system however was slightly overbudget and Todd instantly made suggestions to my configuration.He saved me lots of money by asking me to select value select RAM.,something other sellers would have kept mum about.Finally I went ahead and placed the order.

To my surprise, Todd shipped it well ahead of time and it came to me within 7 days of placing the order.I would rate this store a 11/10 if it was possible.Throughout the process Todd was very forthcoming in answering my questions by Email within 30 mins sometimes and even on a Sunday! When the system arrived, it was nicely packed with all the extra wires etc. in a different packet. I opened the case to see that the cables were neatly tied down.However the system wouldnt start.I tried some things and called Todd, who himself answered the phone on a Friday at 6pm!! and asked me to check power to the mobo.I saw that the connection had come off during shipping.He helped me put it back on and lo and behold the system was back and running.It is surprisingly quite.I can only hear a faint hum of the fan in the background if there is pin drop silence.
All and all I am very happy with this gaming PC and would recommend to anyone.Todd DESERVES your business.Dont pay a premium buying branded PCs or ordering from Dell which takes ages!!
If only all retailers were like this!!

4 years ago

review by shegd2

After a nightmare experience with HP/Compaq, our family was delighted and relieved to find Envision -
a small company in Kansas that knows how to do business. The system is the best we've ever had and the customer service is superb.

4 years ago

review by Bill90Loyale

We recently ordered two new computers and keyboards from Envision. They are the best at customer service and got our order shipped very quickly. We think they are the greatest!

4 years ago

review by queenjanice

I first e-mailed Todd Keller early-mid Oct. '04, asking him to at least *please* direct me to the correct e-mail address if I'd sent my questions to the wrong one, that's how accustomed I am to the big companies ignoring me- and hey, I got questions to ask before forking over 3k+

Well, amazingly he answered the next day, and replied to all of the over 20 e-mails I sent, usually within the hour if I wrote before business closed for the day.

My only regret throughout the "pre-order phase" was telling Mr. Keller when I was expecting the money to be available- it ended up being delayed an entire week, and I felt bad for that.

When I went to send an e-mail to him explaining the hold up, I was quite shocked to recieve a message from him as mine went out: "Haven't heard from you in a while. Just checking in to see how things are going."

No sales pressure, just checking in with me- wow, I matter with him.
Unheard from the big companies in my experience.

I only had a few small problems after set up, one being a vibration from the case.
Right away he offered to send foam to dampen the noise if removing and replacing the cover didn't stop it, but that did the trick.
Then there was the wireless network, dropping regularly, and Todd immediately offered to send a different adapter if the problem couldn't be fixed, but I got it worked out.

Point is: if you have a problem, he'll do whatever is needed to correct it.

Now let me tell you why I wish I could give an even higher rating to Envision:

#1). Todd got me the monitor I wanted, which he doesn't normally offer, but he got it anyway. And he got it in black, the color I wanted.

#2). He also found the Lian-Li case I chose in black, rather than the plain aluminum.

#3). He special ordered the speakers I wanted.

#4). He special ordered the motherboard that best suit my needs- and then discounted the processor because of its extra expense.

#5). A special mark for honesty: I was wrongly told by the sales rep. of another company that for a home network, I required a wireless router plus 1 wireless adapter per computer.
When I explained to Todd what I thought I needed, he corrected the error, and saved me $75, since one computer can plug right into the router if its near enough (and it was, in my case).
He could've made money off me on that, and I'd've been none the wiser...

#6). Gave me Arctic Silver at no charge.

#7). He waived the shipping fee, and while this could be a two page explanation, I'll just say that by doing so, he allowed me to stay within my budget- hugely appreciated.

#8). I wasn’t happy at first when he told me the video card I ordered would arrive uninstalled (instead put in its own box, and that within a larger box of the shipment). However, as I read on I realized this was because he judged it too heavy, and therefore more likely to come loose during shipping, where it would damage the other components within the case.
Now that is concern for the customer at work.
A bigger company would never consider this- or if they did, just assume that if something goes wrong the warranty coverage will suffice. While any damage would be covered, it means the customer is spending more days waiting instead of enjoying his purchase.

Final word: what Todd & ECS gives you is true service.
What I'm used to is, an attitude from the company that I should be grateful for a chance to sign their paychecks, where I must fight for what they promised.
Todd does not come across that way, rather makes dealing with him a joy and a much less frustrating experience than I've *ever* had in 10 years in the computer industry.

Top notch, he has earned the reviews you see here- its not “too good to be true”.

Update: 3/21/05

I steered my grandmother to ECS after my experience, and she was given the same great service that I had been.

The only problem encountered was a missing power cord in the shipment (!).
Accidents happen, but the good side was Todd immediately sent the part, which arrived in 2 days (and borrowing one in the mean time was simple).

That's compared to other companies I've dealt with who might play around for a week or longer fixing their mistakes; so, even when something goes wrong, he's quick to make it right.

Still recommended.

4 years ago

review by Taurus212

I have been buying computer equipment and parts from Todd for the past five years. They are fast, courteous, knowledgeable and back up each purchase 100%. I judge a company by the way they handle 'issues' and Envision gets a 10+ in my book.

4 years ago

review by gnossos Review

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