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I was looking for a 120Hz laptop, any one I could find that was brand new. Eurocom seemed to be the only laptop manufacturer of any kind that still offers the now discontinued/end-of-life 120 Hz screen that I have spent all year looking for. I ordered the laptop, it arrived about 3 days after I ordered it which seems pretty good to me, plus shipping was only $29. It shipped from Ottawa, Ontario and arrived to my house in Whitby, Ontario very quickly. I contacted sales for a couple questions I had and they always answered very quickly and even out of business hours which was pretty impressive to me. I'm very satisified with Eurocom, they seem like a great Clevo reseller to me!

3 years ago

review by thepersonthat

I originally placed my order on 8/8/2003, and after a number of promises of shipping "in two weeks" or "next week", it didn't actually ship until 10/9/2003. It was the first batch that they were shipping, so while annoying, was somewhat understandable.

The more significant strike against Eurocom is that prior to my purchase I asked if the video card was soldered to the motherboard of it was a separate card. I was explicitly told that it was a separate card and if the pins match on new cards, it should be replacable. Now that the Radeon 9700 is out, I looked into this more and discovered that I was given completely false information -- the video card is, in fact, soldered to the motherboard and not upgradable. Given that this was one of big issues in my purchase, I feel like I was completely mislead.

Other than the video card issue, I've been completely happy with the notebook itself. Good performance, good build, reliable.

That said, there are many resellers that are basically selling the same high-end notebooks, and I'd probably advise other purchasers to shop around before making a purchase.

The notebook itself has been great -- solid, reliable, powerful.

3 years ago

review by ccarollo

i bought new laptop for $2500 and when one hard drive have issue with reading i checked my hard drives and it was both refurbished ! why ?
Seagate service approved it. It was recertified.

3 years ago

review by GoogleAdvisor

Our company (Graphic Design Firm) has been buying Eurocom consistently for 2 years. They prove to always be the most powerful line of notebooks we can find, although that comes with a price tag usually. Service has been quick in the event of problmes and sales people try hard to keep you happy and coming back

3 years ago

review by FuelInd

I bought several Clevo laptops from them, they truly are the best reseller and they care. They also upgrade Clevo laptops that you don't even buy from them, and they sell individual parts unlike EVERY other Clevo reseller out there. The shipping is stupid fast for anyone who lives in Ontario, Canada - literally next day shipping for like 20 bucks. They also offer a 10% student discount which I have used many times. Simply fantastic.

3 years ago

review by nonenonenonenone

I had purchased the Tornado F5 during their Black Friday '16 deal and hoped to receive a solid machine back home in the states from my business abroad. However, they had failed their QC check and I had received a lemon unit that was non-functioning. This resulted in having to send the unit in for warranty, having to convince the company to pay for the return shipping on a faulty unit, and waiting nearly a year before I can retrieve it when I was back in the states for a home visit once again. Despite my obvious dissatisfaction with their service and product, their support specialists did nothing to improve customer satisfaction. Once I received my unit once more, the BIOs barely supports newer Nvidia GPU driver updates and they neglected to send me a hard drive tray as well. Payment method was also draconian in having to fill a physical form and sent through email rather than a secure online payment method. Buyers beware!

3 years ago

review by Specsranger

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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