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I ordered a SuperCard DSTWO monday at noon and received it thursday morning! The card is 100% working. I'm actually buying 2 more for a friend right now so yes, I would recommend buying there!

3 years ago

review by LeRaph

I had previously ordered a clear blue SHOCK DS lite replacement shell from here along with a tri-wing screwdriver in order to do the job. And while the case arrived safe and sound, the screwdriver I'd ordered was simply too big to fit in the screws used on the DS lite I own. Searching on GamerSection, I'd found a professional-grade tool kit in order to open up a lot more consoles with various bits to match. Order processed and shipped out the next day. FedEx initially said this order would arrive the 28th but then it was delayed to the 29th. The tool kit was - as much as I hate using cliché - "just what the doctor ordered." It had everything I could have needed to do the job and then some.

The only downside is simply the cross-border fee (since the store is located in Canada) and the bit of snafu with FedEx, but otherwise the store did everything right. It was also nice being able to IM chat with someone with the store that was knowledgeable about the products and could provide more info. Very well handled, and am looking forward to the next time I can do business with this company.

3 years ago

review by codezer0

Great site and fast shipped too, placed my order on Thursday and had it Monday morning

3 years ago

review by BatterMix1980

Suprising fast delivery, order was shipped out the very next day and was delivered to me before the weekend (earlier than expected). Pre-sale and after-sales questions answered quickly and very helpful staff. This is new favorite store, I'm going to tell all my friends and family about your awesome service!

3 years ago

review by madscientist007

I ordered and EZ 3in1 the 28th of January. Today, April 24, it still hasn't arrived. Supposedly it was lost in mail. When I first mailed to tell them I thought that had happened, they told me to wait more. I waited almost another month until they decided that they should try and claim the insurance. The thing is, I don't know how long it usually takes for this to happen correctly, but all they do is telling me to keep waiting, without taking any responsibility at all. Someone shouldn't have to wait three months to get your product. Each week I send an e-mail, but they refuse to do anything other than telling me to wait. If this goes on, I'll contact visa to complain and see if there's some way I can get my money back.

This week they finally accepted my package was lost and they said they'd send it again. They asked for my address three days ago and haven't heard from them ever since. Four months and still didn't get my package. I'll update if I ever receive it. Clearly, I can't recommend this store as they don't care for the customer at all.

3 years ago

review by Ikario

Ordered M3 Lite on March 15, came on March 21. Used some Canadian shipping site called "Purolator". Tracking number was sent next day, package was easy to track in Canada. Once it got to the US, it just said "in transit in US" but came the day after. The site is cool and whatnot. Painless purchase!

Of note: I ordered the M3 Lite and an extra GBA case, but it came with one!!! Now I have 2. They included 6 shells like they said on the site (although sometimes you see on sites that it only comes with 3 or 5 shells in other text). So I ordered one for 95 cents extra to be safe and that's that. But how cool is it that they sent all the shells?! Awesome site surfing it now!

3 years ago

review by beats1234

First i chosen , there if caused by maxconsole forum's buyer review.But there is not what as i think-- i placed order for Generation Nex around $70, and the order status suddenly changed to "On Hold". Icontact them and got the result to upgrade shipping, and i sented 4-5 email but no reply.Even their msn support, i given the order number, then the guy replied me asking someone to find out.I leaved email asked them to replied to my order status yesterday, until now my status still at "On Hold" and my mailbox was unable to see the reply from them now.I feel upset, and felt like they just waited me to give up.Properly before saturday no inprovement on my order, i've ask for refund or charge back on credit card.

3 years ago

review by hamazakixam

The first time I ordered from them (my R4), the R4 was out of stock, but one of my friends had good things to say about them, so I didn't mind the wait. When I checked on it about 10 days later, I noticed that they had had it in stock for about a week, yet my order was never processed (and I had already paid for it). So I had to call them and say "HAI WTF" to get it moving along. Then they shipped by Canada Post when I had selected FedEx 3-5 Day Ground.

The 2nd time (this recent order for my friend's R4), I ordered on Aug 6th. I used my account on the site, but gave them my friend's addresses (email and shipping) for the paypal payment. After a while, I figured she was getting the emails saying it's been processed and shipped and such. A week later, I asked about it and she said she had only received the email saying her credit card had been charged. So I looked up my account on the Gamersection site and it didn't show the order. Only the one I talked about before this one. So I called them up again on Thursday and said "HAI WTFUX", and they started getting it processed. Again I selected FedEx shipping, they shipped by UPS.

The friend that recommended them to me said they processed his orders fast and they always shipped by FedEx. And he lives in the same tiny town that I do.

I will never order from them again.

3 years ago

review by Samutz

It took a full 6 days from the time they charged my credit card before they processed my order with no updates as to what was going on until I emailed them asking about it.
They changed the method of shipping I paid for from Fed Ex to Purolator. I only found out it had been delivered when I checked Purolators website and saw that it had been delivered. I went outside and found the package lying on the sidewalk near the road. It looked like the driver had just thrown it from the truck instead of walking up to my house and knocking.

Will not shop with again.

3 years ago

review by the1Captain

This is the second time I have ordered a NDS M3 Real Cart. The first time was on its own, this time with a memory card (2gb). The quality of the product is outstanding. It was a real cart not a knock off. The shipping on both occasions was 2-3 days. I am very happy to be their customer and look forward to ordering in the future. Everything was great from the website to the usability of the products. Thank you :)

3 years ago

review by xguyx

I only order from this website, thinking it be much cheaper and faster, then buying my Everdriver from the main manufacturer. Boy was I wrong, first they charge you in USD for a much higher price then the original seller, the best part is he charges for delivery but the shipping takes more than 20 days?? I had quicker shipping from Ukraine and cheaper deals buying from the main manufacturers! then this Canadian website!!

3 years ago

review by LittleGhost

Because I live in Canada I prefer buying from sites with Canadian branches or from Canada. The two sites I was referred to was gamersection and kicktrading. After checking out the prices I found gamersection to be the cheapest, so I decided to try them first.

I find their prices to be alright. They are somewhat more expensive than other sites but generally their prices are the same. Al though shipping cost is sort of a pain (10$). However, they ship very fast. Usually I receive the product 1-2 days later. 3 at most! Everytime they ship to me they have included a tracking number and an order update. This is very good in my opinion :D

Overall I have never had trouble with these guys. I have bought from them 3 times and each time I have had a good experience. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for quality service!

3 years ago

review by kikyo289

We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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