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Jdwilliams.co.uk Review

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Last update: Wed, Dec 22, 2021 8:44 PM

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Jdwilliams.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (4)

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customer service 5 /5

Shockingly bad business. I ordered a fan on the 21st of May, which I promptly cancelled on the 22nd of May upon finding out that JD Williams only use Hermes for their deliveries. I've had no end of issues with Hermes and I was keen to avoid further issues. Its now the 27th of May and I receive an email telling me the order has been dispatched despite the cancellation being confirmed twice via live chat and over the phone on the 22nd of May, and via email on the 23rd of May. Upon learning of the item being dispatched in error, I contacted JD Williams via live chat who then escalated the issue. I received a reply stating that the delivery could not be stopped, despite the parcel being with JD Williams according to Hermes' tracking. I tried to ring JD to stop the parcel being dispatched. Alas, my £4 credit ran out after ten minutes of waiting to talk to someone. I have unlimited minutes, but JD use a number that is not included in network minutes. JD Williams think it is a simple case of me refusing delivery with Hermes. It is not. The last order that was delivered by Hermes was brought to me by a resident on my street three days after stating that they delivered the parcel to my address. I spent far too many hours trying to rectify this problem and, naturally, it caused me unnecessary stress and incovenience. Hermes have also been known to leave parcels on my doorstep without attempting to ring my doorbell or knock on my door. Where I live, there is a high chance that parcels left on the doorstep will be stolen. I anticipate potential problems to arise as a result of Hermes and what do I have to show for all of this? I still haven't received my refund, I am stressed for no good reason and wasting my time trying to rectify a situation that should have never arisen. I have a serious and chronic health problem that puts me at risk of infections, so the last thing I want to be doing is having to knock on my neighbour's doors to retrieve a parcel. Needless to say, I also don't need the unnecessary stress (no on does right now). No one has really offfered me a proper apology and more and more I feel like this is a ploy for me to accept an order that I do not want regardless of whether it gets to me or not. Don't use JD Williams unless you enjoy not being promptly refunded, stress and major inconveience. I can't imagine that a business run in this way will weather the coming economic storm well if at all.

3 years ago

review by H. H.

#delivery(1/5) #refund(1/5)

Excellent range of plus size clothing and other products on offer. The website is easy to navigate and order from and sending returns back is hassle free. Excellent and timely customer service when needed. A great catalogue company!

3 years ago

review by Kimberley Procter

#customer service(5/5)

I have been shopping online at JD Williams for a number of years now and found their products to be very good quality overall plus their customer service team are very helpful and responsive in that they will try and sort out any query in a matter of days. i would highly recommend them!

4 years ago

review by Melissa Sinclair

#quality(5/5) #customer service(5/5)

We found that this business has an active Facebook page with 264760 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is trustworthy and popular among people. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Jdwilliams.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Jdwilliams.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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