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On Thursday 30 January, 2003 I placed an order (order #16) from Nerdsupply Inc. for the following items:
1. Qty 1, Corsair 512MB PC2700 DDR333 NON-EEC RAM
2. Qty 1, AMD ATHLON XP2000+ processor in retail box
3. Qty 2, Western digital 80 gig hard drive (model # WD800JB)
4. Qty 1, Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra Black motherboard
Late in the evening on February 3, 2002, I contacted Nerdsupply as to why my order status was still “processing payment” while PayPal had confirmed that the payment had been accepted the evening of the 30th. In a response received by email, I was told that the hard drives I had ordered were backordered and would be coming in on the 4th. I was also informed that the shipping on this order would be upgraded to FedEx 2nd day to account for the delay.

In an email message dated 2/5, I was informed that the tracking number for this order was 150222210022663. I checked the FedEx tracking information on the FedEx website, and found that this package was not shipped 2nd day like promised, but rather by ground. After being promised 2nd day shipping, I immediately inquired why the order was shipped by ground. I was told that it was a mix-up with the shipping company, and Nerdsupply could have the package recalled and shipped by 2nd day. However, I was informed that this recall would take 2-3 business days. As a result, the overall shipping time would not have been decreased, so the order was left alone.

On 2/10, I received the order. When I opened the box, I found that the motherboard and processor were as ordered. The memory was not what I ordered, but was a slightly better version. I presumed that this was just a simple substitution due to an out of stock or discontinued item. However, there was only one hard drive in the package, and it was the lower quality model WD800BB, rather than WD800JB as I had ordered.

I then contacted Nerdsupply by email to arrange for a return of the incorrect drive, and shipment of the correct ones. Their initial response was to offer me a credit of the price difference between the drive I received, and the two drives I had ordered. I then replied that Nerdsupply had two options: take the drive back at their expense since the error was their fault and either refund the $220 I had paid for the drives, or ship me the correct drives FedEx overnight. I felt that the overnight shipping was a fair request given the initial mix-up with shipping, and then the incorrect order. Nerdsupply then replied that the best shipping for the replacement drives they could do was 3-Day Select, as the upgraded memory was compensation for the initial delay. To me, this statement makes it appear as though He never had any intention of truly following through on their promise to ship 2nd day.

I rejected this offer to ship the replacement drives by 3-Day Select, and stated that I would be returning the drives at their expense, and that I was to be credited the $220 I had paid for these drives. I was informed that they just needed the address and phone number at to arrange a time at which the incorrect drive could picked up. This information was provided to Nerdsupply on 2/10. On 2/14, I received an email stating that FedEx would be picking up the drive on 2/17. FedEx did not pick up the drive on this date.

On 2/17, after several apparent attempts by Nerdsupply to resolve this situation, I filed a complaint with the BBB and PayPal. Only after payment for the order was stopped did I get a timely response to any inquiries. FedEx finally picked up the drive on 2/24, and I will see if I get credit when they receive the drive.

Refund was granted 3/3.

10 months ago


review by jtrunek

On March 17th of this year, I purchased an IBM Microdrive from an ebay auction by Nerdsupply. I used the Buy It Now option and paid with PayPal immediately. I sent an email to the seller thanking them and expressing my anticipation of the product. Although they did not respond, they left me a positive Feedback, so I assumed all was well. After a week had gone by I began contacting them to see when I could expect the product. After a couple weeks had gone by and still no response, I began to worry. I checked their website to get phone numbers and tried calling. None of the 4 listed phone numbers get me through to anyone - they just ring with no answer and no way to leave a message. After 3 weeks I filed a Customer Complaint Form with PayPal. Now I'm into my 4th week with no product, $185 out of my pocket, and NO RESPONSE from anyone at Nerdsupply!

11 months ago


review by chrisncami

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Get online with Website Builder Create a free 2-page website to go with your new domain Start now for free no credit card required


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