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Tuesday, December 31, 2002 SUCKS!!!

I ordered a CS-CP10 carrying case for my Nikon CoolPix 4500 digicam on 11/08/02. I placed the order on the website. There was no indication given about the back-ordered status at that time. My credit card was billed for $56.53 (see comment on price discrepancy below) on this date. I presumed it would be shipped no problem.

By 11/13/02 I had received no information on the status of my order so I emailed them with an inquiry about where they were at with my order. On 11/14/02 replied with a comment about the merchandise being out of stock and back-ordered. This was news to me!!!

On 11/20/02 I emailed nomatica and questioned them about their billing my credit card for merchandise not available or out of stock. I get an email reply back from this outfit indicating that their “fine print” on nomatica's website specifies that one’s credit card will be charged the moment you place the order.

I have purchased a LOT of merchandise over the years both through telephone and internet transactions and NEVER before has a merchant billed for an item that was not in stock. All other merchants indicate whether or not that the merchandise is available or in back ordered status. If the merchandise is not available they certainly do not bill until it is in stock and shipped to the customer.

In late November, in an email to me, they implied that the item might be available after “three weeks time” (mid December) – the next expected delivery from their supplier. As of late December this item is still listed as “back-ordered”. At this rate this item might never be available again. On 12/31/02 I checked the status of my order on their website and it remains the same. The merchandise that they have billed me for continues to remain in back-ordered status and it is now nearly two months later.

I now have no confidence in this company to deliver the merchandise that I ordered from them nearly two months ago. At this point I emailed this merchant and notified them of an immediate cancellation of this order. Further, my question to this outfit is “Just how long do you plan to let this matter ride at my expense???” Now that the sixty day credit card “disputing charges” limitation is almost upon me I am submitting a billing dispute for the charges to my credit card company for merchandise that I still have not received.

One other item of concern was that the amount that they billed my credit card was slightly different from the amount indicated on their web order form that I completed. This slight discrepancy in the amount that this merchant billed me on their website store was a total cost of USD 52.04. What was eventually reported and billed on my credit card statement was total cost as $56.53.

This is by far the worst experience that I have ever had with a telephone/internet purchase. I shall NEVER do business with this outfit again. This whole experience with nomatica has been one of total frustration and irritation!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS OUTFIT –!!!

3 years ago

review by calamospiza

Some months ago I ordered some camera items from a French company Nomatica. They immediateley billed my credit card although it is mentioned on their website:

" The card is debited on the invoice date (once all the products are in
stock and just before the order is sent to be prepared for dispatch). "

Since then they send me weekly reminders of my order but they don't deliver them.

4 years ago

review by anijholt

My purchase never arrived as of February 2004 although the had my money since the first week of december. The were always blaming their provider (Canon in my case) for always delaying the shipping date, one week after another. They are not serious in any way nor nice on the phone. Finally had to cancel my order and had to wait an extra month to get my money back.

4 years ago

review by willynuez

I bought a Konica KD-500Z with an additional memory card and a spare rechargeable battery. The total bill came to 580.00 euro VAT incl. The price and delivery I found quite satisfactory.
Unfortunately, the spare battery (essential with this camera) is defective. The problem is to find out where to return it and get another. After 1 week, I am still unable to contact them by email or telephone. Fortunately it is not the camera which is defective. Returning defective goods within a limited delay would seem somewhat problematic with Nomatica. It would seem that if I want a spare battery I may have to find an alternative source and buy another. This is far from satisfactory and puts some doubt on the whole operation. Maybe I have been lucky that,up until now, everything I have purchased over the internet has worked. If Nomatica pay any attention to this, I would like the money for my battery returned and I won't be risking any more.

4 years ago

review by leslie mcculloch

We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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