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Polishtrustedbuilders.co.uk Review

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Polishtrustedbuilders.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (7)

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It is important for people to avoid this persistent scammer Andrzej DOBROWOLSKI. He claims to be a professional builder and comes across as a professional with building expertise. He hides under a professional itemised contract but then buys second-hand stuff off eBAY like used pipes and materials and uses cheap Labour to finish off works. He fails to pay Labpurers and owes them monies for works completed and a few are nw trying to pursue him for unpaid wages. This fraudster/scammer takes the deposit monies and then not pay workers and pursue another job and claims to have contracts with British Airways and big developments in England and Poland. I am surprised Companies House is allowing this fraudster to trade after he closes companies down after scamming people. He has messed up my rear extension including disability bathroom and is negligent and disappears for weeks using the same excuses like daughter is sick; wife has cancer and that his Bank account is frozen so cannot pay workers. He is a persistent liar and fraudsters. I am warning people to avoid this builder at all costs. I am reporting him to the Fraud agencies and Companies House citing he is unfit to be a company Director and to be prosecuted for fraudulent activities. I have evidence to back up my claims here. He should not be allowed to cheat other people and for his crimes to continue...He is incompetent to do any planning except to seek monies to furnish his lifestyle.

1 year ago

review by Danny

Would give zero or minus starts if possible. This builder Andrzej Dobrowolski who has had several limited companies is completely incompetent to run a company, and is a con man. He will take a huge deposit, and much more money than where he has got to in the project and then not complete. We are building a new build house, and it's taken 8 months just to get the unfinished structure up. He has always wanted large payments based on a fictitious fast delivery, and now we are hugely out of pocket. He has had many companies and will close the company down when he has taken too much money and people maybe after him, and also never files proper accounts. His previous company names include Red Brix Investments Ltd, Red Cube Developments Ltd to name 2. He is currently at Profit Homes Ltd, no doubt playing the same soul destroying game on his customers. Our country doesn't need people like this.

1 year ago

review by K. V.


Andrzej DOBROWOLSKI is a con man, along with his circle of friends. He talks big and comes across professional, however all he will do is take lots of money upfront, and deliver very poor workmanship. Always asking for more money upfront to do it quickly, which never happened. Finally when you have decided you have paid too much money, and want him to complete more work before you pay him more, he leaves site, and closes his company down. You have been warned.

1 year ago

review by X. Y.

We were looking to appoint a good builder to construct an extension to our home and carry out some refurbishment work. Our usual trusted and experienced builder had sadly experienced a family bereavement and was unable to carry out the work. We found Polishtrustedbuilders.co.uk online and decided to contact them with the aim of finding a good builder to carry out the work quickly and to a good standard. They put us in touch with a builder Mr Andrzej Dobrowolski of Red Brix Investments Ltd. This builder failed to keep to schedule and eventually walked off the job. He left us with an incomplete extension and poor quality workmanship, which has cost us thousands to rectify. Polish Trusted Builder have proved to be incredibly Untrustworthy. We have been scammed of our hard earned money. Avoid this company.

1 year ago

review by E. F.


I only wish I had found these reviews before I hired Andrzej DOBROWOLSKI to build a small extension on my house. He promised to do the work quickly as I had been let down by another builder and gone through a 7 month process with Thames water to gain a build over agreement for a sewer in the garden. I was desperate as I had not been able to live in my home for 7 months. Andrjez started the work for 4 weeks and kept demanding very large payments. We got up to £24k and then I stopped as he had not completed the stages for which I had paid him. He then went off site for 9 weeks, no doubt scamming the customer I see listed below. I finally got him to return but soon realised that all he wanted was money. I stupidly paid him another £4,500 (he had my parents and partner fooled too) and then when I refused to pay him any more, he pulled his men and stopped answering my texts and calls. His story is exactly the same as below: ill wife, needs the money to do it quickly etc etc. He has left me with a basic non-weathered structure with no electricity or running water. Other builders tell me has done 40 percent of the work and I paid him 85 percent. I know he has another job he has just started and I sincerely wish I could warn them. He operates under multiple websites and company names: Profit Homes Ltd, Polish Builders London, polish Trusted Builders, Red Brix Investments, Future Partners Ltd, CBI Partners Ltd, Red Cube Developments Ltd, Pauladoors Ltd.. a and I’m sure many more in the future. Please do not use him. He is a con artist and scammer.

1 year ago

review by Jayne

I hired Andrzej Dobrowolski to build a big extension to the front of the house, renovate a garage and fully pave the front. He took a huge deposit upfront claiming that goods were arriving from Poland. He also took 2 other payments totalling to £13k and not one phase of the job is complete in 8 weeks. No goods have ever arrived from Poland. The guy is a scammer and gives polish builders a very bad name. He is full of excuses ie his wife has Cancer etc etc. Please avoid him like the plague. He comes across as genuine but is the absolute scum of the earth! I despise this site for ever putting him in touch with me!!

1 year ago

review by Major Gill

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Polishtrustedbuilders.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Polishtrustedbuilders.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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