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delivery 5 /5

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quality 3.5 /5

refund 1 /5

customer service 3 /5

Really impressed with Replicahause. After having a couple of questions which they answered online, I placed my order and the watch was delivered within 3 weeks. Keisha was exceptional and was able to choose a perfect watch for myself, which I did not expect! She assisted me after delivery and and did an amazing job on the watch, making them as neat as possible.

3 years ago

review by Mick Gentry


No one should be in shock when dealing with this unreputable online organization. they do not manufacture any of their watches! They are simply a website that receives money and should send customers something even if they are low quality watches after receipt of their money. That will not happen! exactly what happened to others happened to myself. They received my money and only responded crudely and obnoxiously and in fact had established a website called pedophile alert on which this Keisha Combs, a fentanyl dealer wanted by the drug enforcement agency DEA in the United States as well as Thailand's eternal narcotics agency for the distribution of large quantities of fentanyl both in the United States and the Far East. thus, their distribution network is far more than counterfeit watches. They have been linked with both narcotics as well as child pronography distribution worldwide. Several of their watches also which were mailed to Holland approximately 4 months ago, caused an overdose in one individual and almost cost the other one their lives due to fentanyl powder being on the Replicahause.xx watch exterior. These criminals will run under dozens of sites, all of which are exactly the same. As an example: Replicahause.xx will run under the following websites...... Plus many others with different last letters and different named websites. I will and have been accumulating all of them and we'll publish them when my list is complete. Several examples:,,,, and dozens more!!! Some have different names and different prefixes, but it's all one in the same.....beware. This company and their principal, FENTANYL KEISHA GOMES of REPLICAHAUSE WATCH GROUP, ARE THE DEFINITION OF "CYBER CRIMINALS"!!!! THIS COMPANY AND..... FENTANYL KEISHA GOMES.....HAVE VIOLATED EVERY BASIS FOR ESTABLISHED LAWS REGULATING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND CYBER CRIMES ON THE INTERNET. domains domains.tar.gz -grams-chaussee-berlin-10115 mc-root -osteopathy-covent-garden reviewsio_urls systemd-private-c491ea30cdf7439bac5c7e16bc0040d7-apache2.service-9aSDI9 -tehran- wordpress Please also check with TRUSTPILOT which has now publicized why they will no longer permit Replicahause Watch Group to have any association with Trustpilot - one of the premiere rated review sites on the internet!! Read for yourselves! Adjust sight ending with replica Haas. XX has been permanently disassociated with trustpilot due to their threatening customers and establishing a website called pedophile alert on which they place such customers names if the customer complains about them, wants a refund or asks the Visa company for a refund or finally if they write a poor review about this criminal organization. They shut down the pedophile alert website by contacting the police responsible for such internet crimes, and will never permit them to be reviewed or comment on + pilot again. Check out REPLICAHAUSE.IS on TRUSTPILOT. THEY'RE BLOCKED DUE TO THREATS AND THE POSTING OF CUSTOMER PERSONAL INFORMATION INCLUDING: THEIR NAMES, ANY PICTURES THEY FOUND ON THE INTERNET OF THEM, HOME ADDRESSES, PHONE NUMBERS, CREDIT CARD NUMBERS (!!!! Yes, your personal credit card number you supplied them placing an order with them) AND ANY OTHER INFORMATION YOU MAY HAVE FURNISHED WHEN PLACING YOUR ORDER WITH THEM. INCIDENTALLY, YOU WILL FIND A DICHOTOMY HERE. WHEREAS ON SOME SITES YOU WILL SEE 5 STARS AS AN AVERAGE RATING, WHEREAS ON MOST SITES, YOU WILL SEE ONE (1) OR TWO (2) best... AS THE AVERAGE. REASON BEING: ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE ACTUALLY WRITTEN BY THEMSELVES AND THEIR EMPLOYEES. NONE OF THE POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE CORRECT! THESE ARE REVIEWS PLACED SPECIFICALLY TO ATTEMPT TO RAISE THEIR RATING..... WHICH IS THE POOREST AMONGST ANY REPLICA WATCH COMPANY!!!!!!

3 years ago

review by Sam Dabit

#quality(1/5) #refund(1/5)

I recently bought some watches from this company. I ordered directly from their website. I had to gift some watches to my friends and as you know wanted a fast shipping. Got not issues with that since I had all three of my watches delivered to me in 3 days and I am happy with it! My friends loved them so I am happy with replicahause and Keisha. Love your work!!!!

3 years ago

review by Myrtle Hubbard

The response time & service was outstanding. I placed the order around noon on Friday. had the watch delivered to my house within 2 weeks. The lady who I dealt with was very nice and professional. Answered all my questions in detail and handled all the details. The watch arrived as described. It was a new watch and it was in perfect shape. It was priced slightly higher than anyone else I could find but I am pleasantly surprised with the whole positive experience and the quality it arrived in. Will definitely consider them for my next watch.

3 years ago

review by Alan Fret

#price(5/5) #quality(5/5)

Received today and I love it, just what I was looking for, something elegant, and stands out, delivered within timeframe and notified for delivery date. Good company and I will probably be back to order come the near future. Bravo

3 years ago

review by Nepit Chiro


Run! Do not send a penny to these scammers. I ordered two watched, paid by credit card...and heard nothing for weeks. I attempted to call, email and message them on their site. I finally received a reply from "Keisha" (sales@replicahause) via email. I inquired about the status of my order. She rudely dismissed me, "You'll get your watches when we send them to you." I asked for an estimated time frame, to which she replied, "Are you deaf? I just told you!" Unsatisfied with her reply, I requested to cancel the order. Her response: "All sales final!" I told her that I would just take up the issue with my credit card company. To which she replied, "You are stupid." I emailed her, and asked, did you just call me stupid?" And her final response to me: "I meant to say you are a f-----g stupid c-nt!" I am still in shock.

3 years ago

review by Rick

This is my first overseas direct search There were many difficulties, but the staff kindly guided me and helped a lot. Great staff who treat customers as much as a great watch. Thank you very much. I highly recommend it and quality of Hublot received was amazing.

3 years ago

review by Rubin D


My experience with Keisha at replicahause was amazing! They responded quickly to my questions; we negotiated a fair price; the order shipped the next day after the payment was made and arrived in 13 days perfectly packed and as they described. I will definitely recommend this seller and will be coming back for more.

3 years ago

review by Dan Brady


I returned two watches to Replica Hause in October 2019 a Rolex Day Date II, and an IWC Annual Calendar for warranty repairs as I had only had them for 3 months. They both had similar faults they day, date was not working and the time would not proceed past a set time. I was emailed late November that the IWC was repaired and ready to be sent back to me. The other the Rolex was to be replaced with a new watch as they had lost it in transit. I then did not hear from them for all of December, January and February 2020. They said again that they would send me a new replacement Rolex Day Date II. When I asked about the IWC Annual Calendar, they stopped communicating with me and I have not heard anything for over a month. Do not deal with them as their, quality control and customer service are non existent.

3 years ago

review by Simon Greenfeld

#quality(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

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by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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