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I bought a agile reaper custom V 7 string guitar, and really thought it was great at first, I still like it, ( because of upgrades i did) but like others have mentioned you get what you pay for. The issues I've had with mine, might more have to do with how i decided to use it. I use A standard tuning which in order to use it i had to beef up the string gauge, to 60-10, and add another spring which this bridge wasn't capable of handling, and eventually wore done, because the metals were very weak in the saddles. I had a major issue with the A string saddle that the bolt screws into wore down, from too much torque put on it, to the point where you couldn't lock or tighten the string in anymore to the bridge. I also had the frets ware down with in 7 months, so bad that i got insane buzzes, when playing acoustic riffs, and wound up eventually having someone put steel frets on the guitar instead. Another issue i had was I noticed that there was a crack at the pivot point of the elevator screws, that looked as if it a repair had been attempted on it before they shipped it out. Speaking of customer service, they sent me a 25.5 scale guitar when i requested a 27" inch scale guitar, and they didn't believe that they did that. I had to go through and try learn how to do a proper scale length measuring to prove them that i was right about it being to short, and guess what it was. I could tell even with out the scale length test, cause i got a 26.5 scale guitar already. My most recent issue was the that the trem bar has a C clip with a plastic coating that has wore down, and caused a creaking sound when i pull up or down on the bar, even though i got the back bolt, and the trem bar tightened down really tight. The guitar got a lot better after all the changes.

4 years ago

review by cradlecorpse

I ordered 2 guitars from Rondo. A ~$225 Douglas Spad Pro that had bad frets. They were popping up and would not stay pressed in. It also had some pretty bad blemishes in the finish and the nut was cut too deep on 2 strings, it was ruined. Because I noticed even the Pro version had junk bridge, nut, and electronics on it I got a refund on that one and ordered the less expensive ~$149 Douglas Spad (non-pro) intending to replace all the cheap parts.

This one came with frets popping up in the middle (frets were bent or curved too much for the fret board radius), a warped/twisted (set) neck, and a cracked/split fretboard (caused from the twisting neck) from the nut, all the way to the second fret. The black paint was coming off the bridge badly. Everything past the 12th fret was completely dead. Totally unplayable guitar.

I put in for a replacement, shipped it back, and after the return arrived at Rondo, he refused to send me a replacement, saying I would not be happy with anything he could send me, as if I was being too picky. He did refund the money but basically said if I won't accept a broken, completely unplayable and un-fixable guitar, he did not want my business. Fair enough, but be warned. I was not expecting good harware on a cheap guitar, but I did expect undamaged wood and frets so I could fix it up myself. you can't level frets that won't stay pressed in and you can't fix or replace a warped, set neck or cracked fretboard.

Both guitars came shipped poorly in a foam bag inside a single layer cardboard guitar box. The price would be good on these guitars considering the super cheap electronics on them if the wood and frets were usable. Neither of mine were. It would have cost 3-7 times the price of the guitars to have them repaired to a playable state. It is painfully obvious Rondo does not even open the box and glance at these guitars for quality control before shipping them out. I saw the flaws before I even got the foam bag completely off.

4 years ago

review by dudeguyman

Bought my second SX in the past month. This time a "B stock" Furrian Tele w/ P90's. Rondo once again shipped this guitar out expeditiously and i got a great deal on a sweet sounding guitar. These SX's are the BEST value asian guitars out there. Thanks Kurt.

4 years ago

review by scottsman-8000..

I just bought a Agile AL-2000 root beer flame & this guitar rocks.Ive been playing guitar for over 30 years & I have owned many in my days.This Agile i just found out about & figured for the price I would take a chance and get one before trying it out & I am happy i did.The guitar plays great & sounds just fine with everything stock.I thought I may need to change out the pickup's but after playing it with some minor adjustments,its just fine really.It did have a scratched up pick guard,i told Kurt at Rondo & he sent me another right away no questions asked.Now, no it isn't a Gibson but it's just as good if not better than those $600 Epiphone's out there & I only paid $199 w/$17 shipping.If your strapped for cash & would like a pretty darn good guitar,the Agile is the way to go...

4 years ago

review by Scumby

6/25/06 ~15:45PST

Placed order online for a Douglas WOB 826 with 3 Day Select Shipping. Immediately recieved an automated email response. I'll be updating my experience with them over the next couple of days.

6/27/07 ~14:10

Received email from fedex that my bass is in transit. I'm a little puzzled because the website says that it would be going UPS, but Fedex is just fine by me.

6/29/07 14:00ish

Received package. Was double packed per their site. Instrument was slightly out of tune, but then again it did travel across the country...

For the money, this Bass cannot be beat. When I was a semi-working musician, I couldn't purchase a BAD 4 string bass for less than $350. For $225 delivered, this 6 string bass is great. I mostly play on my own, and hope to be doing a few jam sessions here and there with friends.

I strongly recommend Rondo Music. I'll probably order from them again when it's time to purchase a fretless bass :-)


I'll also be placing a review of the actual product on and for those of you interested primarily in the product.

4 years ago

review by budogamer

I placed an order on May 21st and received it May 23rd. I received the guitar and it was missing the selector knob, a quick e-mail to rondomusic and they shipped one to me via FedEx. Which they really didn't have to do. I like companies who go the extra mile for their customers. I would and will purchase from them again. I will recommend them to friends.

4 years ago

review by Sinster

I bought two guitars from Rondo on the same day--an SX Furrian and a Douglas Hadron 727. First of all, shipping was fast.

I was playing the guitars three days later. When I bought the guitars an old adage came to mind "You get what you pay for." The Furrian it is a Telecaster type guitar and cost $99, it came with a small 10watt amp, a gig bag, a strap, some picks, a tuner, a cable and an instructional video. You could say I was not expecting a guitar to show up with a fit and finish better than the $500 Mexican Telecasters I have played. This guitar is gorgeous and the action is very nice, with that vintage Tele twang to boot.

As for the Hadron. I have been looking into bariton guitars for some time. I have been looking into seven string guitars for some time. This particular model combines both, something I think is unique and can't be obtained from any other maker at any price. The price on this was $225. The finish is gorgeous, unbelievably gorgeous. The design is neck-thru. an incredible feature not found in guitars under $700. It has Grover tuners (supposedly licensed) and a Floyd rose bridge (also supposedly licensed). If you don't know what a Floyd rose is--it is a very complicated bridge system and a very desirable one, once you go through the trouble of setting it up(it came set up very nicely). by itself, unattached to a guitar, they sell for $130. This Hadron plays beautiful and with seven strings and a longer baritone scale it is improving my range and talent. Would have paid a thousand for this guitar if i had to.

Before I made the purchase I had questions, which were answered very promptly. Rondo also offered a very comforting return policy. The guitars were shipped very promptly after I made payment and they shipped both guitars and the amp for the cost of just one.

I'm a very pleased customer, I will be buying from Rondo again, and I will recommend Rondo (and SX and Douglas) products to friends.

4 years ago

review by Patkay

Two weeks ago on Friday, I ordered a blue Douglas Hadron 725 7-string guitar from Rondo, and I'm loving it. I paid $225, plus ~$70 for fast shipping and ~$60 for the guitar case (after reading these reviews, I wanted to make sure my guitar didn't break during shipping).

My order shipped out on the following Monday and arrived on Wednesday.

The guitar was even better than I thought it would be. I want to say that I was just fascinated by the color, and I love the inlays. A guitar like this at Guitar Center would easily be in the $1000 range or more. It has a very nice floyd rose, locking nut, 7 strings, super low action, and amazing color. It looks, plays, and sounds very nice. I love the low action - I'm into fast guitar playing, and this guitar is great for it.
It has a volume knob, tone knob, and 5-way pickup selector. My only complaint is the pickups - the pickups aren't very good, and I would prefer it came with active instead of passive, because it seems to have a difficult time reading the low 'B' string.

When my guitar arrived, it was missing the whammy bar, but I e-mailed Kurt about this about a week ago, and he said he'd ship me an extra one, and it arrived yesterday.

Kurt is nice, and he's very quick about replying to e-mails. When I was talking to him over e-mail, he seemed like a nice guy.

4 years ago

review by MichaelFJ

I have bought 2 guitars and 1 bass from this site. The Douglas was not the best guitar, but it was only $99 and it was worth what I paid for.

However, the Brice 6-string bass and Agile Intrepid Pro 828 Nat MN Trem (which I paid a little more for) were above and beyond in quality. The Agile, especially, was durable (I've banged this thing up badly and it only has one ding to show for it). The Brice and Agile stay in tune very well for a non-locking neck, and the Agile has a Tremolo (albeit a non-floating trem system). The prices were great, the sound was awesome and the action is on par with guitars that typically cost twice as much.

I see a lot of people complaining about customer service. I haven't needed any, so I can't say anything there, but when communicating with the company about requests, Kurt was pretty fast in responding (in a couple hours of emailing).

4 years ago

review by bushidov

I asked Kurt at Rondo to post this review on there site and was told they did not have a review section and I could post on other review sites like this one.

Hello Kurt
Rondo Music

I received both orders in one box yesterday before 1pm. The box was beat
up pretty bad and was taped with clear shipping tape. I inspected the
contents and everything seemed untouched by the mishandling during shipping.
The pickups were in there boxes and un-dented, looked like they just got
pulled off the shelf. The Floyd rose tremolo is un-scratched and
in fine shape. I will how well it works for sure when I install it this week end. I am
sure it is fine condition the cursory inspection looked good.
The guitar in the case was fine as I expected and the case in its protective
wrap was un-scathed as well.

All in all I am very impressed with the speed I received this order and
your total cooperation on adding the pickups and tremolo to the order to
help keep costs down. The guitar is set up very well, plays well and
sounds great. I will be recommending your company to all my friends who want
to purchase guitars and products of this nature. You obviously have a
company that cares about the products it sells and your customers.

Post this if you have a place for reviews on your site. I did not notice a
place for comments but I was moving fairly fast, also please a big thanks to
all workers who put this order together.

H. David Raphael 100% Satisfied with Rondo Music

I asked Kurt at Rondo to post this review on there site and was told they did not have a review section and I could post on other review sites like this one.

4 years ago

review by HDR40

I don't typically do this, but I felt compelled to write and let Rondo know that they once again, provided me with another great guitar. This is the 5th guitar I have ordered from them. Each guitar has been as stated and sounds much better than I had anticipated out of the box, tuned and on the go.
The tuners are strong, and the pick ups wound hot with a very rich sound.Even on the lowest costing model I ordered the first time (the SX Tele.
Two years ago I saw a dated add for a stainless dobro and I wrote and asked if they had anymore in stock. They got back to me right away and put in an order from their supplier and I had one in my hands. Their effort and quality make them a very sound value and I would recommend them and their product to anyone.

4 years ago

review by bukwessul

I stumbled upon Rondo's web-page & bought one of their mid range guitars. It arrived packaged well & in a short time.
The guitar was a 12 string Les Paul body. This instrument is 3 to 4 times the value for the price. My guitar experience covers over 40 years & maybe as many guitars. This 12 string is as playable and quality sounding as ANYTHING
I have ever owned.

4 years ago

review by Robbinsteel

I just picked up an AL-3100 from Rondo Music and once again, I am blown away by how nice this guitar is! Mine is a cherry burst P-90 model with a maple neck. $299 for this guitar is just ridiculous! Mother of pearl inlays, Graphtech nut/bridge/tailpiece with stringsaver saddles, Grover 18-1s, multi-ply binding, beautiful sunburst top etc, etc, etc! I have several acoustic and electric guitars that cost much more than this AL-3100 and I would put this one right up there with any of them as far as build quality, finish, hardware is concerned. I have a USA Fender and a Taylor and this guitar doesn't have to make any apologies hanging next to those on my wall or plugged in. It truly is amazing how much guitar you get for the money, but again, the fact that this one cost $300 doesn't mean it is a budget guitar. I ordered it with a very nice brown hsc for $65 - ANOTHER great buy!

I should note that I am not a stranger to Rondo. I have bought an AL-2000 in the past as well as a SX Furrian and a J/P style short-scale bass for my kids and those are all a great value too.

In addition to providing great products, Kurt at Rondo provides service that is second to none. He's responsive to any questions I have had - always answers emails, etc. With my latest order - placed Monday morning, my guitar was delivered by the UPS man Wednesday evening!! Granted, I am in Connecticut - close by, but the bottom line is when you place an order, it is shipped FAST!!! I cannot say enough good things about my buying experiences from Rondo. I would buy another guitar from them in a heartbeat - you simply cannot find a better value than rondo and in particular the Agile line!

4 years ago

review by CBDBRP

Ordered SX Hawk MN P90, less case (had one already). Nice looking guitar(though meagerly packed)and was eager to set up and start playing. After closer inspection found two cracks at either side of the neck pocket! Couldn't tell if it was just a finish crack or something more structural. In any case, the rigors of transit must have done this. Returned it, and asked if they could pack the next one with more protection as I notice the first guitar had sparse protection from even moderate handling. The second guitar came in and had no extra packing and had the crack at the neck pocket. Returned it for a replacement but got a refund instead. I can't say this was entirely Rondo's fault, maybe they can't modify the package the guitar comes in. Back to shopping.

4 years ago

review by stratcrazy

I recently purchased a Callisto Jr from Rondo and was quite pleased. I have been a musician most of my life and have tried or been around many different brands over the years. To say that the instruments from Rondo provide the most "bang for the buck" is an understatement. The fit and finish on my guitar was superb. Another great feature in dealing with Rondo is the fact that you can actually correspond with Kurt directly. I email him and he always gets back. That's the way to do business!

4 years ago

review by Monarch5888

I just received my Agile 820 Guitar and must say the I am blown away! I own an Epi Dot and have been totally unsatisfied. I play mostly solid body instruments, but have been searching for an ES335 style instrument to round out my sound. The 820 not only BLOWS AWAY the "Dot", but holds its own against any of the 335s I have played while shopping (and for about 1/4 of the price)I cannot write enough about attention to detail. The finish and binding are immaculate, fret wires perfect (though the action came set too low for my taste, this is a personal choice)MOP inlays on the neck and headstock are gorgeous! Grover Tuners totally trump the cheesy hardware used on the "Dot".
Most importantly, this guitar sounds like a DREAM,stock p/ups surpass my expectations. I was expecting to have to swap them out honestly. But NO NEED!! The clean tones go from glassy (bridge p/up) to warm (neck p/up) and with 2 tone/volume (speed) knobs, I can dial in everything in between. I was pleasantly surprised at the CHUNKY tones I can get on the "LEAD" channel (overdrive) of my Peavy Classic 50 Amp.
This is the 3rd time I have done business with Kurt. One of my purchases arrived damaged and the customer service was prompt and professional. I cannot think of a reason I would buy a guitar elsewhere in the future. I own custom Fenders and Gibsons. For those of you who want to REALLY experience a BAD ATTITUDE, try dealing with either "Custom Shop"!! Its as if they are doing you a favor by taking your money! In closing, for those of you who what to "BUY AMERICAN" keep in mind that Rondo is an AMERICAN SMALL BUSINESS, a dying breed! If you think Gibson and Fender don't import from China, I have a nice bridge here in NY that I'd like to sell you!

4 years ago

review by jconsoli

Purchased a twelve-string Les Paul clone, for under $300. I received - VERY quickly - the best < $800 guitar I've ever owned! A very helpful and responsive company. Two of my friends have purchased guitars from them, based on my experience and the quality of product.

4 years ago

review by phillik

I bought Agile AL-3110 2TS Wide and it arrive in excellent condition. Plays and feel like Gibson. Kurt from Rondo Music is an excellent seller with good communication.

4 years ago

review by deafo

I have been asking for a single 8 string guitar neck. Very friendly conversation with Rondo, easy ordering and at least fast and safe shipping to germany! Top quality, perfect deal. Thank you!

4 years ago

review by keschgelb

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