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Aweful, Aweful, Aweful – Sharp Media Group – AWEFUL! Having had the unfortunate experience of dealing with this company – Sharps Media, I hope other small business owners will avoid them. Sharps Media Group – sharp practise I was contacted by one of Sharps Media’s salespersons offering me a domain name relevant to my work as a Counsellor. Thinking it was a good deal and having agreed to purchase the domain name, I then discovered that although I had bought it, Sharps Media very dishonestly kept the ownership details in their own name instead of registering it in mine. After being made aware of this anomaly, I requested Sharp Media to make the necessary change and they said OK if I paid them a further £60. I have since received a bill of £100 + VAT for Domain Forwarding, a service reputable companies do for free. Furthermore, I had another bad experience with this company regarding building me a website. Sharp Media took my money £540 and then refused to answer any communication regarding the building of the website. Eventually I cancelled the work and had the website built elsewhere. Sharps Media then continued their dishonest manner by refusing to refund any part of the money and fabricated a story to my bank stating that they were ‘still willing to build me a website’ when I no longer needed it. I’m under the impression that they’ve had issues with other companies as I’m unable to find any other reviews for their business. I would not recommend this company to anyone

3 years ago

review by Jane Charles -Aryeequaye


Scammers! Don't deal with them! Sold me a lifetime domain for £300 but they forgot to tell there is a £49.99 maintenance fee on it and kept my card details so without any noticed they charged and will charge if I don't block my card! Bullying tactics and keep card numbers on record and debit account when they wish. I would not give them 1 star! All the 5 stars reviews are scams! Beware!

3 years ago

review by Mr Laszlo Kohanyi

Absolute mis-selling cowboys. Sold me some domain names for an over inflated price with a promise of no extra fees then a week before they apparently went out of business and their portfolio taken over by first media (another joke and probably linked) took £100 management fee put of our account. No chance of getting money back and we were one of many. Stay clear of all these companies as not regulated and use misleading and mis-selling tactics to get your money!

3 years ago

review by GT Recovery ltd


The worst experience of my life! Sharps Digital / Sharps Media Group We were first contacted by a sales person for this company called Dale back in January of 2018. They were offering us a domain name for sale which we declined on several occasions. However, the pestering did not stop and the arguments became more persuasive, so in the end we agreed to purchase a domain name which also included in the price, a satellite website to be designed by them. We were promised that the domain would be transferred into our name within a few days, but this did not happen. We called and emailed numerous times speaking to various members of staff including Dale (the salesman) and Lois (who seems to be in a more senior position) about the transfer not taking place. Week in and week out we were promised that the site would be transferred to us and it became very stressful. At one point we asked them to simply refund our money and forget about the transfer, so eventually they transferred it into our name. By all accounts, it sounds like we got lucky here. Once our website development was complete (our own original site was undergoing a revamp), we notified them that the satellite site can now be built as it was modelled on looking like the current website we own and operate. The original salesman promised in an email and over the phone, that this would be completed by Monday 26 March 2018. Again this date came and went and so the game started again trying to communicate with Sharps Media (aka Sharps Digital) and repeatedly promises were made that the satellite site that we already paid for would be completed. There was always a new excuse and we were handed from one person to the next. A seemingly genuine and very friendly lady called Shauna contacted us at one point and she seemed genuinely appalled at what had happened up to that point. She seemed to take action and move things forward but the satellite site remained broken with links not working correctly and the whole menu system malfunctioning. Week in and week out we were promised that work would be completed on the site in the next few days. Realising that we would never get anywhere with this unscrupulous crowd we simply wanted to take control of the domain and forget about ever knowing Sharps Digital / Sharps Media. So the next game was afoot trying to get them to change the IPS tag so we could transfer the domain. Shauna now became less interested and handed us over to Caron, who wanted all the information about the change of IPS tag via text to her mobile. I duly typed it all out to make the request and I was promised it would be done on Wednesday. Today is Friday. Promises were once again just empty, meaningless words from Sharps Digital / Sharps Media and I was now asked to email my request for the IPS tag change to Lois. Having waited all day for this to happen I tried following up by phone and nobody cared to answer the main landline. Caron did not answer her mobile and of course Lois did not bother responding to the email sent earlier in the day. When I texted Caron to reiterate that I needed this done today because I was away all next week I just got a message back to say it will be done Monday. I have decided to simply pay Nominet the fee and do the transfer myself. Avoid this company at all cost. As another side note, Sharps Digital / Sharps Media have also tried to sell us guaranteed first place "placements" for our chosen keywords in Google. When I contacted Google in the UK to ask if such a product even existed, they said not. Sharps Digital "prove" this works by selling you a trial period for around £20 + VAT and you will actually see your chosen keyword rank at the very top of the search during the trial, but beware....Google knows nothing about this product and neither does anybody else. You can draw your own conclusions about this company. If they contact you for anything - RUN, don't walk, RUN in the opposite direction. That is the only advice I can give anybody thinking of dealing with Sharps Digital. I tried to find reviews about them before buying the domain and found nothing either here on Trustpilot or in Google. It is my hope that this review may help someone else avoid a similar fate. Please note that I have been asked to email the same person, Lois using both a and email address. It is one and the same company.

3 years ago

review by Sue S

#price(1/5) #refund(1/5)

Awful company fraudsters rip people off steel money from their cards then open up as a new company Sharps Media Group, Sharps Placements, F1rst Media , Macello Media Ltd , Hybrid+ , ACRI Consulting LTD , how are they all connected Michael Ralph Sharp Andrew Hoggarth Sharp

4 years ago

review by Deleted User

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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