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I'd give Toshiba a zero star if that were a choice. I bought a brand-new Toshiba laptop January 2016 and intermittently from week one it wouldn't start up. Toshiba has had almost a year now to make it right and they haven't. Even after numerous calls and finally they agreed I should send it back (they said they replaced the motherboard) they didn't get it fixed and every time I called to say it was doing it again, tech support said they had to exhaust other options first - "do this to it" let them remote in, or more recently (now that my complimentary tech support is up) for $40 they will trouble shoot it ... this last time they said they fixed it and call back again if it continues not to turn on....and again and again. It hasn't even been a year yet and they tell me I should have read the warrantee better that I should know that it is too late to ask for a replacement after all this. They won't replace this piece of junk because I only had the first 30 days to do so and their tech support wouldn't admit that it was a bad computer, so they would'nt replace it. So after all this and the warrantee is about up, after going all the way to a "case manager," if I send it back they will once again attempt to fix it "for free" but I have to pay the $20 shipping (I still have the shipping box they sell you from the time before that it went back to the Depot, so I wouldn't have to buy it again)... Now why would I throw more money at sending their piece of junk back how many times until they replace every part in it??? Their tech support and customer service is so well trained at not letting you send it back for months that they will never replace a bad computer. Toshiba expects you to pay for their poor quality control. They even got downright rude about it not being their problem to sell junk in the first place. I told "Sila" I wanted an address to write to the head of customer service and "Sila" said "they don't take complaints." I said I was going to stay on the phone until she gave me a department head to write to and she hung up on me. So I just want to warn you that buying a Toshiba is a gamble. Do you feel lucky?

3 years ago

review by Burntbytoshiba A.

I bought a Toshiba Satellite L45T-A4230NR in August of 2013, which comes with a standard 1 year warranty. About 3/4 of the way into the 1 year warranty (May 2014), the hard drive died (think infamous blue screen). After numerous phone calls I finally received instructions to pay for the shipping and to ship it to a Toshiba-certified repair shop. I received the repaired notebook about 1 and 1/2 weeks later and everything seemed to be working well.

Three months after the warranty expired, the hdd crashed again. It would start up and work for a couple of minutes, but then it would freeze and the hard drive would stop working (or at least it wasn't making any noise). The next day, knowing that it was out of warranty and therefore Toshiba wouldn't really do anything to help, I took it to a computer expert. The expert told me that the hdd has died and it's only at about 20% capacity. He also asked me why I had a REFURBISHED hdd and explained that refurbished hdds are used hard drives which were broken and then repaired. However, refurbished hdds could NEVER BE REPAIRED fully and the old problems always CAME BACK (which was why I was having issues with this supposedly "new" hdd).

Indeed, I was quite surprised to find out that Toshiba had used a refurbished hard drive for the repair because I wasn't informed of that fact and was left with the impression that a new hdd was put in (having no reason to check it, I did not discover this fact until the hdd died again). I asked the computer expert to double check if it was really a refurbished hdd and found out that the hdd had a label stating it was "refurbished." Why is this a problem? Well, using refurbished hdds is apparently illegal because it's like "repairing" a laptop with a defective product ON PURPOSE. In other words, Toshiba would still be LIABLE for any issues caused by the refurbished hdd their repair shop put in (even if the warranty for the computer had expired).

Of course, on 12/15 I called Toshiba (I spoke with a woman called Florence) to ask them why they used refurbished hard drives during repairs, if it just meant that the person receiving the repair will have to deal with another hard drive disaster in a few months. At this, Toshiba denied that they ever used refurbished hard drives and told me that I must be wrong. I explained that their repair serviceman was the last to ever touch the hdd and there was a "refurbished" sign on the hdd when an expert looked at it because it crashed again. At this, they reiterated that they do not use refurbished hard drives for repair and basically insinuated that I conjured a refurbished drive out of nowhere and put it in my laptop so I can crash it. Now, as much as I appreciate Toshiba's overestimation of my technical savviness, there is no way I'd pull off such an elaborate scheme just so I could crash my own computer a few months after repairs and have to deal with the aftermath of all my lost files. I even asked, if they had a system in place to keep track of hard drives they replaced (so I could just read the serial number on the refurbished hdd and they could check it against their system to prove they put it there) and conveniently enough, they told me they don't keep track of the products they repair (?!).

I tried talking to a supervisor (a guy named Robin) as well, but he told me that because my warranty had expired and because Toshiba only uses new hard drives in repairs, the only thing he could do was file a complaint about how my "refurbished hdd of unknown origins" ended up in my laptop after Toshiba repairs. He told me my only recourse was to call the repair department and pay for an out-of-warranty repair which would cost virtually the same as the original price of the notebook (or sue, which would cost more). Coincidentally, when I asked the out-of-warranty repairman if Toshiba can guarantee that this time, I won't end up with a random refurbished hdd after the repair, I was told not to worry because the repairmen buy the hdds on their own and get reimbursed after the repair. When I inquired as to how they make sure that the repairmen don't buy refurbished hard discs, I was told that they just don't. Well Toshiba, according to my magically-appearing refurbished hdd, at least one does. Needless to say, I began looking for a new laptop.

The next day, I got a call from the supervisor I had filed the complaint with. His advice was to buy a new laptop because it would be the same price as the repair. The kicker? When I looked up available laptops within the price range and specifications he mentioned, none of them were Toshiba laptops. Yes, that's right! A customer service supervisor for Toshiba basically told me that in order to solve my problem, I should not buy a Toshiba laptop. Well, I'm happy to report that I'll take that advice to heart and this was the first and will be THE LAST TIME I buy a Toshiba!!!

3 years ago

review by Unhappy100 R.


I purchased a Satellite L55 laptop approximately one year ago. At 5 months old the right hinge broke.

Toshiba's initial reply to my inquiry is this was my problem due to use and not covered.

After over 3 months of arguing with Toshiba, and pointing out that my investigation revealed that they had had two class action lawsuits brought against them for these hinges, they agreed to look at it for repairs.

The problem was/is that all my investigation into other owners warned DO NOT SEND YOUR COMPUTER TO TOSHIBA FOR REPAIRS. Not only do they want you to pay to ship the defective product to them, they then hold your computer hostage and advise that the repairs are not covered and want you to pay them for repairs and the cost to ship back to you.

I sent Toshiba 4 different messages stating I would gladly bring my laptop to the local authorized Toshiba repair facility for them to repair. TOSHIBA NEVER REPLIED. They just kept sending robo-messages.

Try calling Toshiba- GOOD LUCK. You can never get to a live person.

No matter what a good deal you think you might be getting, DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA PRODUCTS, they fall apart.

I found endless complaints about their products online, unfortunately I didn't look until after I had purchased the product. I hope whoever is reading this does their investigation before purchase!!!!!

3 years ago

review by Tamarahb D.

I purchased a c55t satellite laptop in 3/2014 and immediately had trouble with the system connecting and staying connected to the internet. the starting system was very slow and downloading Microsoft office was a arduous task. I have an older Toshiba and acer laptop that works just fine on my Wi-Fi. Also the screen would just go blank and would only respond if disconnecting the battery. Then all of a sudden I laptop would just shut off and the power button would not work. I AGAIN would have to remove the battery in order to use the laptop. Well this started to happen daily so I called customer service to get some ideas on how to make it work properly. That apparently was one day BEFORE the 90 day warrantied tech support expired. (I didn't know this) so the next day on Saturday the 30th he said it was the last day of warranty and I must pay them to trouble shoot over the phone THEN I could send it in under warranty. I'm highly annoyed by this point and this agent has an indifferent attitude , with a heavy foreign accent that is difficult to understand what he is saying and is obviously reading a script. I keep repeating that of course its under warranty and obviously something is
wrong with this particular laptop. That was the second time A TICKET was generated and would be emailed to me. Received nothing by email and each time I call they say they have no complaints on my purchase. Never again will I purchase any laptops of this brand.

3 years ago

review by Reed12 Y.

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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