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Tubs2u.co.uk Review

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Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:33 AM

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Tubs2u.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (7)

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customer service 3 /5

Disgusting I paid for a filter for my hot tub they took my money and the filter never arrived. They have made all sorts of excuses why my filter wasn't in stock then apparently I ordered it from hot price tubs and tubs2U is a different company which is a lie. Hot Price tubs, tubs2U and London spas are all the same company they are thieves and don't care about the customer at all.

3 years ago

review by Ann Incerti


This company used to known as hotpricetubs. They have just changed their name. Same company, same director/ owner. Please read the reviews for hotpricetubs as well as this company.. they are the same people and are the worst... This is my review below Published Tuesday, January 30, 2018 and my update On Sunday, March 11, 2018. please give them the widest berth.. save yourself a world of pain. THE WORST AFTERSALES SERVICE .. simply awful !! The tub itself was fantastic. We had initial issues getting the couple of damaged panels replaced. Took a few emails before they sent them but it wasn’t a big issue as we could still use the tub. And we happily used it most days for 9 months until we had an issue with it and contacted Aftersales to get it sorted. This was on 27th November. Despite my giving them updates on the issues while we waited for the engineers visit and then promising he would be aware and have all he needed to fix it, he didn’t. He arrived after 4pm in the dark, fixed one issue which was the control panel , didn’t seem aware of the issue with the jets not working, diagnosed a faulty pump and promised a visit the next week to fix it. After that the tub stopped heating up so I emailed them to tell them so their engineer could be told and they promised they would update the engineer. Since then Aftersales have been a complete joke. They never answer their phones- once I spent 50 minutes on hold only to get cut off, I leave voicemails and they are ignored, i email and they rarely reply, I try every means to get them to answer me (through sales and logistics, through messenger and twitter) and eventually they do but they make promises they don’t keep and blatantly lie. I’ve been promised visits on certain days and they don’t bother turning up or contacting to say they aren’t coming. The one time an engineer did turn up in January he hadn’t been told what was wrong so didn’t have the right pump. This was despite Aftersales promising that he did have the right parts and would definitely be able to fix it!! I discovered later that they didn’t even have the right parts at their base!! Since then 4 visits have been promised. 2 they just didn’t bother turning up and the last 2 they cancelled stating the engineer who was due to come is no longer with them so they would rearrange and get back to me by the end of today. Surprisingly they haven’t !! In the middle of all this they keep sending me texts asking me to book a service and it’ll cost me £250!! Oh, in one attempt to get in touch with them I phoned the number on their emails... mistake.. I got a phone bill with almost £50 charge on it all for being on hold to no one because I now realise they ignore their phones!! I was promised a refund by one of their employees but I’m not holding my breath. If anyone leaves a message on their Facebook page that’s anything less than complimentary, they just delete it. I know, they have deleted 2 of mine without replying to me and when my son left messages saying how bad Aftersales were, they deleted them and blocked him. I’ve had over 2 months without a working hot tub, I’ve been lied to and ignored and am stressed beyond belief with it all. I emailed the owner, a Dean Morley, twice but he obviously doesn’t care because he hasn’t replied either. In summary, don’t bother using this company because they really don’t care about their existing customers. The owner doesn’t even care! UPDATE.. It took almost 3 months of upset, stress and frustration but we Eventually got the hot tub fixed after dealing directly with one of their engineers who was honest enough to be totally truthful. From what he said it’s clear they never had the part needed to repair the tub despite them repeatedly telling me they had and they made promises with absolutely no intention of keeping them. The engineer took things into his own hands and went and bought a suitable pump and the hoses required to make it fit on his way here and then managed to get the new pump fitted & working. I can’t describe how stressed this whole episode made me.. I don’t think I realised until it was finally done with and I ‘crashed’. I was on the brink of just getting it fixed by someone else but I didnt want to let hotpricetubs Off the hook when it came to honouring their warranty. Now out of warranty and I will have nothing more to do with them other than still trying to get a refund off them for those phone calls they ignored. I repeat .. Don’t bother using this company.. they don’t care!! Edit

3 years ago

review by Jan Hollands

#price(1/5) #refund(1/5)

From day one nightmare. Took tthe finance money before we even had a delivery date for the tub. After approx £12.00 worth of phone calls to the finance company and calling and emaiiling with promise on the phone but no acknowledgement on email from tubs2u for them to contact the finance to advise on the error constantly we finally got tubs2u weeks later to do it. We were not kept upto date on delivery just through pure luck and our emailing we got the delivery date although we had told tubs2u we needed a weeks notice for a crane. Hot tub arrived minus the steps upgraded wifi receiver for a Mayfair deluxe. the plastic stripping around was not long enough showing exposed wood and no lid. After various phone calls and emails we were assured verbally (they will never put it in writing) by Jack dont worry we send the lid out separate and it is definitely on way for delivery today. So we filled the tub and suprise suprise lid never turned up plus bulb not working. The next day Saturday definitely coming today off Jack. Never turned up again?? I was told the Wifi receiver had been sent out with the steps and I was even given a tracking number for the lid on the Monday with a company called Tufnells. The tracking didn't work I called Tufnells and they had nothing and had never had anything for my post code. I called and was told by Jack they've lost the lid in the system somewhere. How gullible does he think I am? The engineer came out the following Friday and fixed the bulb and tried to sort the bare wood but 4 of the edging strips were too short. The following Thursfay after numerous emails and lies we eventually got the steps and longer plastic strips which we have to drill holes in ourselves and attach to a tub we've paid for complete. More emails and promises and fake tracking numbers 3 week's later and I am still listening to lies with no lid or the upgraded Wifi receiver. plus 4 pieces of wood showing as my husband dosent have the tools etc to drill the holes and fit the new strips and to top it all due to no lid my electric has gone up from around £1.00 a day to £4 -£5 a day. ( I have a smart meter) I only filled the tub as I was promised by Jack the lid is on its way and I have been constantly promised this ever since. I asked for my electric to be reimbursed was ignored for many emails then told you can have some aromatherapy oils. NO THANKS . I have notified my solicitor and asked God knows how many times for Tubs2U and London Spas as they are linked for their Formal complaints procedures which they won't even send me them. if you want to be ripped off and lied to by Jack and Sophie buy a tub of Tubs2U. If not go to another company like I wished I had. And Tubs2U don't dare say this is untrue or you don't know me as a customer, which I have read on previous reviews unfortunately after I had ordered my tub. As I have all email evidence and am willing to prove I am telling the truth. I have given you 3 weeks and you have taken.me for a fool

4 years ago

review by Lyn A.


Wanted 4-5month for delivery, guys delivered damaged hot tub and property. Hot tub has been broke more than been working, Leaking, controls not working, speakers no longer working, no insulated cavity as promised or cover & chemical. Damaged side panels not repaired. Terrible customer service, never call back or say an engineer will be in touch but never no call. Absolutely scammers, they block all negative comments on Facebook & trade under 3 or 4 different names so be aware & and don’t waste your money.

4 years ago

review by Andy X.

#delivery(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

Purchased a hot tub in November 2016 from Hotpricetubs and have multiple issues with it ever since like many other customers. They have so many negative reviews, court judgements and trading standards complaints they are re-branding as tubs2u. This is the same directors selling the same cheap Chinese components. They claim to be British made tubs but they are shipping the components from China and bolting them together in this country. These tubs do not last two minutes and when they eventually break, you will have months of hassle trying to get an engineer out to service it under the warranty. They were unable to fix my tub and told me I would get a refund/replacement under the warranty but since then they have avoided my calls, messages and emails. Currently going through the courts for a refunds like many others. Check out the reviews for hotprice tubs before buying here. Like pretty much everybody else who has purchased one, I wish I had paid a little extra for a tub that would last more than two minutes. Now left with a useless, unusable giant eyesore dominating my garden.

4 years ago

review by Paul Bagley

#price(3/5) #refund(3/5)

WOW wish I had found these reviews before I paid £50 deposit for a £150 Hot Tub Service. I didnt realise that Tubs2U was previously Hot Price Tubs. We bought our Hot Tub May 2017 from Hotpricetubs and so far we have had no issues with it. When I went to contact them to arrange a service I could not find any details for them anymore. All the numbers I had on paperwork didnt work. I had however received an email from Tubs2U with various different options for different services on. I paid £50 deposit and booked a service all over Email and was told someone would call with a date. When they did call at the end of November they said they could not come until the 21st of January. So I sat in all day and nobody turned up. I emailed for 2 days to eventually be told that the Engineer who was due to come had left the company (reading the other reviews this seems to be a standard reply). It is now Feb 4th and I am still emailing daily for my deposit to be returned ! Although up to now we have not had an issue with our Hot Tub I think this company is probably avoided at all costs. Not sure where we stand with the Warranty now :-(

4 years ago

review by Nichole Mitchell


We found that this business has an active Facebook page with 126026 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is trustworthy and popular among people. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Tubs2u.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Tubs2u.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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