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180 Hampstead Road, London, United Kingdom, NW1 7AW

Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:39 AM

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delivery 2.7 /5

price 1.5 /5

quality 1 /5

refund 1 /5

BHF are getting incredibly greedy....£20 for a pair of ankle boots that weren't even branded. £5 for a primark vest when it would have only cost £3 from primark. I shant be going in there or donating to them anymore, they have lost their way become incredibly greedy and most of the funds go to management and advertising anyway rather than the actual cause. Charity shops need to be very careful, people are losing patience with their greed and they will start collapsing over the next few yrs, ultimately the charities suffer. And dont forget those that come into charity shops could do with a little charity themselves so calm down with your greed, especially in times of austerity

3 years ago

review by Z. P.

I wanted to donate a leather sofa. I filled in the online form which promised that someone would get back to me within three working days. A week later, I was contacted. They couldn't organise collection for another week. So, two weeks later, two men turned up. Complained that the stitching on the sofa had a tiny tear (about 1cm) and that this meant they couldn't take it. The sofa was worth at least £60 (I paid £140 for it four years ago) which could have been used to help fund research into heart disease. The BHF have absurdly high standards for the condition of goods they will accept. They also wasted my time and threw away an opportunity to raise valuable funds.

3 years ago

review by Adam Blake

Very unhappy with Scarborough branch. We bought a sofa for £120 and then donated our sofa and a dishwasher- they sold for £220. New sofa arrived with the two main cushions missing. The shop spent 2 weeks trying to find them! No luck. Been into the shop today and the only offer was to swop for another sofa. The condition/quality is no where near what we bought/want. Having to constantly chase to arrange the swop! Not impressed one bit..... we have donated continually for this good cause and received really poor service.

3 years ago

review by Y. M.


Whatever you do, do not try and donate your large furniture to BHF. The chances are that they arrange a pickup time with you, but then don't collect the items as arranged. The drivers are unspeakably rude, as well as incompetent. Terrible, terrible experience. (We were dealing with the Wrexham branch.)

3 years ago

review by Dr B J Dodd

The Nuneaton store is excellent! The shop is always clean and nicely laid out. Purchased a fantastic Old Charm unit for £150. The lady who dealt with us (Amanda) was fantastic and arranged delivery to suit our needs. The unit was delivered at the designated time and date we requested. The two lads ensured it was placed exactly where we wanted it. We went back to the store a few days later to say "Thank You" for an outstanding and professional service from start to finish. Utterly superb.

3 years ago

review by Alan Frehley


Booked in a time for you to pick a sofa and chair up. At least you turned up but leaving a message on my phone saying you would be here sometime today.. well thanks. You didn’t contact me three days before to say whether you would be here. I just had assume. Anyway you turn up, look at my sofa and chair and say it’s too well used and that you expect new furniture. You guys are a charity. There was one gash in the sofa. The chair was barely used! I got these used as well! They are a good sofa and chair. I would never have contacted you if I thought no one would get a use from them. Thank you for wasting my time and the sarcastic sorry you guys left me with. It is clear you want things a certain way but at least make that clear before you waste a customers time. Wrexham/ Chester branch I would assume. P.S thanks for the dirt you trailed into my house. A really upset customer.

3 years ago

review by A really upset customer.

I had some items to donate, the pick up was arranged and nobody turned up. I waited all day. If they were in great need of donations and wanted to help others why didn't they turn up. I was very disappointed

3 years ago

review by Angela kakouti

Ridiculous prices of some of their own items, especially electrical. I mean, come on folks, a Sky+ sat box for £30? Selling on Ebay for average £5. I am speaking about the old white box. Even the newer black +hd boxes sell for average £15 on Ebay. I know it is a charity but one also has to be sensible and fair.

3 years ago

review by L. G.


Bought a bed from the Camberley branch and the shop staff were helpful but then it went wrong. I was told I would be called 30 minutes prior to arrival but wasn't, the delivery staff turned up and walked mud into my house, they refused to dismantle the bed and said insurance would not allow them too. I needed two have a bed for my myself and small some and spent four hours dismantling to get up the stairs and put together again. I was charged £20 for delivery and yet the service was shocking. The store, when I phoned, was very unhelpful. I shall never use again and considering as they are a charity, you'd think they would be far better at looking after those buying and donating.

3 years ago

review by X. T.


An absolute disgrace! BHF Newton Abbot An absolute disgrace!! BHF Newton Abbot I had the most awful experience ever with the delivery ppl who refused to even try taken the wardrobe I bought when it would have been possible! Then it was a double hell time to get the money back from them into my card as their employee was too thick to understand the fact that it was a refund she needed to do, not a sale! As a result the whole amount I paid for that dammed wardrobe was taken out of my account yet again, meaning twice!! I confirmed with my bank the fact that the money was indeed taken! I went back to this awful shop again to tell them to refund me twice and that horrible man was arguing there was no mistake!! I showed him my bank statement with the price I paid deducted from my account and he finally decided to double check!! Unbelievable, not a word of apology whatsoever! He finally then admitted they made a mistake! Thanks!! Not! I'm furious! Now I have to wait 2 days to see if the money clears in my account or start disputes!! Never buy there! The so called "attempt" delivery charge of £20 was denied to be refunded! I will claim compensation for the extreme stress this caused me!!

3 years ago

review by F. Q.

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #refund(1/5)

2 men arrived from Bedminster branch to take my freezer and sofa. I asked the young lad if he would mind removing his shoes, as I have a cream carpet. He said, " I'm not taking my shoes on and off again". I explained that I did not expect them to keep taking them on and off whilst carrying items, I thought they would just want to view them first. The older one joined in and they both started to argue with me. I said I would write a review and agreed they could keep their shoes on. He took great offence at this and the argument got more heated. He refused to take the freezer, out of spite I think, so I sent them away without my lovely sofa. What a terrible first experience (and last) and waste of a day off work to accommodate collection.

4 years ago

review by Julie Barrett

I had arranged to donate a fairly new bed and mattress about 6 months old . Two young lads turned up with their van, took one look at the bed and said they couldn't take it because it wasn't dismantled. No-one had told us it had to be dismantled. There were 8 screws to remove but the lads said they were not allowed to do it and didn't take the bed. Do they really want donations? Very disappointing

4 years ago

review by D. Littlewood

I had an interview nice people I think when I left I knew I hadn't got the job, I told my partner when I got in the car I dont think I'm going to be lucky on this occasion I'm already in work I just wanted to move on to something with more of a challenge I would just like to say I hope the huddersfield branch treat the volunteers with more respect and courtesy than they do the potential future employees. They did not show me the courtesy of one five minute phone call or a letter nothing to say sorry the jobs not yours I went for the interview came out never heard from them again was tempted to ring up but thought no if they conduct themselves this way nothing will change it will look as though its sour grapes so to speak on my part but where I come from its basic polite business conduct i would have thought to inform someone of the outcome after the interview and when they have shown an interest in your company etc.this is not to say they are not doing a fantastic job for a great cause because they are of course and I will continue to donate as I have done in the past I just feel that good old fashioned common courtesy and good practise never hurt anyone. I hope any volunteers showing an interest dont get the same treatment.

4 years ago

review by Deleted User

We found that this business has an active Facebook page with 594811 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is trustworthy and popular among people. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field. We found that this business has an Instagram page, where they communicate with their customers using images and videos. This is usually an indication that the business has some visual aspects that it wants to showcase. We discovered that this business has a Wikipedia page. To us this shows that the business is credible and well known for its products, services or innovation.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

180 Hampstead Road, London, United Kingdom, NW1 7AW

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