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delivery 3 /5

price 1 /5

refund 1 /5

Despite owning and using a website this company is not based in the UK, deliveries are not from the UK and will take a long time and not be protected by UK trade regulation. Customer support is non existent.

3 years ago

review by Luke

I was on Alza store in Holisovice place and saw a nice price on MacBook Pro and decided to buy it. One of the consultants was helping me with the choice. He was asking me many questions and one of them was about trading license. He said that I can save even more if I buy it for the company. I said that I have trading license and it would great if can save some extra money on the purchase. I asked him about 5 to 10 times if this is possible, because I wasn't sure if I really can do it. He said that anybody who has trading license or s.r.o. can purchase good and get money back on it (this is complete lie as I found later). During the consulation process he was bagging me to get insurance for it, because it is expensive and so on. I said no a few times, but time by time he was still asking me about it. I don't understand why you need to be so agressive towards customer? So, I said no again and he stopped. After I agreed to buy laptop for a company, he said becuase you will get your money back by the end of the year on this laptop maybe it is good idea to get insurance, because for the saved money it will be covered for 1 year of Apple's official vurranty + 3 years of Alaza. I was ok, this is good idea. Let's dot it. So on the counter I was asked about company information, so they registered payment under compamny. I paid for it and went home. After a few days, I received a notice from Alza that company details are incorrect but it did not say what was wrong exactly. Then I realized I was lied by the consultant so he can sell this laptop + insurance and get his % from it. This is not my first purchase at Alza and I am very dissapointed the way they handle customers. Their consultants would lie to you so you purchase they extras for some extra cost. I would really appreciate if anybody can contact me from Alza and solve this issue.

3 years ago

review by Alexander Teshabaev


I must admit i and so impressed with this company. The experience has been delightful. I purchased a 1000w Corsair PSC unit. Which arrived on time and as described. Unfortunately we had to increase the power rating to 1600w and would need to return the item. I was past the general 14 day period as stated on website. I called in and was greeted by a friend, well mannered, diligent customer support professional (hard to find these days). She immediately advises as I called in the timeline would be extended by 14 days, on top of that the call dropped while she was setting this up. I called back and the new advise was just as good. He advised the lady had actioned the return and that they just needed to confirm a collect date to pick up form home and that they were covering the cost. I was lost for words and gushing at how positive the service was. This compared to or who i have also been using the customer support at Alza was 10 /10 actually 20 /10 they went above and beyond. Furthermore as the first call dropped to my surprise I had a manager call me back as the lady did not want to leave the call like that but all issue were sorted all that was left for me to do is write a review of my experience the least I could do. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I WILL BE TELLING FRIENDS AND FAMILY START USING!!!! Well done and keep up the great work. Once very happy customer

3 years ago

review by naz

They took my money and never delivered. Calling customer support they claim they can't refund my purchase. Post office shows on online tracking that the package was clearly not delivered. Please, give me my money or give me my package. I don't want to google how to solve this kind of legal dispute.

3 years ago

review by Daniel Johnsen


Ordered from the Czech site for delivery in Austria. Instead the package was sent to a post office in Prague. Even though the site accepted the order, I'm told that only deliver in Czech Republic. While misleading, I'm told by alza that it is an automatic system and they can't do anything. I was not advised that my package had gone to Prague. By the time I had found out, it had been returned and my money returned. I lost two weeks because of this stuff up. It seems that alza is not an international shopping site but a number of local operations, which limits their value.

4 years ago

review by Harry K.


Alza Is 100% legit, It's the biggest e-shop in Czech Republic . I have lots of orders. And I'm very satisfied. They got better web site than Amazon. I highly recommend for every country. I don't know the people here with bad experience but don't notice it

4 years ago

review by Martin Varga

I purchased two graphics card (order 173828861) with Alza. Based in the UK I was worried that being a European based company something could go wrong and so on... I have to say, the service is amazing - I purchased the cards on the weekend and to my shock I got an email with tracking on a SUNDAY !! The tracking clearly showed where my parcel was and at what time. The parcel arrived and the cards were incredibly well wrapped, they know what they are doing. I have and will recommend them - top service !!

4 years ago

review by Ken Hart

We searched online and found that this business has an active Facebook page with 774 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is either not actively engaged with online communication or is new and growing. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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