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Last update: Tue, Sep 7, 2021 1:34 AM

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Some months ago, I made an online purchase from
for some supplements over 100 quid. I paid an extra 5.99 for Saturday
delivery as an option on their website. Waiting all day on Saturday at home
for delivery, the package did not arrive. Calling them on Monday, they
informed me that they DON'T do Saturday deliveries and they have been trying
to deliver the product for the past 2 days. I did not receive any calls or
notes about these deliveries despite having provided them with the
information. Nope, no note in my letterbox. They offered to re-deliver the
package. I requested for a refund for the additional weekend delivery fee
since my purchase was over 100 quid and that was free delivery according to
their website advertising. I received my package a week later and found that
an item I ordered was not delivered. It came with a handwritten note on the
invoice telling me they are out of stock and requested I informed them if I
want the same of a higher quantity and they will charge my credit card. I
informed them I did not want the item anymore and requested they refund me
the money for the undelivered item. Yep they PROMISED to do so. To top it
off, I found out they charged me another 5.49 on my credit card without MY
AUTHORISATION for redelivery (which technically I should not be charged for
because it was their fault on the re-delivery). Since then, I have gone
online (that's the only way you can communicate with their customer service)
and explained the situation 5 times, emailed them 3 times, wrote a letter to
them and they PROMISED to refund me the monies for the undelivered product,
the Saturday delivery charge and the unauthorised re-delivery charge AND
each time, giving the time the benefit of the doubt. I have not seem a
single penny since then. Guys, there are cheaper retailers out there.

1 year ago

review by 1972-TT

Excellent online retailer, Good prices fast delivery ordered 5 times now and never let me down.

1 year ago

review by Chris08

I used Body Source Online on the 18th - The Delivery Service was excelent and they are by far the cheapest I have seen on the internet. Bought my usual supplements at a far less price - They were delivered the next day. I ordered one of their privilege cards - OMG Even cheaper. 10% off straight away

1 year ago

review by muscle-man05

I placed an order on the 4th April as the item i wanted was in stock and it the order was suppose to arrive next working day before 3pm. No order arrived on the day stated in the confirmation email, I clicked the tracking link to check the status and the only update on there was them sending me the email confirmation! There was only 2 ways to contact customer service,both methods were a waste of time as I got no response to the emails and the live chat(9am-5pm only)kept me waiting 20mins between each reply and kept saying "one moment!!" in the end i was told the delivery was going out and i'd receive it next day. Another day passed and no order received. This time the tracking update said they tried to delivery but no one was in and had left a card??? I work from home was in all day and there was no card left! In fustration I rang the sales line and was told they can't help and someone will respond to my email(s). I sent a 3rd email cancelling the order as it was now a week late and I requested a full refund as they'd taken the money. Two days after cancelling the order, they deliveried the goods, unfortunately I wasn't home and they left it with next door. I couldn't believe they expected me to return the items (pay the return postage) i emailed to say i'd cancelled the order and I wasn't going to pay for the return so they'd have to collect and resent the other emails and live chats copies i'd kept. To top things they sent vanilla flavour protein when i'd ordered chocolate. It even stated the order was chocolate on the delivery note and in pen they wrote vanila only!!?? I shop on the internet all the time and I have to say this is the worst experience i've had. Do not buy from this company. They ignore emails, they don't delivery on time and the live chat is a joke. I'm waiting for them to collect the goods tomorrow, if they turn up and i'm wondering how long it will take them to refund me back. They have a thing about chargebacks protection on there site, maybe they should sort out the customer service?

1 year ago

review by KIRKAY22

I was promised nexy day delivery it did not arrive i have not been able to get through on the phone just kept on hold and no replys from my e-mails my advice STAY WELL away from this BOGUS company

1 year ago

review by philip1234

I ordered from Bodysourceonline for a large sum in October, only to get a reply that they didn't ship outside the UK and would issue a refund on my money.

Despite many contact attempts, Bodysourceonline didn't refund for three months, only after I applied for chargeback from my credit card company, they contacted me and officially apologized and told me the company changed owners during the weeks I tried to contact them. I don't think it's bad intentioned but they had structural problems, at least in the past.

Don't start with huge amounts and make sure to inquire whether they ship to your country if you do order there.

1 year ago

review by mixter23

Shockingly unreliable, ordered on the 10th didnt hear anything for a bout 10 days, turned out courier threw post card outside the house didnt even post. Bodysourceonline "Chased this up" and promised to re-deliver which didn't happen, was given various stories and delay tactics. Demanded money back and was told they are unable to give refund straight away because they have a "payment gateway" (not sure what kind of company isnt trusted with it's customers money) so i'd have to wait 10 working days. 2 months later finally got my cash back after long waits. Feel sorry for the staff having such a numpty running this shocker of a company. Body active online / monster supplements far superior

1 year ago

review by tjenkins84

I used this company for my suppliments due to their 24hr delivery promise. However, some 48hrs after I Placed my order, I was advised that the items were out of stock? (how can they promise 24hr delivery?). I was then offered alternative products at the same price that showed cheaper on the site? I did try and resolve the issues via email communication, but this was unsuccesful because Body Source Online were unable to put to two sentences together. Eventually, I was assured my order would be cancelled. Finally, my order was cancelled, but they still debited my credit card for £117.00! I am now trying to claim this back, but no reply from Body Source Online by phone and e-mail? God knows when this nighmare will end?, my Credit Card company are now trying to recover my money! Don't forget, CHEAP IS NOT ALWAYS BEST! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

1 year ago

review by Dr Green

We have found that this business does not have SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that you should think twice before trusting this business with your data, such as personal information or credit card details, because your information will not be digitally connected to a cryptographic key and secure connection cannot be established. We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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