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Engineengineering.co.uk Review

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Last update: Thu, Dec 2, 2021 5:40 AM

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Engineengineering.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (11)

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delivery 1 /5

refund 1 /5

These guys are take your money, and give the worst service I have ever had! The worst of the worst infact!! I urge and even BEG anyone not to go here, please save yourselves from the lies and loss of money that will surely come from any dealings with these guys. It's a long story I'm happy to talk about but too long to type. In short... They promise an off the shelf engine with a quick 5 day turnaround/delivery. Payment only accepted via bank transfer (which makes you worried anyway) But under duress and believing that a company this big wouldn't be fraudulent (and after being sold the idea of an engine in 5 days), I paid in full.... 3 weeks later after numerous phone calls engine arrives but is wrong. I asked for a refund, but not allowed because of their T&Cs, forcing you to either loose your money or send your old engine back. The original engine had to be sent back with the incorrect one. (which you would then think you would have your surcharge back) After a further 4-5 weeks and again, numerous calls to what can only be described a s the worst call centre I have ever dealt with(You can only Call to speak to someone as they don't answer emails, nor do they allow call backs, nor do they have communications with the workshop or accounts (these are all outsourced from the office) I even sent a legal Call to action, with proof of delivery but had no response!). It makes you question the legitimacy of the company, but as a call centre employee flaunted that they are 'exempt from normal consumer laws because they are in Scotland' and that you are 'buying the service, not the product of a recon engine'. It is that part that makes the different and makes sure you as a consumer have no legal rights when complaining. The engine I eventually received (which was my own engine re-conditioned) has so far been running (touch wood), but to top off the bad service, incompetence and shady but legal position they put you in as a consumer, they still had my surcharge. This took a further 6 weeks to chase up and get an answer why it had not been paid. Today I had been told my engine was un-servicable! The reason acording to them, being the Conrods and pistons. :) I instantly knew this was a lie to keep my money since my mechanic had gone through the issues originally, and reasons for getting a new engine in the first place. All the issues were relating to the head it' self. And if there was another head available at the time we could have just replaced that! A cheaper option in hindsight, better than dealing with this lot! But Engineered Engines are saying they are holding onto my money because of any reason they deem fit. I have seen it happen on so many other reviews (which unfortunately was read after I initiated our contract) that I knew they would be doing it before they actually told me! I must say also that as a business you rely on your van working, especially in summer when you are at your peak of business. having the Van off the road and being sold an engine you can get in 5 days sounds like a godsend.which is why I was weak enough to fall into their legal contract (especially when being told it was just a formality, as it only relates to engines they recon not the ones they deliver already reconed) The cost of rental vans, and my own time (which are in the hours, possibly days) chasing them up via email and phone havent even been mentioned here! Final Warning - Stay clear! please don't buy from this company like I did. GO with anyone else but this company in paisley/Glasgow! If anyone wants to reach out and let me convince them that they should go else where please be my guest. I will make time for anyone I am saving from loosing money because of these guys. #Please not that my original review was changed, due to being reported by Engineered engines. They threaten me with legal action for giving a bad review. So please heed my experience#

1 year ago

review by Dafydd Davies

#delivery(1/5) #refund(1/5)

Getting my engine reconditioned at engine engineering was nothing short of excellent. The staff there made we feel welcome and gave me a tour of the facilities, which made me feel at ease right away. The workmanship of the reconditioned engine was also excellent. One very happy customer.

1 year ago

review by Brian

With the engine in my disco going completely kaput, I was left with no vehicle for getting to and from my place of work. My friend told me about Engine Engineering and i had a look into them. I must confess i was sceptical about them due the bad reviews posted, but i though i'd phone up and see whats what. Spoke to a guy Joe who was very helpful and told me they could arrange collection of my discovery and get it brought to their workshop and fully recondition the engine. I must say I am glad i put my scepticism to one side as my disco engine has never run better. I am so happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a reconditioned engine.

1 year ago

review by Grant

Just a total rip off company. £1200 jumps to £2100 a week turn round then Go's to 4 weeks. Want take call for up dates and there work is rubbish oil leak every where stay very clear off just ripped off

1 year ago

review by Stephen Togher

I've used these guys to get my Mercedes A-class sorted. It had a seized engine after I drove it into a puddle. 2 days over the timescale, but the job was done and I've done over 5000 miles since. Car runs great with plenty of power :)

1 year ago

review by MArk

They made the process of buying a reconditioned engine very simple. Was invited to view the facilities and have a look round. Vehicle was collected from my mates garage and took up to their workshop. Engine was out the car, reconditioned and back in within 2 weeks. The car was sent back to me in no time with an engine as good as when it was new. Very happy customer and would highly recommend.

1 year ago

review by Ken

If I could give this company a minus I would. I ordered an engine from this company after reading a few reviews they seemed ok and chatting on the phone all seemed well. I received the engine and all looked good. I fitted the engine and all went well started it and it fired up and sat there ticking over nicely. That's where the problems started. It wouldn't rev about 1600rpm and no matter what I did it still wouldn't. I put it to my local garage and they tried £4500 later and they STILL couldn't find the problem after changing everything that could be changed. I had to get a secondhand engine engine and first that. And now it runs ok. I called Engineered Engines and informed them of the problems and asked them to send another engine and they wouldn't, and said to me " do you want a warranty form or not?" To which I still haven't received a warranty form. I also haven't received the surcharge back and they got my old engine in January. I have called them, emailed them and I have not received anything from them. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY AND BEING IN SCOTLAND MAKES IT AWKWARD TO TAKE LEGAL ACTION & EXPENSIVE!!!

1 year ago

review by Jamie Southernwood

These guys at engine engineering are cons and give dodgy engines. They have been caught with stolen goods from other vehicles and money laundering. They keep changing ownership to try and get out of paying back customer money they rip off... If u have had any issues with these guys get in touch with trading standards. As there is an open case at the moment and looking to get these lot. Closed down for good and getting th to court. They have conned loads of customers out of money and parts. So NOT PART ANY MONEY TO THESE FRAUDSTERS..!!!!!

1 year ago

review by Usher

I have ordered a motor from this company for my business. For my surprise it was the wrong one. They came to collected has they refuse to exchange it for the correct one even that the mistake was just theirs. I was told to cancel my sale get the refund and place a second order. That was last January and my money is nowhere to be seen. Emails are not even answered anymore, zero costumer service, Unfortunately I found late on internet reviews that there Are a lot of people complaining about similar issues. This is no way of conducting business. I ve now reported them and have seek legal action against them.

1 year ago

review by C. S.


I had a fault with head gasket on my transit (3rd time in a year), only wanted a fix but decided to get it done properly and have the warranty in case things fell apart. Spent a little extra than planned as needed some additional parts (turbo), wasn't expected but overall worth it in the end. Only away an hour and had white smoke coming from exhaust, took it straight back and was advised it was just oil in exhaust system and would clear, wasn't overly happy with this, but by the end of the day it was clear an no issues. I seen some of the bad reviews once they already had my van, was a little concerned, went in and had a chat with 'Pete', settled my mind with a tour of the place, and an explanation of what they do, glad I did, actually seen my engine in bits, cleaned and being worked on.

2 years ago

review by Lee L.

We browsed the web and found that this business has an active Facebook page. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field.

by Smart.Reviews

Engineengineering.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Engineengineering.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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