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Employment Law HR Health and Safety Services Peninsula UK
4.6 4.6

Trust score (4.6/5)

The Leading HR Employment Law and Health Safety Consultancy Firm We Have Helped Over 29000 Clients With Expert Advice Service

4.5 4.5

Trust score (4.5/5)

Croner are expert consultants in Employment Law HR and Health Safety with a range of tools and services to suit your business Contact us today

Krasno Krasno Onwudinjo Philly039s Top Workers039 Comp Lawyers
4.3 4.3

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Get award-winning legal help from Krasno Krasno Onwudinjo for all of your PA Workers039 Compensation Social Security Disability needs Call 888-376-1487

Monaco Solicitors
4.2 4.2

Trust score (4.2/5)

We specialise in negotiating fair settlement agreement exit packages for employees when they have been treated badly at work Also employment tribunals

Leading HR Employment Law Advice Support Service
4.2 4.2

Trust score (4.2/5)

Graphite HRM is a leading HR and Employment Law advice and support service built to bring you the ultimate in compliance confidence - Call 01 886 0350
4.1 4.1

Trust score (4.1/5)

Employment Law Group
4.1 4.1

Trust score (4.1/5)

The whistleblower attorneys at Employment Law Group are experienced in protecting and obtaining rewards for employees who have faced retaliation or discrimination Call our lawyers today to discuss your legal options

Hatton James Legal
3.9 3.9

Trust score (3.9/5)

Employment Solicitors in Birmingham Hatton James Legal Birmingham based employment law corporate law and commercial law experts

State and Federal Poster
3.7 3.7

Trust score (3.7/5)

Stay compliant with State and Federal regulations regarding labor law postings All our labor law posters are approved and compliant with OSHA Standards

Landau Law
3.7 3.7

Trust score (3.7/5)

Specialist employment law solicitors acting solely for UK employees and executives Costs guarantee No win- no fee Free initial advice 020 7100 5256

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price 3 /5

Worst decision I ever made. Was made to feel it would help save me time etc and it didn't. 1 star as contracts are good, but you can get them cheaper than being locked in for 3 yrs for hundreds of pounds. On top of this Covid is really hurting my company as it works with schools and they are not letting outsiders in. I asked for help (few months break) as no money coming in at all and they basically said I can go jump. If your a small company AVOID in my opinion, it's just to much financial risk. I am reminded that any company that locks you in probably is not good enough for you to want to stay.

3 years ago

review by K. W.

If you are currently in a contract, give notice now so that you don't accidentally roll over. They will only send you one email reminder about the rollover and should you miss that because you are busy running your business, you're in for another (very long) period. They won't call you to discuss your rollover renewal and ask whether you're happy. After they receive your notice they will say they need to talk to you in order to "process your notice", but just insist in writing it is your right and you want it logged. Once your notice is processed and you start approaching the end of the agreement, you will receive plenty of calls from your dedicated account manager (where were they before?) that wants to make sure you're happy. They will also quote you a lot cheaper prices when you only have a day left on your contract.

This is, however, not the biggest issue we experienced with Citation. When we signed up, The Client Agreement was in the name of our biggest venue. The agreement form, however, also has a line for "Subsidiaries and Associated Companies included in this Agreement" and there we specified our second, smaller venue, albeit a different legal entity, but such was the advice. The agreement asked for a number of employees and the number of venues (2 in our case).

Here's my second bit of advice: do not specify other venues/sites/companies under one agreement under any circumstances. We sold the bigger site when we had a year and a half left on the agreement. The account manager that emerged around that time categorically refused to discuss a reduction of the monies charged although it was very clear that 2/3 of the employees were gone as was the bigger site, resulting in Citation carrying out only half of the agreed site visits and having their workload and HR risks reduced by 2/3 also.

That was of course a short-sighted decision from the account manager's part because it sealed the deal that after having been a customer of Citation for 6 years, they lost our business.
Any provider that does not make adjustments for the partial sale of their client's portfolio does not deserve your custom, or your future business that will be growing again.

Now, as to the actual services provided, they were decent at times, diabolically clueless at other times as the HR advisors sometimes struggled to grasp the ins and outs of a fast-paced hospitality business. We did, however, get by even though they completely forgot the main client/other company subsidiary set-up that was created on the initial contract so that all paperwork issued was constantly made out to the wrong business name during the last two years of the agreement. It can't be that hard to remember "Business name 1, business address 1" and "Business name 2, business address 2", can it? Especially if you insist on charging for them both despite the client having disposed of Business 1?
And not even that pushed me to write a one star review, until now.

We were in a contract with Citation Ltd for a 36 + 36 month period. I called the finance team to query the last payment. It's too long to explain here but basically, following all 73 payments taken, the last payment is a gross overcharge. I was simply told "that's the last payment of the contract". I then emailed the account manager asking for an explanation of all payments, but nothing.
I then spent time myself breaking down the periods and matching them to payments taken according to the contract period. Another person from the finance team emails me to say I am "complicating things" and (wait for it!) "this is how contracts work"... without providing any explanation or fiscal evidence!
So far I have had three people just insist that that's the last payment and that is it. So lazy that they don't even bother to go through your payment history.

Our payment saga is to be continued. Only go with Citation if you have more money than wits and you don't learn from other people's mistakes!

3 years ago

review by Helen


Awful company, tricked us into a ten year contract, when we found out and challenged, took advantage of the Covid 19 Lockdown and obtained a CCJ against us for breach of contract, first we were aware of this was when our financial supporters made us aware, no contact from either the court or Citation. Absolutely despicable tactic, to take advantage of us this way. We have since paid the full amount of the judgement, now no one will speak to us to eradicate the CCJ from our file, which needs a simple email informing the court. This is having grave effect on our financial standing in these already extreme times.
Please be careful

3 years ago

review by Paul

Everyone I have dealt with so far from the initial follow up call, onboard training and now my Health & Safety consultation have been 1st class.

It has been a learning experience for me and the help from all the professionals has made this very easy.

Highly recommended.

3 years ago

review by Mickey

Until recently when your colleague Helen Hill phoned me about the annual review, my experience with Citation was not one I would say was satisfying given the annual cost.
Calls were not returned in time, and when I needed help with the atlas system nothing was made clear.
Helen Hill gave me some time and made things very clear as to where I would need to go to find answers and help. Also if I needed to contact her she would continue to advise and be available.

3 years ago

review by Ian Connelly

For five years Citation have professionally managed our H&S and HR and my favourites are the reports system and the electronic awareness training suite. Using the Atlas platform has reduced the pressure of creating, issuing, and filing RAMS and controlling documents. The user-friendly system also makes life easier for the non-tech employees to read and sign off documents. From controlling our holidays to disciplinary guidance, Citation just keeps on giving.

3 years ago

review by Jeff

This company are not to be trusted, they have scammed us into the 5 or 10 year contract be careful and read the contract properly every detail of it, if you want to cancel the agreement you can't or you will have to pay they £3000 to do so absolute scammers now I am stuck paying the £100 every month and not using their services at all as I do not require them. They are also part of Qms international who have done the same tactics you get me to sign up. now they all want thousands to just cancel this contract I dont use this services I am a micro company. Either from Qms International or Citation.

3 years ago

review by This Company

We browsed the web and found that this business has an active Facebook page. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We found that the domain for this business is older than two years which could be an indication that this is a trustworthy business with an established customer base and experience in their field. We found that this business has an Instagram page, where they communicate with their customers using images and videos. This is usually an indication that the business has some visual aspects that it wants to showcase.

by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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