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Eonenergy.com.mx Review

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Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:37 AM

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Eonenergy.com.mx Reviews & Complaints (6)

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price 3 /5

refund 3 /5

customer service 3 /5

I joined Bulb not really knowing a great deal about them but I did some research and was happy with the price and warmed by their green ethos. I am so glad that I decided to move after many years with Eon as Bulb have surpassed my expectations. Not only am I saving money on my energy bills, I have found Bulb to be friendly and efficient as well as so simple to deal with. When I joined I also received a £50 credit for just using a referral link that I found on a review site (thanks Harry!). Bulb have just announced that they now have 200,000 customers and to celebrate this they are doubling their referral bonus to £100!! If you are interested then just copy and paste, bulb.co.uk/refer/creditfifty As long as you sign up before 23.59 on Monday 20th November we will both receive a £100! Thanks and I hope this is useful x

3 years ago

review by Joanne


Another shoddy company which are incompetent and unprofessional they always fail to deal with complaints, glad I no longer have them supplying my dual fuel they are money grabbers only interested in ripping off customers.

3 years ago

review by P. Y.

95 ££££just for Switch itch my link Hello just tray to share that amazing switching company ,saved hundreds ,when switched ,compare them ,and if you decide to switch you can use my link and receive 50 £££welcome bonus and extra 45 ££££ from me just pm after you complete switch via my link join.bulb.co.uk/refer/michal6442

4 years ago

review by Michelle G.

Been with eon 2 years now. Absolutely crucified me this past year wanting to up my payments to over £100 per month for just myself and my 3 year old! Absolutely crazy! Considering I’m in credit by over £240+. Currently in the middle of a change over to another company. Will never go with eon again! Customer service is also rubbish!

4 years ago

review by Chloe Hopkins

#customer service(3/5)

I've been an EON customer for 15 years. I reverted to a Standard Tariff after my last 2 year fixed Tariff. I was not offered advice to switch to a better deal. I paid too much direct debit & am always in credit but if I request a refund, this is only done it my direct debit amount is increased! I have now switched energy supplier on the excellent Weflip! As recommended by Janet Street-Porter!

4 years ago

review by Deleted User


We searched online and found that this business has an active Facebook page with 265 followers. From our experience this can indicate that the business is either not actively engaged with online communication or is new and growing. We have discovered that this business has SSL (secure sockets layer), which means that this business handles your data, such as personal information or credit card details, with secure connection. We discovered that the domain for this business is relitevely new, which means that it could be a start-up business that does not yet have a huge amount of customers. We found that this business has an Instagram page, where they communicate with their customers using images and videos. This is usually an indication that the business has some visual aspects that it wants to showcase.

by Smart.Reviews

Eonenergy.com.mx Review

No description for this company.

Eonenergy.com.mx Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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