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Took over 3 weeks to receive order of two Parallax kits. One of two kits shipped was the wrong one. I have spent over a week trying to get them to ship the correct kit and even made it easier on them buy buying the wrong kit they shipped. All they have to do is ship the missing one! The woman I spoke to on the phone was totally clueless and tried to charge me shipping on the kit I already had!

They do not answer emails. Phone is always busy. The money I saved was not worth it. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN!

3 years ago

review by claymo

About 35 days after placing an order I came to know that their computer issued a single order number for 2 different customers and mine was deleted! So, I placed another order on Dec.9th, 2013 for $1000 worth robots for my non-profit school and called to make sure I got a correct order number. A man picked up and started screaming "I don't have time for this. It is X'mas time. I can't pack these items one by one. You people think it is easy for us?" The person who spoke to me seemed to have mental issues and treated me as if I had committed crime by placing the order. If they don't want us to buy during X'mas time, they should remove their shopping cart during the time or perhaps close down the website so they don't have to pack any time. I have bought from them before for my school. They have low cost robots but very high shipping costs and very poor communication. Products arrive months later. Anyway, this incident lead to some research and I found that most of their items are from Elenco or Velleman. So, I am getting directly from those company dealers for a cheaper rate with better treatment.

3 years ago

review by Yankini

I made a purchase with this company on Sept 26, and finally got my items on Oct 22, almost a month later. It was not shipped until Oct 17, and they did not reply to any inquiring emails of what is happening. The items that were received were cheap china wholesale items that work but break easily and quickly. For all orders, the minimum shipping cost will be around $20. Only buy from them if you are aware and willing to wait a long time.

3 years ago

review by compeng

First of all, they use a yahoo account for their email...

Secondly, I ordered a product on the week of Thanksgiving. They didn't send me an email until 4 days after Thanksgiving. I decided to cancel my order. Since I was using a prepaid credit card, I ordered directly the kit I wanted directly from Parallax, that way KitsUsa couldn't charge me because there was no available funds on the card.

I would not suggest anyone to purchase from this site.

p.s. btw, I made Jerry G. ragequit.'s his email: [email protected]

3 years ago

review by Biosyn

I too got nervous after placing an order and seeing the $42.95 shipping charge, and then I came across the reviews here. My experience was quite good. I ordered the product, an IDL-800 on a Saturday, and it was shipped the following Monday. When I got the shipping notification from UPS, I noticed the address was wrong. It turned out I somehow switched two numbers in my zip and the product was going to a neighboring town. I called the people at RobotKits, and the lady that answered kindly took my information and told me that when the shipping person came in she would have it taken care of. An hour or so later, the UPS tracking info changed and in the end, the product showed up the day after it was initially intended.
My 3 star shipping rating was really a 5 star for process, and a 1 star for price.

3 years ago

review by gnichola

I didn't read the reviews on here until AFTER I made the purchase at kitsusa (Monday 08/01/2011). I got bloody scared after reading the reviews (Tuesday 08/02/2011 morning), that they take a lot of time to ship out purchases and don't reply back. I tried calling them and wrote them an email yesterday (Tuesday 08/02/2011 afternoon) but didn't receive any response till the end of the day.

I didn't get any replies to the email till today morning (Wednesday 08/03/2011). I called them again today early noon (12:30 PM 08/03/2011) and they answered, it was an as easy a customer service call as any other I have had! And I got a UPS tracking number which says my purchase will be delivered tomorrow! How awesome!

So don't go just by the other reviews! My review is entirely positive and it just means that the other reviewers merely had unfortunate experiences.

Edit: Oh and they do have a high-end shipping cost. They charged me about 26 USD. Kitsusa charged me 99.90$ for the unit that most other resellers charge 140$ on the least. So even with high shipping cost included I saved about 15$. Being a poor grad student, I really appreciate that!

(I purchased an elenco mm-8000k 8085 MPU trainer. Funny thing is Elenco says the actual price should be 129$ or so, but the price on
1. Ebay - 170.42 + 18.2 shipping
2. Tequipment - 147.15 + ? shipping - They say the actual price is 183.25! To inflate the sense of bargain I suppose..
3. Testequipmentdepot - 137.44 + ? shipping - They also say the actual price is 183.25!
4. Robotshop - 147.99 + ? shipping
5. - 119 + 14 shipping

3 years ago

review by sshzp4

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by Smart.Reviews Review

robot kits solar kits educational kits science kits Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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