plumber pipefitter or domestic plumbing

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plumber pipefitter or domestic plumbing

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plumber that does all domestic plumbing leaks toiltetssinks bathrooms basins pipes installationgroundwork advice Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

Last update: Wed, Mar 9, 2022 1:31 AM

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delivery 3 /5

price 5 /5

refund 3 /5

Absolutely fantastic lad. We now have a beautiful bathroom. Gave excellent advice and different ways to make my bathroom. We as a family couldn't reccomend a person high enough. Took care in what he was doing, always kept his tools tidy. Very prompt in his time keeping. Trusted enough to have a key for the house. We've now used him twice to remodel the ensuite as well. Betteridge family

3 years ago

review by U. W.

Absolutely wonderful job. Fitted bathroom in time stated, price given was fair, couldn't fault him. Had him back to do the ensuite. I've recommended him and he has now done a few of my friends bathrooms. Very neat and tidy workman. Always acted professional. A. Betteridge

3 years ago

review by X. A.


KM Plumbing Services, Preston, WRECKED MY BATHROOM, LOSS £4,000! Kris McCormack, KM Plumbing Services Preston, Took £2,500 + damages rising approx., £4,000 he wrecked brand new items. Where is says 'see photos' please search on the worlds biggest search engines site & see his reviews. Top Highlights. All factual and true.... would swear on oath! 1. Pushed me more and more to pay for bathroom over the agreement. 2. Harassed ME when things went wrong (reported to police.) Went to MY house late at night banged on door then sat outside in car for an hour, intimidating me. Was told not to go back to my house 3 xs in writing 3. Spent 6 hours over 2 days, still couldn't fit a tap, see photos, (and that was more than his average stay on property most of the time.) 4. Kris McCormack had a row with his 'Skilled Labourer' as his 'SL' didn't know the difference between ten centimeters and ten inches! (100% true.) 5. Kris McCormack's, 'SL' couldn't draw a straight line on a straight edged tile with a ruler, he got upset. I SAW HIM GETTING UPSET SAID HE COULDN'T DO IT, THAT WAS HIS SKILLED LABOURER! 6. I had to call Kris McCormack to get him out of bed at 8.00am, during one 'Where are you call,' at 11.31am Kris McCormack was still in bed, I had woken him. 7. It STILL took Kris McCormack 3 1/2 hours or more to make a 40 min journey to my house. 8. I heard McCormack scream 'Leave it just leave it,' to his 'Skilled Labourer,' who picked tile off wall it fell onto radiator pipes caused THIRD leak, damaged kitchen and lights (see photos.) 9. Kris McCormack advised me to 'turn lights off by using the fuse box' as lights had frozen on, yes the fuse box no one is meant to touch. 10. See photos, you will see small white area under plaster board fallen off that is my original wall which he was paid to remove to brick, Kris McCormack or his 'SL' just plastered over it. 11. See nail photo and little 2 inch brown wooden bath attachments, they are where Kris McCormack was going to use nails and a bit of wood as support for large bath! See photos. 12. Piece of wood rammed into wall; used to 'secure' toilet which leaked human waste for the two and a half weeks it was up, plaster fallen off, see photos. 13. I hired private inspector who said 'I have never seen anything like it in 30yrs!' 14. My £32.50sqm tiles damaged approx. £400.00 see photos. Some were randomly put on wall, deemed dangerous had to be removed heavy expensive tiles! 14. See the taps in photos! He had these in his hands for hours over two days and STILL COULDN'T FIT THEM! (Well his version of days work!) On last day when bathroom was still a pile of rubble he arrived at about 11.30am (yes I'd called him at 8.00am took 3 1/2hrs to drive 40 mins,) he left 15 mins later went looking for a screw (usual excuse why he was hours late, 'getting bits' (do YOU go missing for hours from your job to look for a pen? ) He went missing for 1 /12 hours, it was a 30 min round trip to shop. I called shop, they hadn't seen him, manager even went through her CCTV. Too no surprise he came back carrying an empty famous take away brown bag with 'Mc' written on it! AND THEN told me what a tough time he'd had looking for the screw! Kris McCormack has been reported to the Police, Trading Standards I have appointed a legal team to take over this matter & I am still in talks with the authorities, today is 14.2.19. It has been a month since he left. He has ignored all request for a refund. My inspector told me not to let this man back into my property. I have two crime references one for the harassment too! (Forgot to add image of his mate banging on my door!) I could write a book about Kris McCormack and his 'Skilled Labourers!' As noted this is just the highlights! I now have no bath sink, shower, a shell of a room. The dirt and filth he scattered around my house and outside took hours to clean up (when he did turn up.) Once he'd left I had to hire a cleaning company to help. This has been beyond stressful! See photos and videos on other sites search his name & company. System below asks for delivery so I will refer it to the £78.00 dog shower I paid him for I never got which is included in the £4,000 of losses. KM Plumbing Services, KM Plumbing Services Preston, Kris McCormack, #krismccormack, preston plumbers, KM Plumbing Services, KM Plumbing Services Preston,

3 years ago

review by Anon I.

#delivery(3/5) #refund(3/5)

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by Smart.Reviews Review

plumber that does all domestic plumbing leaks toiltetssinks bathrooms basins pipes installationgroundwork advice Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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