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Last update: Tue, Sep 7, 2021 1:10 AM

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Today I recieved my order #22317, cooling fan. The fan fits perfectly & is quiet. I was however very disappointed when it arrived. I was handed a bill for $43.50 "brokerage fee" from UPS, this is after I already paid $28.94 shipping. I wish I had known there would be this extra charge when the shipping costs were supplied. I would suggest in the future that you inform your customers from out of the country that UPS charges as much to deliver the part as the part itself costs.

1 year ago

review by bensonlake

I called this store's contact number over eight times before I made any kind of purchase with technical questions on one of their models. Every time I was talking with a person directly (no punch in the number systems or hold for next available customer support agent). They were extremely helpful, patient, courteous, and knowledgeable on the queried topics. I decided to make a purchase, and it has been the smoothest and fastest process to date for me (I have bought many items, including computers, online before). Even once I received my very nicely packed product their staff assisted my new annoying questions with a cordial and helpful attitude. They are my go to guys for laptop purchases from now on, I can't praise them enough.

1 year ago

review by ramonist

Easy ordering, got what we wanted, received in 13 days, what else can I ask for?!! Excellent !

1 year ago

review by ytskibum

i buy a laptop from rk computers and im very happy about the costumer service and about the computer aswell, i buy from California and now im backhome at israel, thank u rkcomputers and thanks u rob

1 year ago

review by mircer

Hands down the best experience I've had when purchasing a new laptop; and I've purchased a laptop for someone in the family every year for the past 10 yrs. Great product, (MSI), great feedback at every step of their process to its arrival.

I plan on ordering next year's (and following years') laptop(s) from RK.

First straight 5 star review I have ever given.

1 year ago

review by livinlee

I installed Fedora 8. All works well except Adobe Flash Player that does not seem to work with the GM965 GPU.

1 year ago

review by kevirost

I ordered this OCZ notebook with some components and I was promised a ship date on that Friday. The problem was i needed the notebook for a business trip that Saturday. I spoke to Rob and he helped me out by rushing it out for me. The response time was FANTASTIC!! I emailed and an hour later i got my response. Wish most companies were like that. Anyway, he was able to send it out on Thursday and it is scheduled for a Friday delivery. WOO HOO!!! I would buy from RK Computers again....EXCELLENT service!!!

1 year ago

review by LouieR

I bought a power cord on a Saturday, and did expedited 2nd day air shipping hoping I'd get it by Tuesday, or at least by Wednesday since that's when I really needed it. But they have a 2-3 business day waiting period before they ship extra parts and I didn't get it until Friday. Odd policy that completely defeated the purpose of me paying extra for expedited shipping, but it is what it is. That said, the power cord works, perfectly fine.

1 year ago

review by iceferret132

I ordered a new MSI 171544 notebook from RK. Since I am an advanced user and didn't want any "extra" programs, I bought my own XP pro cd and installed it myself. I immediately had a problem with the computer starting up by itself. I contacted Rob at RK and his response was that it was my problem since I installed the o.s. myself. He tried to blame it on Winfax, which has worked fine on every other notebook I have. Every night after midnight, the notebook would start by itself, whether it was in standby or completely turned off. I spent 2 hours on the phone with a very nice Microsoft tech, at no charge, and they said they really thought it was the bios. After I contacted RK again, they finally researched the bios they had sent me and found out it was the wrong version; the correct version was dated prior to my order and had not been put in the notebook as it should have been. My computer is critical for work, and I was not pleased about this. Subsequently I have found out that what I had hoped were generic components that would easily install are not. I'm now having problems with Realtek driver conflicting with the latest security update from Microsoft. I was not happy with the response I got from RK, which was basically fix it yourself, without even considering it might be their fault, and although I should have received an "I'm sorry, it was our fault", I didn't. I won't be buying MSI or dealing with RK again.

1 year ago

review by marilynvan

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by Smart.Reviews Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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