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Emp.co.uk Review

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Last update: Fri, Feb 9, 2024 3:51 PM

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Emp.co.uk Reviews & Complaints (20)

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delivery 3.4 /5

price 2 /5

quality 1.8 /5

refund 1.8 /5

customer service 1.7 /5

Avoid ordering from them like the black plague!
They will never send you your order, you will get promises of in a few days, by the end of the week, wait another 10 days etc.
They will refuse to give your money back, they will tell you they need to investigate.
They are a fraud.

2 years ago

review by AnariaZanyr

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #quality(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Absolute nightmare-is there a -10 stars by chance? Clothes to big, sent back for exchange, exchange not actioned, asked for refund instead and they said it had already been shipped, which was untrue. Got a email a few days later automated saying it was now shipped- they could have refunded but clearly chose not to.
That ate 2+ weeks of time waiting. They dont have a active chat & dont answer the phones.
Waited another week for the exchange to send it back and did so (another 10 + days has passed) They received and acknowledged receiving the products and still having to contact everyday for a refund.

This has been the worst clothing retailer I have ever had the misfortune of ordering from. They will also blame everything on Covid19 (Like my shipment originally being delayed by a week- claiming its covid, then the post office gets in touch and says the driver took it up north on accident--Seriously)

Having to file complaints with trading standards and considering small claims court, asking bank to dispute the charges.

2 years ago

review by jamison70

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #quality(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Before and After online clothes store. Absolutely appalling. I will never order anything from them again. Very poor quality dress when it arrived - in fact I couldn't even get my head through the hole in the top of the dress. The returns policy is complex and very demanding but even when everything is complied with no refund has yet been received - 13 days after proven tracked receipt of the returned goods. Dreadful

3 years ago

review by Mrs Jo Stephens

#quality(1/5) #refund(1/5)

I ordered an item from Beforeandafter Store and was sent the wrong size. Having returned the item to’CHINA’ as instructed at a horrendous cost to myself they are now backtracking on my refund. Reason being used by them is’ Order Number is wrong’ which is odd as all the e-mail correspondence from them quotes the same number from the very start. Every excuse under the sun is being used to not return my money. If I had known the order was coming from CHINA I wouldn’t have made it. Disgusting treatment from them and they deserve to be blacklisted.

3 years ago

review by Janine Phillips


worse experience ever. I ordered a shirt, which was in a very bad quality. I returned it (even with tracking number). I never received my money back, and a girl called Olivia from this company was not helpful at all :( Don't shop on this site.

3 years ago

review by Marian


Paid 100 dkk for their fault. They send me the product at a place 4 Km distant by bus from my address in Copenhagen. This takes time and extra money to get there so I asked if I could not go. They reponded that the product will return to them automatically without specifying other thing. Instead they took me 100 dkk althougth it was not my fault and there are many other postal addresses near my place where to let the pack. Non more EMP from today. Not a serious store.

3 years ago

review by X. W.

Half the stuff was missing from the package. Emailed to let them know. They told me to sign some form and post it to them with the details and my signature. I have no printer and told them this but they would not take no for an answer. Basically, I wasted money on this awful place and will never buy again from them. Customer service - Spencer was his name - is appalling!!!

3 years ago

review by isobel malik

#customer service(1/5)

Very nice products indeed. BUT... when they sent me an AC/DC beer glass, the red logo was smudged and damaged, so I returned it. A week later they sent me exactly the same glass back again, rather irritatingly, which had obviously gone back into stock. Clearly no one had checked it before sending it out, even though it was a replacement and you'd like to think there would be some thought towards care and not inconveniencing me further. They wanted me to return it again, so I suggested they might like to offer me something for my inconvenience, as this was now my third attempt to get a decent glass. They said no. There was no flexibility at all. It's really disappointing. I've been a repeat loyal customer. I gave up at this point and am stuck with a useless damaged glass. EMP's treatment of customers when things go wrong is NON-EXISTENT. I told them so, told it's really poor and that I had spent close to £100. Still they didn't care. I wrote to the MD and he ignored me too. I simply wanted some basic courtesy and to receive the glass I paid for. I received neither.

3 years ago

review by Mr Greg Brooks

Excellent just excellent order a mug on here acdc mug absoultely gorgeous outstanding condition. I've ordered some more items and I've not had any problems with any items I've received so far very good price excellent delivery postage and packaging.

3 years ago

review by Lisa

#delivery(5/5) #price(5/5)

Sent me the wrong sizes. •Sizes I bought were then unavailable. •They lost a shirt I returned (didn't feature on the return invoice). •Don't reply to emails •Customer service phone doesn't answer. •12 days I'm still waiting for refund on 2 items. •Don't waste money on backstage club. •Generally over priced

3 years ago

review by Jay Ruffell

#price(1/5) #refund(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

My acdc play ball lyric mug came today amazing quality I've got more items coming in the post. I had no problems so far with any thing from emp they are very very good with delivery postage and packaging and the items I've received have been fantastic quality i love my new acdc mug its just outstanding i cant get these in shops. Hoping to keep buying from emp

3 years ago

review by Lisa Scarrott

#delivery(5/5) #quality(5/5)

Balls up the order ignored my phone calls and still after month not had a refund , shockingly bad customer service, avoid like the plague

3 years ago

review by Michael Ward

#refund(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

STILL WAITING for order I placed on 30th March £300 worth.............. nobody wants to give me a refund you are all taking the pea now !!!! You even had the cheek to email and ask me to review the items iHAVE NOT RECEIVED.............absolute dumb staff. WHERE IS MY REFUND!!

3 years ago

review by Dawn Nicholls


Bad experience, I was told my item was shipped 24 days ago and whenever I email, they say the product is still in transit !!

3 years ago

review by Deleted User

Thank you so much,Excellent service from start to finish,order delivered very quickly,all the items are Fantastic,my Granddaughter is going to be so happy with her Christmas presents.Will definitely use you again,Many Thanks and have a Great Christmas and a Very Happy new year ????????????

4 years ago

review by Hilda A.

Ordered Christmas stuff 25th November, it never came, they've ignored countless emails, there isn't anyone answering the phones, finally managed to get my money back through my visa company and charge back. Never again, please avoid, they're not worth the hassle.

4 years ago

review by Louise A.

I ordered a t shirt for my partner and expected delivery date was 16/12/17 but it arrived earlier. so i am pleased with that.The print on the t shirt is great. I looked on another site for same t shirt and found it was more expensive and then a charge for p&p adding more expense. I am pleased with my purchase from Emp.

4 years ago

review by Lesley D.


Omg run for the hills, zero score late order no coms, paypal involved and xmas gifts gone, pity really as it could of been a brill site. Avoid!!

4 years ago

review by Empstolexmas T.

Do NOT buy anything off these, first parcel didn't arrive they told me they had sold my item to the next person, 5 weeks to get my money back so I gave them a chance as things do go wrong. Made another purchase off them they took the money straight away then guess what three weeks later no items, they have said lost in post so god knows when I'm going to get my money back! Please Please do NOT use this company.

4 years ago

review by Oggy63 Y.

Mis leading items are from Germany not uk Customer service awful Ignores emails Sends out Royal Mail tracking which doesn’t change Still waiting items expected issues with chasing refund already Do not use them seems to be same story from many

4 years ago

review by Deleted User

#refund(3/5) #customer service(3/5)

Emp.co.uk Review

No description for this company.

Emp.co.uk Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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