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Cosmetic surgery package deals for procedures including hair transplant breast augmentation nose job cosmetic dentistry many more Customer Service Contacts

1a, Lansdowne rd, London, N17 0LL, United Kingdom

[email protected] +44 (0) 330 133 0593

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on-time 4.4 /5

The negative reviews already on this page are 100% true my experience with Medaway Istanbul was traumatic health and safety and cross contamination is a huge problem the staff have no respect or empathy for the patient to put it bluntly I was treated like crap from what I seen in the hospital I'm so happy I never had open surgery.

1 month ago

review by shelleyharker

#quality(1/5) #customer service(1/5)

Firstly I must point out that nearly all 5 star reviews on here are by reviews that have only ever provided one review indicating to me these are possibly fake reviews. Secondly, I appreciate this a very long review, However, I encourage you to take the time to read it before you commit to using Medaway.
Key Points:
• Scariest experience of my life
• Poor communication
• Dirty hospital room
• Pressured to sign documents written in Turkish and refused translation on request
• Poor hand hygiene
• No dignity for patients in theatre areas
• Traumatic hospital experience
• Post-surgical infection
• Very few English speaking staff
Pre surgery
I had good communication with clinical support when discussing and arranging the surgery, and to be fair, they were the most responsive of anyone to my needs over the time of my experience. It was arranged that I had a video call with my surgeon to discuss the surgery and, although the consultation felt rushed, he answered my questions I had at that time. I questioned the negative feedback on webpages and was reassured by customer support that these were often people who had not followed post-surgery direction or were from other competitive services (I can now see this was likely a lie).
In January I travelled to Turkey for septorhinoplasty and otoplasty with Medway. I arrived very late at night and was slightly frustrated and stressed due to having still not being told a time for my surgery the following day. I had been fasting for a number of hours just in case it was early in the morning. In fact, I felt I had to actively ask for any pre-operation advice as very little was provided.
I was taken from the airport to the hospital and was met by a friendly member of the patient host team. He took me for pre-operation blood tests and informed me my operation was a 2pm and would be collected at 11am the following day which gave me some time to have something quick to eat and drink. I was then driven to the hotel.
Day of surgery
I was collected at 11am, as planned, and once at the hospital I was taken to the ward area. I waited for a short period for my room to be cleaned and then taken to the room by a nurse. This nurse seemed to be the lead nurse and was the only nurse who spoke limited English. She asked me to change into my gown and advised me that the surgeon would be there shortly for a pre-op discussion. I noted that all staff were not naked below the elbow at any time or for any procedure, they aften wore fleeces, and I NEVER saw anyone wash their hands with running water once – this was the case for my whole experience.
When shown the room I was quite shocked - this did not look as clean or modern as the video I was sent during my home consultation. There were two shabby sofas along the side of the room, the sink area looked mucky and there was liquid (possibly food) spillage over the table. There was an ensuite where there was no toilet roll, the paper towel holder was hanging of the wall and there was faeces floating in the toilet.
The lead nurse entered the room with approx. 10 documents written in Turkish and simply said I needed to sign, time and date every page and once I had done this, she would go through my blood results. At this time I pointed out the dirty table she had put the documents down onto, but she told me not to worry and to sign the documents. I explained to her that I was unable to read Turkish and that I was not happy to sign something I could not read. She clearly was annoyed by this and after a number of times of her telling me to sign, she stated if I did not that I would not get the surgery. By this time I was stressed, anxious, frustrated and tired, therefore gave in and signed the documents. On signing the last document the nurse’s mobile rang and she began talking on this, and without acknowledgment she took the paperwork from me and continued to leave the room. I asked for my blood results to which she replied I would not understand them before turning away and walking toward the door, whilst still on her phone. I asked again for my results and explained I was a nurse and would understand them. She reluctantly showed me before leaving the room, still with phone attached to her ear. I felt so lost in the whole situation.
I waited in that room for hours asking when the surgeon would arrive and kept being told “soon”. I messaged my Medway contacts WhatsApp group, they replied stating they would find this out but, again, I was told he would be there “soon”. 2pm was approaching and a nurse entered with room with a tray to cannulate me ready for surgery, she did not speak English, but I understood that’s what she was there for. She sat me on the side of the bed where she applied her gloves (she did not clean her hands in the room) and proceeded to attempt to cannulate me. I appreciate I had not eaten or drank in a long period, and this could have caused issue finding a vein, but she butchered my arm. I could see she was going right through the vein multiple times. She poked around so much with the needle I broke out in a sweat and started to retch from distress and discomfort, this resulted in me almost fainting and having to lie on to the bed.
The nurse called her colleagues into the room and performed my blood pressure before telling me I was fine and leaving the room.
2pm came and went and I had asked a number of times when the surgeon would be there. I was eventually told he was stuck in traffic but would be there soon.
This whole time I was scared due to lack of communication and the experience I had so far. I was also anxious due to never having had surgery before and being there alone.
Eventually the surgeon arrived, over an hour after the surgery was due to start, for the “pre-op consultation” this consisted of 2 minutes of him telling me what he was going to do before leaving the room and telling the nurses to take me to theatres.
I was pushed to theatres on my bed and waited momentarily outside of a theatre room. The door was wide open, and someone was being operated on. Many staff were stood around in the operating room, again in long sleeved fleeces, looking at their mobile phones whilst the surgery was taking place. I was then taken down the corridor passed several surgical rooms, again witnessing people being operated on. The only thing I could compare this to is a scene out of the hostel movies.
Once in the theatre nobody explained what was happening, no one spoke English well. The bed I was on did not work, therefore I had to climb onto the operating table. It was pointed out that I was shaking, and I was asked if I was cold, this was not the case, I was actually just terrified! Without explanation a women started injecting something into my cannula…
The next thing I remember is being slapped across the face being told to wake up. I was obviously very disorientated but remember shaking uncontrollably, on investigating this I found this was because I was allowed to become hypothermic whilst in surgery and this was my body’s response when coming around, which again was extremely scary as nothing was ever communicated or explained. My heels were very sore and red which indicates I was probably in distress and rubbing them on the sheets continuously whilst coming around. After reporting this to the nurse she eventually offered to use a cushion to elevate my heels to relieve the pain.
Over the several hours of the night in the hospital and whilst coming around the nurses to regularly come to my room to change my eye ice packs and see how I was which I appreciated but they never explained what they were doing. Due to the swelling and ice packs on my eyes I could not see anything and the dressings over my ears restricted hearing. They would enter the room take my hand and inject (? what) into my cannula. I obviously wanted to know what they were injecting into my body and asked every time, but merely told “pharmacia”.
As previously mentioned, my bed did not work, so I was unable to keep my head elevated as recommended. The nurse bell must have been broken as every couple of hours this would alarm and wake me. I felt I was an inconvenience to the nursing staff, it seem they just wanted to get back to the nursing station and back on their phones, some were more empathetic than others. The ward area was also used for an outpatient waiting area and patients were often sat outside of my door talking, and anyone could have accessed my room at any time, which made recovery very unsettling.
I knew the day after surgery that I would be returned to the hotel, and I could not wait to get out of the hospital. After feeling well enough to sit up in bed, eat and drink I questioned when the surgeon would be attending for post-surgery review. Again, I was told “soon” by both the nurses and the patient host team. After waiting hours I called on the patient host team, who chased up the surgeon. They informed me the surgeon had returned to surgery and would be another 3 hours. By this time I was so stressed, unsettled, tired and frustrated. I wanted to feel I had some safety and control over my situation, so I asked to be returned to the hotel. I had no trust that the surgeon would only be another 3 hours as nothing ran to time. The return to the hotel was arranged. I asked for post-surgery advice and was given direction on how to take medications provided, told to keep the dressings on and clean and dry and given an ice pack to apply to my eyes.
The hotel and their staff were amazing. I followed the directions given on my discharge, but my eye lids swelled incredibly the following day, so much so I could barely see. I was very worried as I was alone, and if I lost my sight, I had no way of contacting anyone, ordering food or anything. I contacted the patient host team who told me to apply ice, I explained the balloons with ice in had now obviously melted, to which they replied to order it from the hotel. I called room service and had quite a difficulty explaining what I needed but they were able to provide me with plastic bags and ice. I had to call for ice multiple times each day.
On the third day without reason my nose started bleeding through the dressings and would not stop. I contacted the patient host team who told me not to worry and that this was normal. I had to emphasise that my nose was bleeding a lot, soaking the dressings. I was picked up and taken to the hospital, but again no doctor was available to review me. The nurses seemed confused and not really familiar with what they needed to do but I believe they spoke to a doctor on the phone. They looked and cleaned my nose and replaced the dressings. I asked for more dressings to take to the hotel with me, I do not feel they would have provided any if I had not have asked, and I did need them leading up to my final review before going home.
I feel I managed my own recovery over the following days, I did not feel confident in the Medway team or the hospital staff.
The day before my departure back home I was taken to the hospital for my post-surgical review with my surgeon, however, I was informed my surgeon was not in and I would be seeing someone else – (to summarise, I only saw my surgeon, and in fact any doctor, for 2 mins immediately before my surgery and at no other time during my stay)! I was sat waiting for my final review for 3 hours and every time I asked when I would be seen, again, I was told “soon”! Eventually a shabby unkempt man called me into a room and removed the nasal tampons and some dressings. He told me to keep my remaining dressings in place for another 2 weeks and left.
Back in the UK
I was so pleased to be back in the UK, I had never been so scared, uninformed and anxious in my life prior to this experience. A day or two after being home I started getting night sweats, body ache, lethargy, and spiked temperatures of 39 degrees. I performed a covid test and was positive, of which I appreciate is unlikely to be any fault of the surgery etc. However, over the following days I did not get better, my nose and sinuses became painful, and pus developed in my nose. My GP discovered that not only did I have covid, but I also had developed a post-surgical infection in my nose. I most emphasis that I followed the very limited post operative advice provided, and as a registered nurse of 13 years, have a lot experiencing managing wounds etc. I contacted the team on the Medway WhatsApp group, the end of January, requesting a doctor’s summary of my care to provide to my doctor and I was told they would send this to me, I received this 2.5 months later.
As you have read, I have found the whole experience with Medway traumatising, and I am appalled that this was able to take place. I often felt I had no power or say about my care and felt too powerless to challenge people about their practice. I further feel, although Medway present themselves as a caring and professional service provider, that they are more focused on the money making aspect, and that I was not treated in the professional, caring, empathetic and safe way that someone would expect from a healthcare provider.
I had sent the above experience to Medway as a formal complaint and months later received a standardised letter apology stating a senior manager will review the complaint, but again, I have had to chase this multiple times with no response.
I would not recommend Medaway.

2 months ago

review by BradleyMoore

#delivery(1/5) #price(2/5) #quality(1/5) #customer service(1/5) #on-time(1/5)

We are from London, UK and my partner had a rhinoplasty done in Istanbul Turkey FEBRUARY 2022 with MedAway / Cosmeticium.

We decided to go ahead with MedAway for my partner’s rhinoplasty after checking different clinic/agencies, doctors, youtube/Instagram reviews and reviews on Trustpilot which are mostly positive as you can see yourself and this is why we felt confident choosing them. Price point was also good.

All our queries and information was given via WhatsApp by the appointed clinic’s patient coordinator who was very responsive, helpful and answered all our questions and provided us with all the necessary information we need to make an informed decision.

However when we arrived in Turkey, the communication and organisation was awful. We are constantly asking for updates and keeps getting mix/different information. They can be disorganised and this can be done at a very short notice which is extremely distressing.

They say they are available 24/7 for assistance but this is not true! Not that we need them after working hours but during working hours, they barely reply and if they do, it’s last minute.

My partner stayed at Medicine Hospital overnight post Rhinoplasty. The room we stayed in was OK. The ward staff was OK. The night nurse keeps banging the door lacking in compassion and barely check my partner post surgery. His vital signs was checked once post surgery. Infection control was bad.

If you are thinking of having your Rhinoplasty or other cosmetic surgery here, I suggest you bring someone with you to keep an eye and care for you post surgery.

I am yet to comment on the result of the rhinoplasty as it’s too early to tell but his doctor was Dr. Hasan Cakar. Honestly the consultation with the doctor felt rushed however he explained everything (with translator) and answered all our questions. A bit disappointed as he was not around for the follow up check up.

Overall, based on our experience, we will not recommend MedAway/Cosmeticium. I honestly had high hopes with them but unfortunately, our experience did not go well with them.

4 months ago

review by klejarde

#delivery(2/5) #price(4/5) #quality(1/5) #customer service(2/5) #on-time(2/5)

This is the worst experience of my life im not exaggerating !!
I went to Cosmeticium (MedAway) turkey to do breast implant, liposuction, fat transfer and face treatment
first I told the doctor im athletic and I go to the gym and he put one implant under the muscle and the other is dual plane. he shouldn't have put any implant under the muscle when he knew that I lift weights. that stopped me completely from working out and ruined my mental health.

I paid 1900 pounds for face treatments for acne scars and they promised that I will not need any treatments
however, that's a lie, Im still undergoing treatments here in the UK
second, I did a liposuction, I still look the same, I still have belly fat and the fat transfer one buttock side is bigger than the other
thirdly, this place are complete lairs when they say they have a place in London if your case gets complicated.

I had 3 month post operation very bad pain in the implant under the muscle, I spoke to them on watsapp
they literally saw my messages and didn't answer me
I had to make my boyfriend to message them from different number to answer me, after all the girl who called Zeninap told me the doctor is not going to speak to you unless ur 6 month post operation
once they take ur money they are not interested to speak to you anymore. very rude
this put me through hell and depression by the way they treated me post operation.

after all, the pain kept going on and persistent, I had to go to private surgeon in London, he told me I have a nerve damage caused by the operation

I spoke to them and told them that, then Zeinap got back to me saying the doctor say you need to change the implant placement. the funny thing they didn't even offer to correct the mistake they did in the surgery and offer me to come back to turkey to correct it

Zeinap told me the doctor wants to see your picture
I explained to her im not happy about the breast implants and the liposuction

I sent the pictures and they never got back to me ever since (6 weeks ago)

this place is a scam, don't go there and waste your money

after the surgery in the hospital, nobody was speaking English, I was in so much pain no-one even wanted to give me a glass of water , I had to give tips to all the staff to help me !!!!!!
im going to do corrective surgeries for breast implant, liposuction and fat transfer in October.
the money I thought im saving for doing it in turkey, I have to pay more money now to correct all the surgeries I had with this place
not only the money issue and the bad treatment I received, the mental health they put me through after having terrible results was horrendous. I have to be put on depression medication
Also i found out they put my breast implant photo on their instagram without my permission and i had to ask them to take it down!!!’

11 months ago

review by ChrissyJ

#delivery(1/5) #price(1/5) #quality(1/5) #customer service(1/5) #on-time(1/5)

Everything was more than what I could ask for, it was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised. I met my whole team of doctor hanifi and nurses nutritionist. I am so thankful to Aslı she was my manager, she made sure I had all the information that I needed before my decision was made to have the surgery. She made me comfortable in my decision. And the hospital was very nice.

1 year ago

review by evan russell

Absolutely 💯best choice I made. Very professional and very caring putting the patient first from the first contact and throughout the process to even after getting home, they still care... highly highly recommend them plus offer best prices .... bonus xxx

1 year ago

review by SANDY

I was complaining that the treatment prices in my country were too high. I heard it was much more affordable prices in Turkey. I researched directly on the internet. I noticed people praising Cosmeticium / Medaway in plastic surgery groups on Facebook. I contacted them. My BBL operation went great and there were no hidden prices. Thank you to the whole team and my doctor Aykut.

1 year ago

review by Robbie Burns

I have been to many dentists until now. He gave better explanations than any of the dentists I have ever visited. I came for my toothache. In addition, aesthetic smile design was also made. I was very satisfied. Thank you for your interest and relevance.

1 year ago

review by Blossom Austin

My rhinoplasty operation was done by Dr. Emre. He is very respectful and professional. It made me feel very comfortable and safe. I'm normally a very nervous person, but he managed to calm me down on the day of surgery. Everything was very well organized. I've been briefed before the surgery. The result was better than I expected. I couldn't imagine this result. I know where to come for my next surgery.

1 year ago

review by Sarah Houchen

I can truly say that this company was efficient, caring and made things happen to fit my schedule! They gave excellent advise, was in contact daily to make sure I understood what to do next and even called after the surgery to check on my well being! Thank you so much MedAway for taking care of me, and Doctor Hanifi for changing my life 👍

1 year ago

review by bethany spencer

The whole team was really great from start to finish. Any questions asked where quickly resolved and very good communication. I went to Turkey alone so I was I bit nervous but I didn’t feel as I was alone at all. Very welcoming and would 100 % recommend to anyone thinking of going to get surgery to use this company! GREAT!! Thanks so much guys

1 year ago

review by Jose cesar Quintana gomez

Hello everyone! I wanted to wait a few months and see results before posting a comment.So here I am, writing a good review! I am very satisfied with the result,I admit that I really bothered the clinic because I did not see progress in the third month.I kept asking the medical team and they explained that each person's body is different and that it can take different time for everyone. They thickened my front area that was already bald and transformed my hair back to the time when I was 20 years old. I thank the entire MedAway team for the great result.

1 year ago

review by Jack

It has been 6 months since my nose surgery. I got a better result than the photo I showed my doctor x. It looks fine for my face. I wish I had been treated for my under eye bruises.Maybe in the future I'll come back to Turkey for it.

1 year ago

review by Manel Taras

My boyfriend was unhappy with his excess weight. I was worried about him and I knew he needed gastric bypass surgery. I contacted Cosmeticium, they gave me a great price. Also they didn't charge for the attendant. Doctor Nihat did a very good job. It's been 3 months since he had surgery. We are following the diet program conveyed by manager Tarkan. My boyfriend is getting healthier. We are very happy!

1 year ago

review by Adriana

I needed a dental treatment both in terms of health and aesthetics. MedAway Cosmeticium Clinic met both of these requirements perfectly. The fact that they created a treatment plan that suits me and is unique to me has increased my trust in them. I am very satisfied with the treatment. If you have such a need, I definitely recommend MedAway Cosmeticium Clinic.

1 year ago

review by Jonatan El Bouzaidi

I had my weight loss surgery with Medaway/Cosmeticum Clinic.

What an amazing experience!😍

I am two month post op and already lost 2 and half stone!(15 kg)

I spent about 6 month to find the hospital/clinic who I can trust in Turkey.

When I msg to Medaway Şule straightaway started to give me a full answer for my questions.
Before surgery Şule sorted all my paperwork, give me a full list of my pre op eating. She supported me 24/7 and I felt very special and very safe. Thank you my dear 💞

When I arrived in Istanbul , the driver met me in the airport and dropped me to the 5* Gorrion hotel.

The Next day I had a full health check up in the hospital and only after full results Dr. Hanifi (Bariatric Surgery) confirmed my surgery and in the afternoon all work was done.

Oh, Dr. Hanifi!!! You are changing my life! 😘😘😘
My weight is just melting on me now. I start to have so much energy and I can't wait to see my final result and my scars are hardly noticeable. Thank you DOCTOR you are amazing!

When I woke up after surgery nurses 💕were near to me and helped me with walking. They are all lovely, so helpful and so wonderful at all times.

Also I had personal coordinator Huveyda and Ruhullah. Oh, my God! They are so brilliant!
Always was in the hospital and checked me if I needed anything. If they can't come to check me, they msg me or rung me to be sure I am ok.
I can't fault at all!

Now I am planning my next surgery. ( Mummy makeover)🙈

And finally! Thank you all Medaway team: doctors, nurses, cleaners, driver, coordinators you are all so patient and helpful.

I appreciate all efforts from the heart, thank you so much.
With love Regina💞

1 year ago

review by Regina Skub

My experience was amazing. Everything was top notch and well timed. The doctor Hanifi is very capable and intuitive. Post surgery I had no complications. The whole trip was great. The hotel was so clean and the team was there so nice. The clinic has 5 star rooms and the service is impeccable. And it's so clean. In terms of the operation being successful it's more than I ever imagined I feel amazing!

1 year ago

review by Eray Kurtul

I had a marvellous experience from start to finish with weight loss. Medaway made me feel fully supported and well cared for throughout the entire time. I have lost 7stone 7pounds in 8 months and am now at my goal weight. My health conditions caused by obesity have now all gone. I intend to recommend Medaway and Doctor Hanifi Onalan and will also use their clinic again for tummy tuck next month.

1 year ago

review by Alexandra

Had my operation in September 2020 and can only say how happy I am. No problems and feeling good. Highly recommend the clinic in Istanbul, MedAway. Looking forward to a slimmer future. I am still informing them about my weight loss and they are still texting me how I am doing. Such a lovely company. Thank you surgeon Nihat for my sleeve operation ☺️

1 year ago

review by Berfin

You can choose with peace of mind because of their friendly welcome and patient approach. Zirconium crowns, filling, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction were performed and I was very satisfied with all of them. I had no pain during or after the procedure. I would like to thank my dentist Dr. Necati and the Cosmeticium team for their interest and concern, excellence and professionalism throughout all these processes. I definitely recommend them to everyone.

1 year ago

review by Sena Diri


Unsatisfied Review

Cosmetic surgery package deals for procedures including hair transplant breast augmentation nose job cosmetic dentistry many more Customer Service Contacts

1a, Lansdowne rd, London, N17 0LL, United Kingdom

[email protected] +44 (0) 330 133 0593

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