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I have dealt with for several years now. They have always been extremely quick with their shipping and always have the latest and greatest of products. The prices are incredible considering the benefits down the road. I will continue to be a customer for years to come and will send whatever business I can there way. Thanks for all the service and products you offer!!

3 years ago

review by cadaver1964

I purchased the ck3i kit with probe and chose the one day delivery option. It arrived the next day! All i can say is you better hope your device is not defective! I returned my product the day before thanksgiving and I still have not received a replacement. They were good about emails at first, but then i had to hound them to get any info. I believe they would have ignored me if it wasn't for me keeping them honest. To sum it up they get a five star if the product is working, but a 1 star for returns.

UPDATE: I have been in contact with these people. Should be getting it resolved. Took longer than it should but no worries. They are responding to all my emails now, which is why i have updated my review of them.

3 years ago

review by Battleicious

My last order was April 19 2005 not 2009 so may be it was to long ago, it was for a Smartxx v.2.0 chip
and no solder Xbox adapter The service was 100% no complaints I would recomend and have to many of my friends.

3 years ago

review by ghope5

I have ordered from in the past and always happy with their service in all aspects from customer service to shippping/handling.

This last time I purchased some tools etc, prompt delivery.

Never had a problem yet!!! Happy Customer.

3 years ago

review by windrider43

I have purchased an M3i Zero Sakura for NDS in April. Unfortunately I did not have time to test it when I have received it and only touched it 2 months after. You can guess that it was past waranty and, yes, it was a lemon. I had full support and help on the issue from and after following their procedure in such cases I have got, in the end, a brand new unit. The communication with the customer support has been fast and great. I will buy from again for sure.

3 years ago

review by aco

I was very happy with the service i got
i return a item for replacement and i got excellent service would for sure order again from you guys
thank you and good day
M Lecarme

3 years ago

review by dellatg630

I have always had great dealings with In the past I have tried other sites but the speed and service provided were nothing compared to these guys the prices are average but I know that if there is a product on the site it quality product not some garbage immatation. I recommend this site to everybody that I know. I am a loyal customer for life keep up the awesome work

3 years ago

review by Demon11357

I placed an order Sunday, August 21, 2011 for Wiikey Fusion + drivekey. I figured I would get the product shipped a day or 2 after I placed my order but find out that it is back ordered or something. I am not sure how it is on back order when they never stated the item was on back order before I ordered it! Any contact with customer service has been like talking to a wall ..all reponses are very brief and vague. I later asked for a full refund and they said that they couldnt give me a refund because I used debit. This doesnt make any sense to me. a few weeks ago I received an email saying that they are shipping all back ordered items. I am still waiting for the product to arrive. Today it is February 24th, 2012 over 6 months later! I just want my money back at this point. Since after all this time you would think I would try to find something else!

Update.. I finally received an email back from these guys! They told me if I TAKE THIS DOWN THEN THEY WILL REFUND ME> ITS DECEMBER 9th, 2012. They are out of business as but probably renamed it with the word modchip still.

3 years ago

review by JasonMoisan

I bought 5 R4 Ultra cards and 4 2gig SD cards from, and the service was great. My order was processed and shipped very quickly. Ordered on a Thursday, and got here on Monday. My only complaint is the retail box for the R4's were slightly damaged (2 boxes slightly ripped, also, 2 of the USB readers were not secure in the boxes, so they were bouncing around everywhere.) It doesn't matter to me that the boxes were slightly damaged, it's just a box, but the others that placed the order with me were kinda concerned, but the devices work fine. This is my 2nd order with, and I will definately order again.


4 years ago

review by bluescreenfree

i purchased the Acekard 2i on 28sep09 and it was sent out promptly, however when i received it, the card did not work in my DS. i was asked to send it back and another one would be sent it when they received it. i had to send it back at my own cost $10, and received the 2nd one promptly as well, however it was very upsetting that this one also had a defect. the micro chip did not stay in the card, so again i was asked to send it back and they would sent out another one, however i was very upset now as i paid for the initial card $10 for a total cost of $52, now having to send back 2 cards has now cost me another $20 for a total of $72... when i called to say that i do not feel i should have to pay for the 2nd postage as it was their fault that the card did not work and it should have been checked before being sent out, they said they would look into putting a credit on my account for my next purchase. well that's great, however there may not be another purchase... not great customer service!!!! the right thing to do would have been to send me a new card with a post marked envelope and have me send it back at their cost not mine !!!!

4 years ago

review by RandyHaskins

I had looked around online for a fast, reliable place to order an AceKard 2i from and had done some business with in the past. I saw they carried it, they were quick to respond to my questions and the pricing was amongst the better prices I found in Canada for this item. After searching for reviews, i found this site, saw mostly satisfied reviews and a couple that confirmed sells originals products and not bootleg, so i placed an order for 3 Acekard 2i's and 3 micro sd cards, order placed at about 4pm on a friday (December 10th), recieved the order in the mail on Monday Dec 13th. Other than local pickup one can't ask for faster service. Card's were all original and exactly as ordered. Due to exams I had to wait a few days before I had a chance to get them set up, but can now confirm all cards work perfectly. I have and would recommend and will order from them again.

4 years ago

review by suspirius

I recently purchased the Acekard 2i from and was very pleased with the customer service that was provided. I put the order in on Dec 20th for the iEdge initially but instantly was told that it was no longer in stock. They recommended that I buy the Acekard 2i as it's sold at the same price and has better support, updates etc.. To my surprise, I received the card before the Christmas rush just in time to give it to my nephew. I also had some questions about the card and had received my reply the same day. Top notch website with top notch support. I highly recommend this site for anybody purchasing a modchip.

4 years ago

review by facebook

After a successful order and delivery last week, I decided to place another order yesterday some some DS Carts. After ordering the carts and selecting overnight delivery, I received a email from them today which stated that my items were 'preordered' - which confused me because I did not 'preorder' these carts, I ordered them and received a email confirmation from them which stated that they would ship within 48 hours.

When I followed the links they provided me on my email, I was disgusted to find the 'terms' of their website included a $20 minimum cancellation fee + 10% for every order over $100. Disgusting. My $400+ order would, according to their terms cost me +$60!!

So tonight I sent them a email to the email address provided on their website [email protected] After typing this email, I received a response stating that before I could email them I had to 'register' my email address. Ridiculous!

This is my second order with this website. My first order was successful, but after reading some of the reviews on this site, I'm sure I wouldn't order from them again! I'll update this review as this ordeal develops, I'm hoping for a successful purshase, but doubtful that I'll get my carts before Christmas. (which was the point of my order.)

4 years ago

review by holdryan

I've been dealing with for several years now and they've never let me down. The shipping is very quick, the communication as to what is happening with your order is exceptional, the orders are accurate, pricing is competitive.

I will continue to send business their way, I've been operating an xbox 360 repair and mod service since 1996 and use Team Xecuter products exclusively.

Keep up the excellent service guys!

Need to know more about their service I can be contact at [email protected]

4 years ago

review by xbox360guru

I was EXTREMELY SATISFIED with how smooth and fast the shipment and transaction went... I whould go out of my way to recomend you to future customers!! I live in AZ and it took not even 2 days to get here all the way from Canada!!!! I will buy from them again next time for sure!!!!

4 years ago

review by arsonall

I am editing this review now, as I have seen the problem to lie in the POSTAL SERVICE.

Although a slight fault on the company's side at first, after letting them know my aggravation they did in fact get on it very quickly to get it resolved.

The postal service has messed up somehow twice, not delivering it to the locations I provided.
And having sent it back to BEFORE the send-back date.

Jerome Garot

4 years ago

review by Qpido

these guys are the best too shop with and are fast at puting in your order and shiping it as well i have got 2 things off of them A+++++++ all the way

4 years ago

review by surrender55

i ordered an infectus2 modchip on 06/10/2010 it is now 6/15/2010 i completely expected it to be atleast shipped by now , i went to there store threw a friend recommandation even though the other store is cheaper and seems to have better customer support from reviews. i used there helpdesk system and still no response. i either want a refund or overnight shipping or this just resolved in a friendly and timely manner.

edit: 6/16/2010

finally the only way it seems to get a "quick" response from them was to give them a bad review on this website. they asked if i would like i refund i replied yes , now lets see how fast get a response back and my refund and then ill update you whenever they do that. judging by the review below me looks like i have been stiffed. i am very patent person once this is resolved ill be happy to give them a positive review based on customer service support i receive

edit: 6/17/2010

still waiting a response , looks like there quick to take your money but when it comes to a refund they take forever to respond. it this is not resolved im going to make a formal complaint to the BBB if all else fails im going to file a chargeback

edit 2: 6/17/2010
finally got a response back asked me again if i wanted a refund but they would be a $20 fee for canceling the order. then i ask then if that $20 fee is taken from the combined amount of shipping cost plus what the charge for the product. in my mind it should be taken from the combined total because they did not even ship it out to me yet so not refunding the shipping cost would be ridiculous. im waiting to here back from them

edit 3: 06/17/2010

okay so i got a response! yep 2 in one day a new record for them. they told me i would have to pay them an Additional $20 to get my $74.90 i paid back. that's a total investment of 94.90 if i don't get my initial $74.90 back. i thought they would just take there fee off the top of what i paid. so i have a choice do i pay the extra $20 and pray to the gods they give me my refund or do i sit and wait until they send me the infectus which is in "pre-order" status but yet does not have a date attached to it as to when there going to ever have them instock again if ever. they just have a ??? by it.

edit 4: 06/17/2010
so i have decided not pay that crazy $20 now they have my $74.90 they refused to give me a refund for a crazy reason something about credit card processing fee's? other sites do not charge a credit card processing fee on refunds maybe a restocking fee but there is nothing to restock! so either they give me a full refund and or send me my product asap or i am going to file a chargeback claim. this is my last update for awhile.

edit: 6/19/2010

so after raising hell and writing bad reviews about them on any website i could find..several strongly worded emails they are giving me a full refund without those "fees". ill update you on when i get the refund in my bank account happy about that atleast

edit 6/22/2010

finally got my money back , i am very happy to say the least i would not recommend them to anyone.

4 years ago

review by nosnipe

Hi everybody i just want to say few good things about MODCHIP CANADA **its one among the best sites where you can purchase all what you need with all safety yes i preordered some items from them they were very uptodate during the whole period i love modchip canada and i advise to buy from them


4 years ago

review by redouane is an excellent retailer for modchips. The chip came quickly and worked perfectly. They even included wires and solder. Don't hesitate to purchase from this site.

4 years ago

review by dacorpz Review

No description for this company. Customer Service Contacts

No contact details for this company.

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